32 thoughts on “WEEKEND COMMENTARY

  1. William

    The “proxy” of gold miners in Asian trading hours, i.e. Newcrest mining is rallying big now…hope it can last into the close today.


    1. Dan

      I thought Cory wanted him off because of manipulation talk. Gary is right. Stocks always manipulated up, but I think theyll crash soon.

  2. William

    Yup, NewCrest not only closed 4.2% higher today, but, it is also above 400D-EMA. The very last time it did this was in Sept and it rallied another 25% after that…GDX rallied only 18% during the same period.

    Nevertheless, this stock has been a solid “leading indicator” for GDX…

    Again, say “Cheese” for now…

    1. William

      And, by the way, Newcrest has one of the lowest all in production cost among peers:

      NCM < $850
      Newmont, Kinross < $950
      Barrick, AngloGold < $,1000
      Gold Fields < $1,050

      Source: CLSA.

  3. Dan

    What action. SPY puts flying now. Except commercials are bearish this time instead of September/October. Hold on for the plunge.

  4. Bud E Fox I

    Might be a good idea to keep one eye
    on the NY A/D line – been looking Bearish
    to me, for sometime now….Bud

    1. Gary Post author

      I said last Monday when they hammered gold back down and killed the momentum that it looked like they were setting gold up for another attack on the FOMC meeting.

      Obviously in a free market it’s impossible to have a daily cycle top on day 1… but then I doubt anyone believes that gold is a free market anymore.

      1. jack

        hi Gary

        The latest COT is still bullish for gold. I guess the big guys are holding up and try to wash out all weak hands before they run the price up.

  5. Paul

    If a final attack on gold is coming then I would imagine they will run it up tomorrow and then crash it down on the 16th

    1. Gary Post author

      Yes. I finally got tired of dealing with the trolls, plus I can do daily commentaries much better here and include charts.

      1. JayT

        A lot of people on the KEReport value your insights Gary, me for one, plus many others. Please reconsider.

  6. RayB

    I don’t blame Gary for leaving the Korelin site … I see many hateful comments on that site and Al doesn’t remove them.

  7. Atkjhi

    Are we in a 60 day down cycle for PMs? Since mid-Oct it’s been one ugly decline. Probably the longest decline without any upswing since the bear market began. Hard to imagine this is bottoming or ending action of a bear market in PMs.

  8. nick

    Fantastic to hear that we can still get Gary’s opinion here on this site……And once the new gold bull market is confirmed I will be one of his paid members

  9. RayB

    Good luck buying physical gold after the bull market is confirmed … big money is waiting to buy up all the Gold when it starts going up, so the time to buy is now, while its still available.

  10. William

    Selling (shorting) pressure the whole night…Gary is right on the ‘invisible hand’.

    By the way, NewCrest is only down marginal as of now and i’ts on rebounding mode…i guess this stock is more representative of a “natural market” as described by Gary. Will see how it close later today…

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