Just as I have been predicting: everything going up together. The longer one listens to the perma bears the more potential profit you are going to miss out on. 2016 is going to be a very good year for bulls in every sector, except maybe the dollar.

everything going up together

As of this morning the stock futures have broken the 7 year cycle downtrend and the Dow has rallied above the November highs. Just like I predicted, everything is going up together.

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    1. Ralph Wiederzane

      Strange, I only typed and hit enter once, but comment comes up three times? And no way to delete the extras.

  1. bill

    I am blown away by the relentless climb in both metals and Miners…blown away. I never sell Physical for profit ( unless I was starving ) , but it is nice to see gains back in the physical metal arena

  2. eddy1974

    sorry ,but for you ,DAX index can take another time 12000/12500 ?
    The index is up MA100 and there is a first gap at level 10500 until almost 10750….then resistence at 11300 etc,etc……..but like for s&p you control 60 point bearish for the change of trend : how many point for you this index, in short, change trend?

  3. Gary Post author

    Those that ignored my warnings not to short a baby bull have now destroyed their accounts with DUST.

    There are only two possible positions in a new bull market. You are either long or you are on the sidelines. No one should ever enter another DUST position for the next 4-5 years.

    1. ras

      Yes, Indeed! After several years, Silver bullion just rose above the mid point of monthly Bollinger. Go back and look at previous cycle. Silver bottoms and doubles, then pulled back to mid Bollinger line and kept going up and up until $48 target was reached. Interesting times ahead for pm complex.

  4. Joseph

    Still say were going down to 2000-2012-2030 area….. I took profits last THUR
    Let’s see….

    1. Gary Post author

      Very unlikely. We are in a new daily cycle and it’s still very early in the daily cycle. The odds are looking good that a runaway move has begun.

  5. Gary Post author

    And I’ll say this again. The job of a baby bull is to inflict maximum pain to shorts that refuse to accept that the bear is over, maximum anxiety for bulls that have missed the move, and one more. Draw in the most traders possible right before the first intermediate top so the bull can catch as many traders as possible long ahead of the first correction.

    Traders don’t need to chase this move. Any gains from this point forward will be given back during the ICL.

    And please don’t pay any attention to the cycle analysts saying gold will correct sideways. These guys are always wrong when they fall prey to group think. When the dollar generates the next intermediate rally the metals are going to correct. Those that can be patient and wait for the ICL will make a ton of money. Those who fall prey to the baby bulls tricks and jump back in now fearing they will get left behind will just end up giving back any gains during the ICL and probably some of the profits they made on the way up.

    Let me say this again. You don’t have to chase the metals right now. These gains are not going to be sustainable. Wait for the ICL. That’s the point when the next leg up will begin, and those gains will be sustainable.

    1. Gary Post author

      The gains in energy and biotech over the next month or two are going to be sustainable and you won’t have to time a perfect exit in those sectors like you will if you jump back into the metals right now.

  6. Steffmeister

    I am glad to sit all in, in Gold&Silver juniors. Nice move in Silver today !

    I do not know about the corrective move, I think I will skip it and just sit back for a year or a year and ½

    1. Gary Post author

      Old Turkey is a very good strategy at this point. You will have to weather ICL’s from time to time but that’s the price you pay to move the trade into the capital gains tax bracket. Over the life of the next phase that will save you a lot of money when it finally comes time to sell. Depending on the size of your account it could save you 100’s of thousands of dollars to millions in taxes.

      1. Steffmeister

        Sorry Gary I do not understand the “old turkey” concept I am Swedish 🙂 however, in socialist Sweden we have NO TAX on capital gains. They skipped it after the financial crisis in 08. I think it was skipped to boost consumption. The capital gain tax was 30% at the time and all the paperwork was a nightmare (it’s also gone) to create the report for all your trades and send it to Swede- IRS.

        We do pay a very small tax on the whole account every year, it sits at 0,68% based on interest rates.

  7. novice

    During tech-bubble days, timing the market failed miserably if the market was identified as “BULL” market.
    The purpose of timing (especially Gold here) is to maximize the profit, but reality is that everyone is reading the same charts.
    Gary, you mentioned months ago, within 3-4-5 years time horizon, those corrections just liked a few blips along the way, ones would even notice, and yet you are still trying to time those little blips..

    Trying to understand the logic behind it..

