1. Robert

    Highly doubt it goes up anymore. Instead a correction to 150s – 160s more realistic

  2. Joseph

    Oil …. No deal as reported…..
    As posted/advised last week, Up into April 7….
    Down Into April 22
    Sold big portion of All longs Thurs April 14
    As posted
    Will see what OIL does to drag market down
    To what ? 1990-2000-2012-2030 ?
    Will see….. If someone holds market up

  3. Joseph

    Bill, I was hoping for OIL to go above 43.50…. It did not so that’s why along with a few other reasons I sold my longs last THUR. Will re-enter longs when trend sorts its self out….. I was heavily in OIL and TSX, and short term trade emini SnP….
    I need OIL to come up to $50-60 by year end or I will loose…..

  4. Anthonyo

    Re: Mike Maloney new video Stocks and Real Estate Crash coming soon


    Mike Maloney has come out now saying Stock crash is coming soon, AND, real estate crash is coming soon…Pls see “urgent video” below by Mike Maloney. He has now videos where he pairs with
    Harry Dent(the dent is in the brain area) , and together they blow into the deflationist trumpet as loudly as they can. Personally I respect Maloney, but think Dent is goofy looney alarmist clown.

    GARY, what do you think of this video?
    He is quite adamant with charts goin gback to the 1800s that a stock and rela estat ecrash is just around the corner. Please advise!


    1. Gary Post author

      No chance. This kind of nonsense sells subscriptions but one is never going to make any money from it.

      The risk is another series of bubbles, not deflation.

      1. Ray_B

        Gary .. 3 guys went into a bar and each ordered a $3.21 drink … what would the change be for each if one paid with a $10 bill? LOL

        1. Irwin

          Then the bartender remembers that it’s happy hour and drinks are half price.
          He calls the waitress over and says, “I charged that table too much”; (he hands her 5 loonies – it’s Canada ya know and we don’t mess with 32 cents) “give those guys 5 bucks back”.

          She thinks, ‘how am I going to divide 5 loonies among 3 guys? I know, I’ll give them one each, keep two for myself, they’ll never know the difference – call it a tip’.

          When all is said and done, they paid $9.63
          got back $3 for a total of $6.63 paid
          the waitress took $2 = $8.63
          What happened to the other dollar?

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