Back in 2103 the Fed need to run QE3 and keep the stock market rising. However, they didn’t want to make the same mistake they made in 2008 and spike the commodity markets causing another recession. Now the conditions are reversed. The Fed needs inflation. So I don’t see the incentive for the cartel to continue attacking gold.


    1. Gary Post author

      Unlikely. No one cares what the price of gold is and probably less than 5% of the population could even tell you the current price of gold within $500.

    1. Gary Post author

      Gold just needs to dip into a DCL. Sentiment got too extreme. I haven’t seen a big attack in a while now.

  1. Michael

    Given you are going away, if l subscribe will you still be updating that service or will that also be effected.

    Kind regards


        1. Marco

          Amazing place!
          maybe the bauty and spirituality of the place will help you to climb the wall of warry!!!! 🙂

  2. Gold miner

    Markets go up, miners go up, Markets go down miners go up again, Too over sold, THE BEST of both worlds??

    1. Gary Post author

      Many if not most rallies start and progress on light volume.

      It might be time to quit trying to trade every wiggle and just get in and stay in for the next 4-5 years.

      1. MuffinTop

        True.. but also quite possibly indicative of a new low, which would fit right in with the much anticipated ‘pennant formation’.

  3. MuffinTop

    Small volume on HGU as well.. Under 500k with an average volume [over the past several months] of 1.3M

    ‘I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign’ — Ace of Base 🙂

  4. Dennis

    Nice Gary ! Totally Agree ! With oil <$30. Central-Bank worse nightmare is deflation.
    Inflation is coming from now on ! Fasten your seat belt !

  5. Bill in Tokyo

    Gary, thanks for all these free video’s. Probably you’re right that after more sideways consolidation, we continue to go up. Maybe we’re at the 1/2 way mark. It should correct, and we have lots of divergence to show that, but BECAUSE there was so much manipulation, your analogy of a beachball rising to the surface is probably a very good one.

    I will continue to just follow price, but now I have to be open to no correction down, and instead a breakout to higher highs. What a pisser, but it is what it is.

    Safe climbing!

    1. Gary Post author

      My advice is to buy your positions and then look at them again in 4-5 years, and stop worrying about trying to time a perfect entry.

  6. Gold miner

    MOST BBT posters wait for a correction in PMS which they never get.They were waiting for a bottom for 4 years and when it came they can not pull a trigger.Very few former Pm bulls are in, so lots of powder for a sharp rebound, BUT HEDGE FUNDS BUYING LIKE F. CRAZY?? to sell later to general public

  7. tulip

    imo that guy doc on ker has lost his way…Al has just lost it….
    too much extracurricular…lost focus…

    1. Bill in Tokyo

      Yea, the bottom line on that one and every one is, Gary nailed it and everyone else missed it.

      So the only question is, do we want babble, or results?

  8. Chris

    Bill, not trying to be a dampener, but talking facts, if you check years ago history, like say 2013, when gold suffers big drop, gary will say the low is in too. Aint saying Gary is no good. He is good enough to assure u profits over the long term. Unlike others who losses money. Bottom line, u must have the skills to know when Garys bullishness will likely fail.

      1. ChrisG

        Wrong, when certain levels are taken out, and prices kept making lower high , lower low get out. It’s all an odds thing.

  9. Anthonyo

    Gold will bottom when she bottoms. Let her do her thang.

    Cartel will always try to thwart its price anyways as they dont want competition for stocks, bonds, and “normal mainstream” investments they can TAX.
    Wouldn’t You do same if You were the cartel?

    1. Gary Post author

      The metals market is way too small to be any competition to stocks. The bottom line is the Fed wanted to keep inflation in check in 2013 so they could do QE3. That’s the reason for the attacks.

      Now the Fed needs inflation so the odds are low we will see anymore attacks. We haven’t had anything to speak of in almost 2 months.

      1. Anthonyo

        Does inflation cause gold prices to go up, or does gold prices cause inflation to rise?
        I thought it is the first one?
        Surely just higher gold prices don’t automatically “result” in inflation, but gold prices are rather an effect of, and not a cause for inflation?

