25% discount expiring

Just a reminder that the 25% discount on yearly subscriptions will expire tonight. After that I will have to reprogram the payment module back to it’s normal parameters and no more discounted subscriptions will go through.

Again this is for first time subscribers only.

11 thoughts on “25% discount expiring

  1. Tanveer

    i am trying to charge from pakistan through my visa card and its not working for me, do you have any other method.

  2. Bentley

    Hi Gary,
    As per you suggested, I took a 1 month trial to have a look around. Does this qualify me for the upgrade discount?

    1. Gary Post author

      You will need to cancel the monthly and you will lose whatever time you have remaining. Let me know if that’s what you want to do.

  3. Beartooth


    Would love to subscribe & have wanted to for more than a year. However reading the T&C cannot in good conscience provide free recurring access to my credit card information via an online source.

    If you had the subscription via a paypal payment each year, I’d be on board, even if cost a subscriber premium to do so.

    Just me two cents, which means just that, almost nothing.

  4. mitch stuve

    does it usually take two days for the log in to recognize new premium service subscribers? I noted clearly my user name password and email when registering and the system cannot recognize it.

  5. Russell

    Hey Gary, are your subscriber updates or any other benefits of a subscription more informative than your standard daily updates, on a purely educational level?

  6. Richard Lee

    If I can switch out the once a month plan($25) for the discounted prepaid one year plan($200-50), let me know this morning.
    Richard Lee

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