1. jhmoffett

    Gary — nice short & sweet video, we are early in daily cycle. Question….since we’ve had a monster move over last few days, would you think we get some pullback first over the next few days/week before resuming the daily uptrend? I know timing an entry is difficult, but buying (or adding) into weakness is always preferred.

    1. Gary Post author

      It’s only day 4 of a new DC. Just saying.

      Not sure how much better of an entry you expect to get.

  2. pk

    Gary you are the only analyst I have seen making this call. It seems crazy but you have been right a lot recently. I have a hard time even starting to believe it until we break new highs. Would be a hell of a call though.

    1. pk

      Would also mean gold and stocks will have to start moving together instead of opposite as they have doing.

  3. Brady

    Do you think the best opportunity right now would be to stock up more on biotech with LABU, oil with ERX, or just sit back and wait for gold to drop to get back in? Thanks

  4. beartrap

    Guys get a subscription the blog is just an echo of a Mastermind’s trading. We entered to S&P longs in the double bottom when everybody was calling the end of the world. The bubble phases not coming every day. This is the possibilty of the decade.

  5. Steffmeister

    I am waiting for the bubble phase in precious metals, a little breather for now, but I do not see any other asset class to compete with precious metals for the next 5-7years.

    There will come a “pay back time” for all global debt. A reformation of the financials on a global scale, a new Bretton Woods system.

    If S&P500 breaks 2140 and closes above for a week I would be very surprised ! It has never happened in history of Spx if you adjust the chart for QE and inflation.

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