        If the Fed desires to beat disinflation before it turns into deflation and wants inflation, then Why Oh Why did they HIKE(not lower) interest rates in December 2015? are they baboons?
        They are even still keeping more hikes on table for 2016 (while at the same time jaw boning negative rates?!). So to me, the Fed is CONFUSED and does not know what she is doing. And that is scary in today’s chaotic and unusual financial and economic times.

        Raising rates will only suppress any inflation which you say Fed wants.

  10. Stefan

    Look at the enormous volume in DUST it’s almost 6-8 times higher than normal. Is it dumb or smart money buying!?

    Just curious, what is your opinion Gary?

  11. Anthonyo

    Gold recent rally is more of an ASIAN phenomenon than US market; but it will be the US terrirtory which may smack it down later, the ymay just be coming up with a tactic on how to dit now in US?

    “Trading this market requires global monitoring as technical trading levels are no longer viable only within the North American context. Accelerations through support/resistance lines is now more frequently being determined by action outside of North American markets.”

    Peter Hug, Kitco

  12. Alexandru Popovici

    Gary, yes, you are right. Gold is buyable.
    I do not know about miners but I don’t care about miners since I never buy them anyway.

    I will buy a pilot position of GLD pre-market open a little bit later as the bid-ask spread narrows.
    Stop-loss at the equivalent of 1198.

  13. CL

    Not long ago Gary said the VIX would have to hit minimum 40 or 50 before topping out and that 30ish would not cut it. Now that VIX is at low 19s he’s bullish on stocks go figure.

    1. Gary Post author

      Like I keep saying,the Fed has a printing press. This is why I keep begging people not to short the stock market.

  14. Enoch

    this is it boys, 3,3,3 wave counter trend the past week or so has been a consolidation for a chance to break higher. either it is false breakout follow by mass selling (which will be the start of moving gold into DCL for the next 2 weeks or as I am expecting a rise above 1260+ to complete a 5 wave structure off the low in december then a 2 week abc correction follow by a powerful wave 3, yes you heard me, just like every Elliotwave analysis out there, if this bull is real the wave 3 will be the one you want to be in

    1. Enoch

      looks like bears are in full force trying to defend gold from triggering a breakout over the down trend line, not allowing it to break above 1228. Will gold be push back down and setup a 5 point flag channel instead of the current 3? or perhaps even breakdown the flag and become bearish instead? no pattern is 100% accurate. while im cheering for the bullish flag breakout to the upside, the window is closing this week. If gold does not push above 1260, then it will be time to take profit and wave for the DCL to occur in the next 2 weeks.

  15. Anthonyo

    ” Gold could fall 30% if this were to occur putting it just south of my $900 target where I plan to write my “all in” article. I’ll give my reasoning for writing it at that price, assuming everything I see coming occurs. I will say though that if gold is falling hard along with most other assets when there is the deflationary contraction similar to 2008, the devastation can more painful that people think but gold will once again be leading the charge out of the carnage to new all-time highs as it did through 2011. ”


    1. Enoch

      im all for the better gold price as a long term investment, but the thing is when the entire world is waiting for 900 gold, dont you think that kind of bias does something to the market? While history can always repeat itself, what I have found out thru trading all these years is that the market finds the best way to either trap you or make you chase. I am more concern about cycles and timing then the price itself which means if gold cant reach a certain price and yet it’s time has come then it will simply start to move regardless where it is at.

  16. Anthonyo

    Here is the thing:

    Gold’s high on February 11 may have been the high for this entire rally …
    Gold’s next big move will be down into late May/ June, creating a lower low than the low last December.

    1. Enoch

      if gold has a lower low coming, then it better drop like a brick soon because more and more indicators are turning bullish the longer it holds above the current levels. the 50/200 daily ema has already crossed over, something that hasnt happened since 2012.

      somehow I feel the only worry is that the life of an opportunity usually does not allow the average joe for the easy taking. I believe in the opposite affect similar to when the one thing someone worries, it does not happen yet the one thing you do not worry it happens….that applies in life of all aspect

      1. Anthonyo

        You are right about the surprise element which always gets us, and not the dreaded fears we may have of what could happen.

        Not sure if this is a case for it though, as many gold bugs are not waiting for sub-1000 prices in gold but are already talking about 1400.

        Plus, we have an external force: a very powerful one exerting force anytime it wants to stage gold smack downs. So this changes the playing field.