    1. Gary Post author

      I’m trying to time ICL’s because 99% of traders can’t survive an ICL. They panic and sell at the bottom. In the accounts that I manage for friends and family I’m now an old turkey. But for susbcribers I have to try to avoid the ICL’s.

      1. Robert


        You are sort of contradictiing yourself. I understand you saying not to short a baby bull, it has been disastrous for DUST. But now your saying this move is not sustainable and to wait for the next ICL which will be a time when everyone is bearish again and afraid to buy gold. DUST will therefore go much higher from here into the next ICL. So if one were to buy DUST now they should make a profit going forward.

        1. Gary Post author

          That’s what the DUST buyers thought three weeks ago as well. It’s almost impossible to time tops in a new bull market. So shorting is out of the question.

          That doesn’t mean there won’t be pullbacks. There will be. But it’s just a losing strategy trying to time them.

          Long Old Turkey or on the sidelines. Those are the only two strategies from now on.

          1. Robert

            Ok man. I will wait then till May/June. Would you rather NUGT or GDX call options for next leg up?

          2. Gary Post author

            You can get leverage from either but just understand it will be painful at the beginning as you won’t time a perfect entry and will have to weather a drawdown before the trade goes in your direction.

            Similar to how biotech buyers right now are having to suffer while they wait for the trend to take off.

          3. novice

            If people do not over leverage themselves, they can survive just setting tight..
            or people can take the pain if the train leaves the station without them on board, timing the market would be fine too..

            My friend bought 200 shares of princeline at $50, dropped to $6, he forgot about them, to pain to watch; a few years later, it was $160, he somehow noticed the 200 shares, immediately sold them.. guess what happened, it soared to $1400 just a few years…

            Trading makes ones’ income, but hardly can make them rich..
            Just my one cent..

          4. tulip

            I must disagree which I v rarely do with you.
            I believe it is reasonable to buy miners here.. and buy more on dips.. no one knows how much they will pull back at present… probably not that much…it is my view to buy some here & buy more ….. on pullbacks…old turkey makes sense.

  8. bill

    Closed my EXK trade profits are to nice to pass up once again…Ill wait if and when we get a dip to move back in ….

    1. Ralph Wiederzane

      Very nice trade, feels good to book big profits. I’m still Old Turkey hold at the moment.

        1. Vortex

          Yep Bill, go with your gut call. When you have nice profits you take them.

          When the bull gets to the parabolic phase where there are up days for weeks in the years ahead then you can let it ride.

          I understand Tulip’s mindset and it also makes sense at the right time, but giving back huge profits time and time again is just insanity.

  9. Anthonyo


    What does this “everything Up together” does to the Gold correction into May/June then?

  10. Ralph Wiederzane

    “Trading makes ones’ income, but hardly can make them rich..”

    Very wise words from the ‘novice’. Took me several years to learn this fact.

    1. Ralph Wiederzane

      He’s got the market just where he wants it, probably up to 6x leverage as of last week too. 🙂

  11. tulip

    I don’t think avi gilbert understands how we are thinking on ‘manipulation’….as usual
    al one day agrees with manipulation and the next he doesn’t… if they are tired of talking about it….then why do they bring it up so often…?!manipulation is used for control of upward & downward…
    moriarty has a v good piece as does stew thomson on 321G today…

    1. Vortex


      I’ve now gotten to the point to where if people want to sit around and regurgitate the manipulation crap they can do it by themselves or in their little cult group. I have no interest in it.

      My goodness what an utter and complete waste of time and energy. There is not enough time in the day to sit around worrying about something you have zero control over nor can you make any money at fretting over it.

      Yes manipulation is illegal but that is the world we now live in. Worry about what you can control and try to make some money along the way while surviving the utter idiocy while the world power structure plays it games.

      1. Vortex

        Tulip, I didn’t mean to imply you were doing that. My comments were in the more general nature of the whole discussion I find to be logical in world where the rule of law still applied.

        But we do not live in that world and haven’t for decades so I find it all a useless and a illogical waste of energy and time.

        Sorry if it seemed like I was calling you out, I was not.


  12. Crusader56

    Anyone have any comments on what occurred in the SI contract last night? I noticed many did not see that coming at al,l however few had any real ideas on where it was going.

    1. bill

      GOP nuts? look around both sides are nuts either side both Repub and Democrat are nothing but a sham, anyone who says otherwise drinks the koolaid.

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