1. chrisG

    Good calls Gary. Still patiently waiting for the day when gold drops $50. That’s when I know the opportunity to buy is near.

    1. jhmoffett

      I wonder if it’s time to reduce positions in gold and the miners in anticipation of a selloff due to overbought conditions.

    2. Gary Post author

      Buy once the dollar finishes its intermediate rally. That should take at least 4-8 weeks. So I’m going to suggest you don’t need to do anything with metals for at least another month and a half to two months.

      1. jhmoffett

        Sounds like you wouldn’t reduce leveraged positions in metals or miners in anticipation of dollar’s rally?

  2. jhmoffett

    Nice summary of outlook for stocks. Time to pay attention. Question: what about seasonality? We’re about to head into the weakest part of the year historically, and after a huge stock market run up over the past 10 weeks, it may be time to reduce positions in anticipation of a larger selloff.

  3. Anthonyo

    Flasnews 2:

    Gold will grind lower it looks like with spurts upwards…it will go lower kicking and screaming and holding to any branch and walls on the way down.

    But if people are to have cash to buy stocks and oil, then gold is a seller.

  4. Gary Post author

    I suspect that all the analysts foolishly assuming metals would not correct are about to see the error of their ways.

    Folks it’s never different this time. There is always an ICL. And when someone tries to tell you there won’t be you need to quit listening to that analyst immediately.

    Look for the next buying opportunity in metals in late May or early June.

  5. Joseph

    Gary don’t agree entirely……. If USD breaks support of say 93, them Emerging markets will out perform SnP….. Also, Jobs are being cut BIG Time and earnings cut……there’s a reason….. Dont agree with your comments of a run away market, toooo early to make a firm comment on this….
    P…. Falling profit hurt job creation…. Approx a 2 QTR lag to hit markets.
    Commodities as see kicking ass if dollar BReaks
    A few weeks ago I humbly requested a write up on the dollar as its key….. Since JAN 2015, it bounced off support 5 times…..

  6. Joseph

    From a short term, emini SnP closed below 2090 si I am positioned to a MO e to 2050 APX.
    OIL keeps bumping and stopping under $43.75 incld today…..the PRICe the OIL guy I followed said is key…….. If it Closes abo e that with VOL and for a few days, then were good to 48-52…..

  7. Joseph

    Look at the $SPXA50R. And $TSXA50R, overbought and dropping….. SnP dropped from 87 to 79%
    Also OIL mtg in June is mute……

  8. tulip

    whats nice about this site is that Gary doesn’t pump
    ‘sponsors’… its transparent = thank you Gary~

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