Biotech is on the verge of starting the aggressive trending stage of its rally, and the Dow is about to drive the final nail into the bear market story.

I’m opening the 25% off offer for today only. Get on board and start making some money instead of missing one opportunity after another listening to the perma bears. Buy a yearly subscription and I will refund $50 back to you.

The offer is now closed

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  1. jhmoffett

    Gary — thanks, helpful. Are you expecting no pullback in stocks first (half-cycle low or DCL) before moving higher? We seem to be overbought on many indicators, including BB.

      1. jhmoffett

        Same here. Was just wondering whether, like gold, it would be best to wait for a pullback before adding/investing new money?

  2. Gary Post author

    I have to respond to Doc’s call for a double top. We are in a new 7 year cycle. Those never double top. These perma bear calls are just costing traders money. Folks you have to quit listening to these guys. They will continue calling tops forever. Heck they’ve been calling the top ever since 2013.

  3. Joseph

    Todays rally was to squeese….. I did not day trade this today as Ive seen this crap before. What I did do is sell my longs last Thurs and stepped aside. Took profits and capital preservation. If I miss a 3% move from 2080 to 2120 or so…… Not worth risk

    Will see this week…..

    1. Gary Post author

      It’s tough to call day trading moves in the market but generally I don’t expect lower prices only 5 days into a daily cycle.

  4. tulip

    can someone help me and try to explain what avi and doc at ker are saying about the pms…?
    jayant I stopped listening to ages ago….
    doc said … dollar not going anywhere and metals stocks consolidating…
    al was muttering … orex,, canisel and he agrees…..?/!!
    I listen to 2 or 3 commentors over there…at this point the show is gibberish imho..

    1. Irwin

      “gibberish” is a polite description.
      I’ve been calling it a special home for retards for a long time; although to be fair there are maybe 3 peeps there who are worth reading.

      I’ll work on being more polite when Trudeau and Trump go on a kayaking adventure together.

  5. eddy1974

    Do yuo ave an opinion abaut european index?
    How many long is the DAX trend?
    I’m also interested INDIA, i think in a aggressive trend up

      1. eddy1974

        sorry ,but for you ,DAX index can take anotrher time 12000/12500 ?
        The index is up MA100 and there is a first gap at level 10500 until almost 10750….then resistence at 11300 etc,etc……..but like for s&p you control 60 point bearish for the change of trend : how many point for you this index, in short, change trend?

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