Hillery had a splendid suggestion. For those of you that have found the site helpful and maybe made some money you can give back by donating a little something to my favorite charity. One of my best friends runs this clinic in Mexico for stray and abandoned dogs and cats. It just rips my heart out when I see how some of these poorย animals have been treated. Many have been tortured and starved. Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

Fiona animal refuge


42 thoughts on “Donate

    1. Anthonyo

      Some people are evil and dont deserve help…We have evil roaming the world in religious clothing, the 8000 pound gorilla every politician in the west is even afraid of pronouncing the word for… I will not lay a finger helping evil humans if they are distressed or dying, let them die I say ………..

      Animals on the other hand are incapable of evil, and often victims of evil brought upon them by humans. They deserve help more than some humans do, and it is a clear cut thing with animals.

      1. Ralph Wiederzane

        I agree, and lets not forget this little kid also has a mom, father, and community, what’s up with those retarded humans turning their backs on him? Humans think they are special in having souls, what a joke, they can’t even care for innocent animals.

        People are not any more important than other animals, we’re the scourge of the planet.

        GO VEGAN, it’s better for everybody and it’ll change your life for the better in so many ways.

  1. Jacob 2

    The REAL bottom line. So what have I done to make the world a better place? Most everything else is just noise. From long experience ….Another population that does not have any easy time of it in low income countries are the developmentally disabled.

  2. Gold miner


    1. Ralph Wiederzane

      I’m glad Goldminer lost all his money, he obviously wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

    2. Bill

      Funny I haven’t lost a thing I still posses the physical metal and I sold miners a long long time ago prior to the bear I must have been one of the lucky who got out at the top….again I know my personal greed level.

  3. Dan

    We’re egotistical and money hungry, but every trader should give back something. I collect baseball memorabilia at charity auctions.

  4. Bill

    Good report, higher we go…

    March 2016 US Non farm payrolls 215k vs 205k exp

    Prior 242k
    Unemployment rate 5.0% vs 4.9% exp. Prior 4.9%
    Participation rate 63.0% vs 62.9% exp. Prior 62.9%
    U6 underemployment 9.8% vs 9.7% prior

  5. Gary Post author

    We have a swing high in the market. Everything is now in place for a dip down into a DCL. All we can do now is wait and see if the PPT steps in to abort the correction.

      1. Bill

        March 2016 US Markit manufacturing PMI final 51.5 vs 51.5 exp

        Flash 51.4. Feb 51.3
        New orders 52.6 vs 52.8 flash. Feb 52.3
        Output 51.2 vs 51.4 flash. Feb 51.2
        Employment 52.2 vs 52.1 flash. Feb 51.8

  6. Gary Post author

    Just as I was afraid of, we have an intervention to protect the market from retesting the 200 DMA. If this holds into the close then I’m going to give up on the idea of a normal DCL. The central bank printing press is just too powerful.

    1. Anthonyo

      Gary, agreed, I was in the camp of no correction now or no meaningful correction now. It looks like the indexes are doing just fine today. Your melt up projection may come to surprise all sooner rather than later.

  7. Bill

    Eerily quiet in here…Looks like the entire forum went short…take the loss and bail while you still can.

  8. Jacob 2

    Personally, i have found an inverse relationship between my frequency in trading and the amount of money i make. When the macro trend is your friend doing nothing works.

  9. MuffinTop

    Folks โ€” I’m gonna cross my fingers on this one but if LABU is able to hang tight while the rest of Market drops into a DCL then we’re laughing!

    Think โ€” rocket ship launch ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ralph Wiederzane

    Stevie taking it it the cheeks with his 200% short. Good thing he doesn’t sell newsletters!

    1. Richard

      Didn’t this guy go short yesterday around close? We are right back to the same spot.

  11. GH

    I have a number of dogs like that living on my street! Somewhere well south of Mexico…Fact is, I would bet the large majority of dogs here are closer to that condition than your typical well-groomed, -fed, -& loved dog in the US.

    Why? Because people here do not believe in sterilizing animals, dogs will be dogs, so there are far more animals than will be cared for.

    What to do? I see two solutions: dog lovers should go out and adopt all these animals, get them their shots and sterilize them, or….they should all be shot. Sad, but the status quo is that they suffer and they are a public menace. But as with most things, I would put very long odds that things will continue just as they are.

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