Stock Direction Higher – CHART OF THE DAY

Stock Direction

The Advance-Decline line is starting to make higher highs. That should be a pretty good sign the 7-year cycle low in the stock market is behind us. The stock direction from here is up.

Folks you have to quit listening to perma bears. They caused you to miss an 85% rally in mining stocks. They were focused on the “fundamentals” in oil and you’ve missed a 50% rally there. And these same perma bears are convinced we’ve started a long term bear market.

We have not begun an extended bear market. We are just completing the deep correction that must occur in order for the bubble phase of the bull to begin.

Are you seriously going to let these nitwits cause you to miss another great opportunity?

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29 thoughts on “Stock Direction Higher – CHART OF THE DAY

  1. Gary Post author

    When you finally get tired of losing money listening to these doom and gloom nuts I invite you to just purchase a monthly subscription so you can read the weekend report and understand what is going on in the stock market and commodity markets.

    1. Gary Post author

      Stock portfolio is up 17% over the last 14 months.
      The metal portfolio is up 56% or the last 14 months.
      The currency portfolio Is up 6%.
      The Quest portfolio is up 1100%
      the only portfolio that is down is energy. It’s coming back nicely though now that the 3 YCL is complete.

      1. Mav

        Gary those are very specific small trades with high risk. I was a member for years since you were trying to hold and pick bottoms in gold all the way down. Eventually there will be a bottom. One just needs to have money left to buy at that point.

        1. truazum

          Mav, I totally agree with you. Anyway, the same happens with other newsletter writers and advisors . In gold stoxx, following some of them, you could lose your shirt and house and wife between 2012 and 2015. The latest trade has been succesful. Who trusted them ?

      2. Jay

        Do these returns factor in the losses from previous Model Ports that were discontinued, as well as previous Quest Ports that went to zero?

        1. Gary Post author

          The Quest has busted 3 times. The odds are it will do so again before we reach the goal. But at this point everyone should already have taken their subscription fee and initial stake out so they are now playing with the houses money.

          Heck we could bust 10 times and then if we get to the $100,000 goal and one had already removed their stake capital then you still made $100,000 and it cost you nothing to do it.

          That’s a pretty good return on investment.

    2. MuffinTop

      Tulip — Gary’s subscription is a bargain compared to what other services will charge you and second, you wouldn’t keep coming back if you didn’t think that Gary had something of value to offer.

      Just do it!

    3. Bill

      What did you just land from planet stupid!!!! Gary has been posting his track record in real time !!! I swear some of you people seriously should go trade baseball cards it’s more your intelligent level, good lord.

  2. Tom

    Gary: The rally in miners this year as been nothing more than luck had you purchased at the bottom. Every single chart with them was bearish and the downtrend had been happening for years. I’d say massive short covering. Maybe it will spur some buyers but there was no way to predict this move or even claim it could have been predicted.

    As for equities: It could be a bumpy ride this year. Nobody knows. It has been a nice little bounce I expect some selling to come again soon.

    1. Gary Post author

      Sure there is. You just have to understand cycle analysis. I didn’t get the exact bottom, but I got close enough that we made an obscene amount of money. Plus I told everyone that this is exactly what would happen when the bottom came and the manipulation was broken.

      All of the idiots that refused to acknowledge that manipulation was occurring just missed a once in a decade opportunity.

  3. Jacob 2

    You’re the best. Global growth replacing deflation as the macro theme going forward. Believe we’re in for a lengthy run. Personally favor and have owned for some time: materials , captial goods and emerging markets. We are embarked upon a virtuos cycle imho. Best to all.

  4. Walt

    I disagree . I think Gary did a great job with making money w gold the past 2-3 months.
    And he’s booked profits with that trade and he’s smartly calling for a move down in gold until May , avoiding the pullback . That’s probably going to be another good move .

  5. jt marlin

    Thanks for the great service that you provide, Gary. The way that you view the market is really helpful when combined with one’s own DD. I made a killing on the mining shares and I Just entered IBB on your recommendation. I agree that eveything is going to go up together and relatively soon. Do you have any thoughts on buying some of the better capitalized coal names… especially a couple of the MLP names like SXCP and CXNC? Or do you think that coal is left for dead for good?

    1. Gary Post author

      It’s not dead but it’s too small of a market to have a well defined cycle so I tend to just leave those sectors to other people to trade.

  6. Don

    When I look at the S&P chart, all I see is a bear market rally in progress. While it could certainly continue higher, I doubt we will see new highs. I am comfortable with being on the short side.

    1. Hillarys Cattle Futures

      In a free market, your position would probably pay off handsomely … but we are no longer in free markets … you need to be a step ahead of the PPT to prevent from being fleeced.

  7. Anthonyo

    Gary has been dead ON with both the stock market’s recently fabricated bottom by PPT, as well as the large gold rally of recent weeks.

    But he is not a permabull on gold, now he is saying we will need to see a meaningful correction in gold into May per cycles.
    He is a realist on stocks, and that’s hard to find these days.

    So, my thinking is any money spent to try out his subscription will most likely be money spent well. Just cut down on those Venti starbucks drinks is all.
    Coffee just comes in and goes out the other way, it has no value.

  8. Barney

    We are in the bull market of your life imo. This is just a severe correction we have rallied out of. New correction to higher low coming right up.


    Gary went on record in real time , making sense of complex info and giving out free pointers and graphs to everyone. He was big enough to question his own thinking, publicly publish it and change tack when needed.
    Those that listened to him would have made a packet this year.

    Who do you know that does that?

    Give him credit where it is due.

    I am not a relative or subscriber – I am a grumpy old BEAR short term.

  9. Alexandru Popovici

    Gary, I think now the same Oct-Nov-type of mistake is being made: confusing an IC advance with the beginning of a new bull.
    Transports may have set their bottom but further weakness lies ahead.

    Stock market shows classical signs of a bull trap and of exhaustion on retail buying – retailers feeling late and starting to listen to the “new bull” story –> they will fry again as they did in November thinking a BUBBLE was in the making as the song was played everywhere.

    1. Gary Post author

      I’m not sure where you are seeing exhaustion. The market just surged through the 200 DMA on it’s first attempt.

      This has been one of the most powerful rallies in the last 60 years. Are you sure you aren’t projecting your bias to see something bearish when it actually isn’t there?

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