Back by popular demand (like who isn’t in favor of a discount). For new subscribers only. Good today only. Buy a yearly subscription to the SMT and I will rebate $50 back off the subscription price. Just click on the orange link at the top right side of the blog or click here to go to the premium website to register.

Choose the one year subscription, complete the payment process and I will refund $50.

48 thoughts on “25% OFF ONE DAY ONLY

  1. Gary Post author

    BTW the Dow has completed the multi-year cycle down trend line break. This is a big big confirmation that the 7 YCL is over.

  2. Ty64

    Gary, since your 25% discount offer is for a yearly subscription, why not consider making the offer available to everyone who currently is not a Premium member– Providing that the person Never bought a full yearly subscription before.

    Yes, I agree that everyone can afford a $200 subscription. But since this 25% discount offer is only for the yearly subscription, why not make it more fair and make the offer available also to everyone that Never bought a full year subscription before.

        1. Gary Post author


          If you can’t afford the subscription price without blinking an eye then you don’t belong there to begin with.

    1. Ty64

      Well guys…I just re-joined Gary’s Premium membership with a full year this time around. You may want to consider taking advantage of Gary’s offer today before it expires. I learned quite a bit from SMT during my previous 6 month membership.

      I never have been a fan of the regular stock market; I prefer dealing with the miners. However, I do believe Gary has everyone’s best interest at heart and his stock market call most-likely is a good one. Personally, I hate debt…it tends to bring out the worst in people…at least from my experiences.

      Best wishes to all… 🙂

  3. Alexandru Popovici

    closed my long treasuries position with a tidy profit now that commodities have entered a new daily cycle.

    bought a half-position in USO

    1. victor

      Hi Alex,
      Sold silver miners yesterday and bought one back for less then sold this morning… now – 3% in it. I don’t like how metals perform in such a dollar down move …, too weak, it fills exhausted.
      Also have not a good filling about Gary’s runaway stocks too…, maybe it’s a usual crowd fillings that helps stocks move higher…, anyway, if we get to 2100 will start buying shorts with small portions…
      Good day to you and good day to all…

      1. victor

        sorry, ” 2100 will start buying shorts ” I would Not buy shorts…, that’s would be foolish after passing so much resistance…

      2. Gary Post author

        We don’t have confirmation of a runaway yet. As a matter of fact if the Q’s post a reversal candlestick today I will take profits on long positions and go to the sidelines and see if we can’t get a recognizable DCL.

  4. Chris

    Finally sold all my index longs near the highs. I think spx has reached rally target around 2075, ndx 4500. Needs to digest some of the gains. Lets see more cards out of the deck. Still keeping some googl though. My favorite. Waiting til earnings day. Youtube ads could provide huge surprise

      1. Gary Post author

        Yes they are kind of like options. You have to make your bet and let it ride. The swings are too large to use normal stops. You will just end up decimating your account with stops on both the 3X funds and options.

        1. Bill

          Spot on Gary, I for one never use Stops, I’ve realized my personal greed level at this stage of the game 🙂

        2. Ralph Wiederzane

          Not to mention options have ridiculous spreads as a percentage of the price. I maintain they are for suckers.

          1. Richard

            Unless you are doing 1000’s of contracts, why not just do half of your normal option trade instead of a vertical spread? Spreads to me, unless you have some specific purpose, are pretty bi-polar.

  5. victor

    So, Gary we can reverse here at a big previous gap? looks like oil pull back because of it just in case…, let see PPT at work at the end of a day…

    1. victor

      Tesla going to need lots of lithium soon… it just announce their Model 3, which will start at around $35,000…

  6. Alexandru Popovici

    Hi, Victor!
    Back to my computer – we have a new member in the house: Codrin Teodor, aged 11 days.

    yes, indeed, metals weakness despite dropping USX is not good.
    and also agreed that shorting stocks is not a good idea…yet.

    Good night, mate, and to ya all!

    1. victor

      wow!! Congratulations, good job Alex, you are hard worker at any fronts ( : … continue the same pace to at least … 5 kids… ( :
      Let Codrin grow healthy and be a joy for mom and dad …

  7. Barney

    Now loaded 100% vix and x3 short s&p. As well as 100% dust and short x3 gold.

    very generous offer from Gary.

    If I make anything from the next correction I just have to pay full amount. Maybe old bear can learn new tricks after all.

  8. Stevie

    I went 100% short at the close. Waited 3 weeks for this top to form.

    See you boys at 1950.

    1. Gary Post author

      No the commercials are not short. Again you aren’t looking at the complete picture. The large contract is short but nowadays 90% of the volume is in the emini contracts and those are heavily long. As a matter of fact the blees rating on the S&P emini contract is at a maximum bullish 100.

      And the small retail trader is still heavily short. You are one of those traders. You latch onto anything that agrees with your bias even if it is an incomplete data point like the one you’ve found somewhere about the commercial position. Who ever published that data didn’t know what they were doing.

      The best timing comes from the NDX contracts and those still have a long way to go before signalling an intermediate top.

      Again let me stress that anyone who is serious about trading absolutely must have a subscription to sentimentrader.com. It will save you from making all kinds of stupid mistakes.

      1. david

        ” anyone who is serious about trading absolutely must have a subscription to sentimentrader.com. It will save you from making all kinds of stupid mistakes.”

        Except subscribers of the smart money tracker..

  9. Stevie

    Both oil and gold already below Yelens speech announcement. Biotech continues to wallow at the lows. Next leg down for Biotech is going to be a dozzy.

  10. joseph

    Shd have stepped to sidelines but will see how this plays out
    Its to obvious of a move in my book, …..will see
    Mid April approx. 7-15 2000 should be tested if 2045 doesn’t hold
    This is when big money really screws with all sides and how they take your. $$$$
    Lets see. Watching VIX target 17.80
    E-mini to hard for me this week…..
    Anyhow, just an opinion on what I’m doing……. Only Long Oil/Energy SU and old COS and may buy a Russia based Energy ETF as they got kicked in the head…..

    1. Gary Post author

      I kind of think your are probably correct. The more logical top (for the daily cycle only) would be on a gap up on the jobs number.

  11. Nick in NJ

    I’ve been lurking for a while.. this might sound silly, but may I ask what the premium subscriber and the aggressive offers?

    1. Gary Post author

      The aggressive portfolio is for high net worth individuals that are very experienced traders only. Here is a video sample of what a weekend report covers.

    1. Gary Post author

      At least 1 million and lots of experience with options and knowledge of how to control risk.

  12. bhowe

    Well, Gary
    I guess I missed it. I check in in the mornings around 8:00 eastern time. I didn’t see the offer then. I might have taken you up on it.

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