  17. Anthonyo

    Recent gold big rally is mainly an ASIAN rally(happens overnight)>>>It is due to fear of negative rates in Japan AND the freakin’ PRC regime moving missiles into the artificial island they made there in the sea.
    It is Asian FEAR behind the recent gold rally.

    Now powerful US gold market manipulators will ‘fix’ this situation in the weeks to come by serving Asia a “crash” course in gold. Literally.

    Now just wait for the crash in mining shares, and gold sub-1000.

  18. Bill

    The louder the calls for Gold to fall is a clear indication we are going much higher….Never follow the shills. They only scream for lower prices cause they are trapped in their shorts….never do they admit wrong they only call for an even lower price IE: $500 lol….

  19. Enoch

    well in summary. gold at 1200 I buy, gold at 900 i buy. a win win in the next couple of years. I draw comparison between what is unfolding now to what happened in the 70s. it went from 200 to 100 then 8 fold to 800 with gold from 2k to 1k and 8 fold to 8000.00

    the biggest issue I have for myself isnt at what price gold will fall to or if I should add to my position but when gold does move above 2k, when to take profit. This is the hardest decision for any investor. Anyone can buy and hold but hardly anyone knows how to exit the market when time is ripe

    1. Anthonyo

      8000? You won’t want to live in a world where gold is $8000/oz. Trust me. Figures like that are a pipe dream.

      To me 3000-3500 would be absolute top in any move up in the next few years. IF that at all. remember, there are forces very powerful who will simply not allow old to go wild.
      Or, it may just approach its old high in year 2011 of around $1923 and be done on a double top too.

      1. Enoch

        well in all fairness you are right price can not be sustained at that kind of level. However no one says it has to be sustainable, how else do you think after gold made a 8 fold run in the late 70s only to completely crashed

  20. Buddy

    Gold broke higher out of the flag formation by the end of the day. She’s gonna make a nice move higher now.

  21. Enoch

    Not sure if Gary will answer this since he may have left but another reason why gold is being suppressed is because we are now in a currency war. China is trying to make their currency into the reserve status and even announced that in April they will peg their Yuan with gold in some way or the other. Knowing this, China has been massively accumulating gold over the past decade in preparation to bolster it’s own currency and abandon the US dollar. the US of course sees this and the more gold China buys, the more they continue to attack gold because the US does not want gold prices to rise only to benefit the Chinese. The plot i have heard is that when China shocks the world with their currency/gold plan and unveil the true holdings they have, the world will rush into the metals (which also means China will attract all the gold/silver which will naturally flood into their country). Whether they succeed is one thing, but there is no denying what they are trying to do over the years

  22. Mark

    Like clockwork, uber stock bulls like “Ted” go quiet whenever the stock market goes south. Is he a plant?

  23. Tim

    need safe investments for 5% return, this is for steady income, oil and gold is my 20% portfolio, can you add to my T, HCN, both have had 20 yr + dividend growth

  24. Alexandru Popovici

    Bob, I haven’t re-bought gold yet.
    USX showed too much strength yesterday and decided to postpone.
    I think I did well because GDX made a strong new high while charting :
    – a doji and
    – a below-average volume for the 2nd day

    I think gold will be buyable at low risk early next week.
    Gold’s trend correlates well with USX’ and stocks’:
    – USX needs to find its ICH first and enter in the second half of its daily cycle time band while
    – stocks need to resume their uptrend in this dead-cat bounce –> this will give gold the opportunity to cool down into its DCL.

  25. Alexandru Popovici

    Stocks have shown during these 3 pullback-days out of the last 4 sessions that they are in a new IC.
    Major indexes have to resume their uptrend soon and follow transports index’ lead by breaking their 50dma too.
    I say all that while still considering we are in a dead-cat bounce requisite to allow treasuries to complete their IC by falling in their ICL.

  26. Stefan


    “Here is the thing:

    Gold’s high on February 11 may have been the high for this entire rally …
    Gold’s next big move will be down into late May/ June, creating a lower low than the low last December.!”

    Excellent analysis, this is a bear rally ! It will turn around soon and correct for the most of March, probably a low early mid April.

