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    1. Anthonyo

      Isn’t that like selling arms to the Ayatollah and use the proceeds to arm the Nicaraguan Contras?

  1. Mogonzo64

    Ok… Sold half my GDXJ. I am thinking about putting the proceeds into more LABU even though it’s had a nice run too. Should I wait for a pullback in labu or just buy more here? I know it’s hard to time a good entry. But if biotech still has plenty more to run then I guess it shouldn’t matter… Your thoughts?

      1. Enoch

        with the exchange rate and all, no I dont want to buy anything in USD funds (especially im rooting for it to weaken over the next few years)

    1. Charles

      Interesting point but the bottom line is, for the moment at least, the miners are outperforming the metal. As in the 70s bull, that may change later.

  2. Bill

    The price inflation ahead will surprise almost all—and it will be the main reason the Fed will be raising interest rates, and not pushing them back down to zero.

    Long and strong…

  3. Russell

    Kudos on your calls Gary, and great logical explanations backing up your calls as they happen, You made me a bit of money as a non subscriber, seriously considering subscribing.


    I read this Jim Rogers article earlier, where he strongly predicts markets are guaranteed to enter into a recession this year, with the dollar further strengthing as a safe haven, and the yen markedly weakening. You think there is any decent chance we will get a delay in a the broad market gains you predicts, with a surprise period of weakness/deflation before the next big uptick?

    1. Anthonyo

      Jimmy Jam anti_american Rogers? He is at best a “Has Been” and a “Wash Out” Dead wrong most of the time. He hates America so muc that anything that sounds against the US, he squawks from his chicken coop in Singapore throwing rocks at America any chance he gets doing his job for the PRC regime he loves so much.(and gets paid from?)… I dont pay attention to Sell Outs.

  4. Russell

    There is nothing wrong with Jim Rogers wanting to leave the US. The power brokers in this country are insane, and he understands that. Reflexively calling him names has nothing to do with making money in asset markets.

      1. Anthonyo

        Making money? Ask Roger sif he has made a dime invetsing in North Korea, and Russia haha. The guy is a goof ball. He hasn’t made money for a soul who listened to him for decades.
        Impresses the impressionable inexperienced investor only who are still traveling way behind on the road.

  5. Anthonyo

    With him is all about ego and bashing America has nothing to do with making money for anyone! and he has found his place next to his mama PRC regime who loves him so much. Oh, and Russia Today TV adores him too. Now you. OK, listen to him and good luck.

  6. dhoyle77

    what the hell are u talking about???
    THE HARDEST STRATEGY: LET YOUR WINNERS RUN is the header just below u say to sell???
    which is it????


    1. Gary Post author

      We’ve been letting them run for 5 weeks. Now that they are approaching resistance it’s time to take some off the table.

      1. dhoyle77

        I respect your abilities greatly but sometimes you make no sense. You have been saying for the last week that the flag pattern means we are only half way. Don’t sell. In fact you suggested buy GDX and never sell. Finally we break the flag pattern and the next day you say sell!!! Do you see how what you say makes no sense whatsoever?? One of your comments has to be wrong…
        Both cant be right.. so which is it? 1. Dont hold GDX? 2. Hold GDX 3. Flag patterns mean we are half way 4. sell
        You confuse the hell out of me

  7. Russell

    If critizing other governments is okay, criticizing the US government is okay. All countries have problems, and most countries have sociopaths at the top. To reserve scorn for everybody except the home team is certainly a personal emotional bias that will do nothing good for anybody’s net worth.

    If I remember correctly, he hasn’t been kind to any government that increases the tax and regulatory burdens on its citizens. It has nothing to do with bashing America. More like bashing stupidity in government, which the US certainly has its fair share of.

    In leaving the US, he is effectively an immigrant now. Considering you are an ancestor of immigrants, as is every person who ever existed, I don’t believe it is grounds to criticise him. Immigrating is sort of part of being human. Going to where the greatest opportunity is. Unless, Anthonyo, you are a robot? Then criticize away!

  8. Anthonyo

    You know no one , not even yourself. Especially my background which is none of your concern anyways.
    Fascist liberal, you should go join that traitor then.
    “Considering your redneck background”. you can go shine his shoes for him Why dont you?

  9. Anthonyo

    You are the robot as you mimic traitors, and Has Beens like Jimmy Rogers. Have fun in your backward un-knowledge sheeple.

  10. Anthonyo

    Yeah All America needs is Love and Kindness right? Go tell that to ISIS, they are just misunderstood and need love and kindness. LOL.

  11. Will

    Oil has been the place to be the last month as the oil:gold ratio has now been falling off its all time high of 87:1. Even in the face of this last exhausted gold rally.
    Gold will be retesting its three year breakout at 1120-1150 zone.

  12. Bill in Tokyo

    I have been in cash here waiting for a higher low on a daily chart, but nothing gives. Gary’s metaphors of a beach ball and a baby bull are spot on. It’s just hard to jump on a freight train that’s moving FSA.

    Gary, q though on your posts. Yesterday you coach us to let our winners run, but today’s caption was to lighten up as $HUI was hitting resistance. So the former is for investors, and the latter for traders, right? Just wanted to be clear.

    So how to traders and investors alike get on board? What if a pull back never happens? Just JUMP???!

    1. Bill in Tokyo

      btw, I think Gary’s 2nd scenario will probably play out, and today’s “reversal” candle will do nothing but backtest the breakout, and then truck on higher.

      How to get on board? Buy every red candle above the breakout, w/a floor at just below?

    2. Gary Post author

      I’ve been letting winners run for 5 weeks. Now it’s time to book some profits as the HUI approaches a major resistance zone.

      You need to change your trading strategies. You are always too scared to buy at bottoms and then price runs away from you. Then you sit around and wiat for a pullback, when it comes you are again too scared to pull the trigger.

      A good rule of thumb is to buy when it’s so hard to pull the trigger that you are sweating bullets. This is what cycles are for.

      1. Dutchisu

        Gary are still thinking that gold rallies along with the rise in the Euro and that the Euro has another week at a minimum before its daily cycle peaks.

      2. Vortex

        Gary, so ideally what would be the percentage down move you would like to see tested on this pull before reloading for the next leg up?

        Or is it simply based on your cycles work alone with no Fibonacci or EW analysis.



  13. klo

    Lots of bearish candles on the miners today. The precious metals are acting exhausted and ready for a correction. They did not behave well today….went from huge rally up on the open to major fade. It looks like we will get some kind of correction here…hard to know if it’s going to be a day or two or several weeks. Makes sense…on the day that the bull gets some mainstream respect it’s time to book some profits. Sold all my NUGT and half my miners….kind of tired of the stress and watching it day to day. If we finally get a decent pullback I may just reload and go old turkey.

    Or…..maybe I just got out of position and I’m going to regret it if we get Paul’s blast up Monday.

  14. Stefan

    The baby bull never existed, this is a bear rally, the best yet to come ! We are entering a B wave correction. The A was clear at 1280, now we are heading for sub 1200.

    A beautiful and perfect close of both gaps in HUI-180 and GDX-21.1, a buy in DUST at 3.27 was a no brainer!

  15. Stefan

    Oh, the C wave up is going to be spectacular imo. We may see Gold at 1450 and Silver at 30.

    however it is still A BEAR RALLY !!!


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