The Quest portolio is now up a little over 1100%.

We’ve taken an original $1000 investment and turned it into $11,500 so far. 

The goal is to reach $100,000. If successful we would have risked a very small amount of money but gathered a very big reward. If you want to play with leverage this is how you do it. You never, never, never trade your retirement funds with leverage. 

34 thoughts on “QUEST UPDATE

      1. Gary Post author

        These aren’t unrealized, we booked them today. Anyone that wants to can pocket the profits and walk away now with enough money to put a modest down payment on a house.

    1. Gary Post author

      No telling. At some point there will be a correction but in a baby bull it’s almost impossible to predict when it will begin. As the people who have tried to short have discovered.

  1. Jay

    At this point, I’d at least withdraw the original investment so the port is guaranteed not to get totally wiped out.

  2. Craig

    Gary – What do you think will happen with gold next week after the Chinese market opens back up and the US market is on holiday? Do you think the Chinese will sell gold and drive the price down for a correction? It seems like the consensus is that gold may pull back next week and then run again.

  3. pepe le pew

    Chris, Gary is not going to answer your question. His analysis relies on cycles and sentiment, and (I would argue) his pretty wicked intuition. He would maybe say that gold is due for a daily cycle decline sometime soon, though he probably wouldn’t say when he expects it to happen (go back and read his baby bull comments). If Chinese traders sell gold next week, that will be the excuse people will use for the dcl. But Gary would tell you that news doesn’t drive price; cycles do.

    1. Craig

      I agree with the cycles but you cannot say that news doesn’t drive price. The news is the emotional part of the market that drives buying and selling. That definitely affects the cycles…otherwise we would all be rich just by following the charts. The news creates “detours” in the journey and those detours can make or cost us a lot of money.

  4. Mark

    OH YEAH, happy days are here again the Dow Jones is up 313 points!
    Damn fools ………..this is what they do to make you feel good going
    into the weekend!


    1. Mark

      I know that we are on here to make money but……….they only propped this market up for the Valentine Day Weekend!

      So I’m sorry traders………………..wait until next week!

  5. Gary Post author

    Like I said in the video the PPT would try to paint the weekly charts with a reversal candle to attempt to break the downward momentum.

  6. mike trike

    Good job on your Quest Gary!
    I have a feeling that the miners are so undervalued that they will not do the usual sharp correction if gold sells off. My juniors are all up again today which surprises me. I’m going to ride this one out as tough as it is.

    PS. Glad you are calling out Martin Armstrong, Gary. The guy is so overrated by his groupies it is disgusting. He is by no means an idiot but his calls are not nearly as good as he and his followers believe. You have to be pretty arrogant to make a movie about yourself, lol.

    Scroll down the IMDB page and read the user review from Finland, lol.
    Was that you who wrote the review Gary? lol

  7. Kevin B

    Here was my Quest I was looking at last week right before LNKD earnings – I swear on a stack of Bibles I was looking at the 145 Puts going for .06.
    25 contracts-> $150 would have been $100000 the next day.
    Easy peasy!
    Oh well – shoulda coulda woulda

  8. Travis

    Hi Gary, I am interested in the quest portfolio. Please send info. Is it the same as the Aggresive Portfolio? Thanks!

  9. Tomasz

    Is there a reason why no one (including Gary) is answering the question about the QUEST PORTFOLIO? There is obviously interest from many people yet the question is being ignored?
    Gary, if you are sending info to these people privately, please forward to me as well.

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