  27. Alexandru Popovici

    I have a great respect for Americans, for what they’ve built institutionally (economic upheaval has been a mere effect of that) and I am absolutely amazed to see so many people, so many Americans paving the way to a psychopath to the White House – the top of the institutional Framework that has made America what it is.
    Absolutely unbelievable: a clear clinically psychopath potentially in the White House and people not noticing Trump’s congenital predicament!

    1. Ralph Wiederzane

      They are all psychos, killing millions of people all over the world in their own countries. It’s a requirement for the job, and in that respect Trump is no different than the others.

  28. Alexandru Popovici

    Ralph, I don’t mind America’s policing the world but quite the opposite – I encourage it and I feel very happy with American soldiers now storming into my country, Romania, and setting up heavy military investment here.

    Actually this interventionism is a requirement for ensuring the worldwide Pax Americana that we have been benefiting (and the Western countries, Japan and South Korea, particularly – South Korea and Taiwan would not have existed now without Americans’ interventionism), so that wars have been surgically left only at the geopolitical frontiers but not engulfing all Europe, North Africa or Asia into disaster as it was during WW2.

    I suggest you Neagu Djuvara’s book “Civilizations and Historical Patterns” – the best book written on the cyclicality of civilizations.
    We need America but unfortunately, as Neagu Djuvara has predicted, its ruling of the world is going to be short-lived (unlike Iranians’ Pax Iranica over the Sumero-Babilonian civilization, Romans’ Pax Romana over the Greek Civilization, Turks’ Pax Turcica over the Arab Civilization) and we are about to enter within 1-2 centuries into a new Middle Age – a requisite for the Civlization to come.

    1. Ralph Wiederzane

      Kill more people, yeah! Just remember it doesn’t stop, they eventually turn on you. I would figure Romanian history also illustrates this. In the end, it doesn’t matter who is doing the killing, killers find reasons to kill more, so betting on which side is “needed” to do the killing is just getting in bed with the devil. Good luck with the Americans in your country, but it seems pretty obvious to me places like Russia and eastern Europe area slated to get wiped after America is done with the clearing out the Middle East.

      Unfortunately we’ll have to wait to see who is correct.

      1. Alexandru Popovici

        History has been based on blood & murder. It’s not Americans’ fault, it’s an animal trait that we all organisms share: from viruses, to fish, to chimps, to humans.

        Thus, in the end, it is the outcome that matters and it is good to see that Taiwan, South Korea do exist, that Germany/France/Netherlands/Italy have not come into Stalin’s hands, that Eastern Europe eventually broke away from Russia’s grip, and that Cuban president is now shaking hands with the American counterpart.
        All these are effects of American rule.

        1. Ralph Wiederzane

          Not so good if you’re a regular Libyan guy minding your own business and trying to raise your family. What makes you think the US will respect Romania, after all you are a homogenous society and the west wants to impose diversity on all others. I suspect if Eastern Europe is still standing in a decade you might not recognize it.

          Interesting debate, but others probably wish we’d get back to gold, miners, and stocks!

  29. Dan

    Luckily dumped oil longs Monday when it looked like a double top. Still expecting miners to roll over. Either way this is a deflationary bust NOT a central bank bubble phase.

  30. Stefan

    We are not in a C-Wave! What an amatuerish analysis by 321Gold. We are in the endgame from a first wave up A, we are waiting for a B wave correction and then a final C wave that could be spectacular !

  31. Enoch

    it is nice when pattern plays out to a tee. breakout has occurred, nothing stopping it from retesting 1260. Ideal target is for gold to break above 1260, possible get capped at 1286 and crash. I will be exiting all my position in anticipation of a steeper correction starting next week as we head into a wave .ii

    1. Atkjhi

      Should have exited this morning. Gold back to 1220 already. Never count your chickens until they hatch.

  32. victor

    Thus, in the end, it is the outcome that matters and it is good to see that Taiwan, South Korea do exist, that Germany/France/Netherlands/Italy have not come into Stalin’s hands, that Eastern Europe eventually broke away from Russia’s grip, and that Cuban president is now shaking hands with the American counterpart.
    All these are effects of American rule.
    applause …

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      hi, Victor!
      my land acquisitioning endeavor is going well 🙂
      hope you’re fine.

      1. victor

        good for you Alex, what a wise move… land is the best investments, you’re the next Buffet in Romania… , at least that’s my wishes to you..

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