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  1. Surf City

    I posted earlier here today, in real time, that I took profits on all my stock short positions around 10am this morning as stocks were bottoming based on the attached SPX Fractal.

    I will look to reload if we bounce back up towards my red line. I will also reload it we start a start a waterfall decline but I expect some backtesting first similar to December.


  2. Surf City

    Gary, If you take a close look at your NYMO oscillator chart closely, you will notice that it moved to -40 in early April where I have a potential DCL. You will also note that the NYMO was actually LOWER in early April than the double bottom in Mid Feb where the SPX was 360 points lower.

    The point is that the NYMO dropped more during that mild correction.

    1. Gary Post author

      A divergent NYMO is a sign of an intermediate cycle bottom. It occurs at about 75% of them.

  3. Joseph

    Tip….. most TA guys are watching 2033-2038 emini
    For me, 2028 needs to brk and if it does, 1990 is next stop
    If your not experienced, DONT TRADE or your going to loose money !!
    Remember, your fighting against big boys and all of us are not as good as we think we are. BE Smart and maybe just stay out for now…….

    Every trade I’ve had the time to post….. all have come thru but it’s been stressful……
    This is when these PRICKS do a great job in taking our money…… Trust me, I’ve lost my fair share and when my brother Steve who makes a friken killing day trading says it’s HARD on him and advises to stay out……..

  4. Gary Post author

    That swing high that was supposed to mark the top in oil…just got reversed 🙂

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      Gary, the swing high in oil I called has NOT reversed 🙂
      I had called for a top two days ago at 49 and the top was 49.56 and it is still the top 🙂

  5. Joseph69

    Another “guarantee” where there’s no consequences on your side. Serious…how bout you save 50% of the losses if you are wrong.

  6. chrisG

    Hey guys, stop complaining. No other sites return subscription. If you aint happy, u can choose not to participate, or just leave Gary’s forum. No one is forcing you. Just grow up.

  7. Don

    Joseph, I enjoy reading your often critical views but sometimes you your focus is off base and trivial. If Gary wants to back his calls by offering a money back guarantee or a free subscription, who cares? Stick to what you do best.

  8. Joseph

    Go long if we Brk 2050 and we shd hit 2070 or so but I can’t see us GOING higher just yet ?
    Short if 2030 or so brks and we go to 1990 Apx
    OR wait on sidelines as were in a trade range bound play……… but it’s clear……lower highs and lower lows……..

    Anyhow , good luck to all

  9. Alexandru Popovici

    Nice markets correlation! It comes in very helpful to come in with a good probability of how long this short dead-cat bounce in a fresh new DC can last.

    The negative USX-stocks correlation does the magic!
    – swing high in USX today with DCH yesterday on day 12 (USX down in DC decline, obviously)
    – stocks are clearly on day 1 (stocks up to enforce that usx-stocks correlation).

    Thus, we can easily expect stocks to reach their DCH about the time USX charts its DCL –> at the end of next week or early the other, at the end of May.
    This judgement is corroborated by the fact that USX should be on the rise (early in its next DC) before the jobs report in 2w –> consequently stocks to resume their YC decline before jobs report.

    1) dead-cat bounce not to last more then another 5-7 sessions.
    2) 100% cash is the best option

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      …and if by any chance this USX cycle proves shortened than we can expect a DCH in stocks wherefrom to resume short trades by mid next week.

      Let’s just see how greenback’s story unfolds.

  10. chrisG

    Just watch NDX. It led the way down. If it could clear 4420 ish, a double bottom is formed and could lead up.

  11. chrisG

    Very likely to be the case. Look at SMH, SOX. MACD also turning up. A double bottom is forming since 2015, and also an inverted HS since Nov til now.

  12. Alexandru Popovici

    Victor, I think yes, the gold should move up temporarily but this is a NON-tradable call.

    I am disappointed by SLP! I had thought it would rise to prove itself one of the major leaders of the new bull market once the low is touched in autumn.
    I think it is a very wrong strategy to buy something weak with the idea that it is cheap. In the long term this will kill you financially. GUARANTEED!

    As to now, I think it is very risky to be in the market now!!! CASH IS KING!

    1. victor

      Thank you Alex, I’m listening…, as for SLP let’s wait and see, this promising hen should produce something good eventually …

  13. Alexandru Popovici

    Chris, I personally do not think so. There are larger forces at work here.
    One of them is the one I’ve mentioned, the concerting effect of:
    – a negative correlation btw stocks and USX and
    – USX being early in its Yearly Cycle advance.
    It will be hard to a proteic semicon segment to fight this force and others on its own.

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