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  1. Steffmeister

    Regarding S&P500 I would be impressed if you pulled this off. Remember I’ve said several times on this forum that I do not think that Spx has enough mojo to break 2140 it’s a magic trendline from 1987 bull that has never been taken out. An esoteric tredline that very few analyst’s knows about.

    So 2140 is the magic number. Impressive move in Spx yesterday so maybe your are on to something. I do not trade Spx so I have no emotions for the trade.

    1. Surf City

      Yes, volume alone can be misleading. If you compare NUGT to DUST using volume and price, I show NUGT with 5.4 time the true money flow vs DUST.

    1. Gary Post author

      Today caught me by surprise as well. Oil up and stocks down. Strange. We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

  2. jhmoffett

    Maybe Gary can weigh in prior post from Joseph69 regarding today’s large decline. Swing low in but do we have the DCL?

  3. Joseph69

    market poised to give back all of yesterday’s gain.
    Rut on verge of breaking yesterday’s lows.

  4. Robert


    It is now the 2nd week in March and gold/miners still at the highs. No correction has taken place yet. Is it possible for the sideways correction instead of drop? I thought the correction started Monday but now back at the highs

    1. Gary Post author

      One of two things has to happen. Either a corrective move down with a bottom in June, or a 2-3 month sideways move to allow the 200 DMA time to catch up to price.

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