1. Gary Post author

    SMT update.
    Stock portfolio: +45.4%
    Metals portfolio: +56.8%
    Energy portfolio -9%
    Currency portfolio: +6%
    Quest portfolio: +1700%

    1. jhmoffett

      Pretty darn good Gary! Are you reducing exposure to stocks from your 100% position?

      1. Gary Post author

        Still 100% but we took down all leverage as we are getting pretty close to the all-time highs and oil is due for a DCL anytime now.

    2. JetFuel

      How on earth could your energy portfolio be in the red? If you initiated your energy positions in 2016 and using XLE as a proxy, it’s almost impossible to have lost money unless you first initiated your positions in late April. Most of my energy positions are doubles or triples at this point.

  2. chrisG

    Why do i have a feeling every small drop gets the bears very excited. lol . Anyway, my long costs are lower, so have stop loss. Also, for those who is happy with GDX, i think the bigger drop may not be this week. This week could make a white bar. But next week could make the macd turn down, and a bigger down. Lets see.

  3. Don

    The timing of this video is a bit puzzling. XBI made a higher high of 58.49 on May 31, exceeding the April 7th high of 58.38. Many times you have said that waiting for confirmation of a new trend change is exactly the wrong time to buy as it causes retail traders to jump in at cycle tops. So, is that advice not applicable in this case? Is this a good time to buy XBI?

    1. Gary Post author

      Heck we bought months ago.

      I tried and tried to get folks to buy as stocks were moving down into their DCL but everyone was convinced that biotech was dead. They missed the opportunity to get in cheap.

      1. Robert

        Would you still believe a bounce is necessary for gold? It might have already finished the counter trend move at 1222 and just continue to rollover here into end of June

        1. Gary Post author

          Gold hasn’t produced anything yet that I can clearly identify as a bounce out of a DCL. I suspect it will come after the jobs number tomorrow.

      2. Don

        I will take your answer as a yes, it is not too late to buy XBI. I have initiated a small position in XBI.

        1. Gary Post author

          As long as you can get rid of the day trader mentality and hold the positon for at least 1-2 years then yes anywhere in here is a good time to buy. If you are going to sell on the first down day, then don’t waste your time.

  4. Gary Post author

    The super bulls (Plunger, Surf, etc, etc.) got greedy and just ended up giving back a big chunk of their gains.

    From now on when you hear someone telling you to buy, buy, buy when an index is stretched 75% above the 200 DMA, run as fast as you can in the other direction.

    1. Robert

      Haha. That are saying something like the low for gold is prbly in already and now back to new highs

    2. Surf City

      Not sure who you think said buy as we bought near the bottom like you did but did not sell in March like you did. I have a two fold strategy of Micro Miners for my core holds and they are still WAY UP. I sold my more liquid Trading Shares near the top and have been buying them back over the past few days (AEM, NEM, MUX and RIC)

      1. Gary Post author

        No one bought at the bottom like we did. The first time Plunger started posting that a bottom was in appears to be in April or maybe March.

    3. JetFuel

      Gary – You need to get rid of your daytrader mentality and hold the position for at least 1-2 years. GDX going from 12.5 to 26 and now pulling back to 22.91 as I type this is hardly anything to be concerned about. The smart money has been adding on the dip back to the 50MA because we are patient unlike you. Your messaging is very inconsistent.

  5. Surf City

    My chart work shows that IBB will be running into resistance near 285-287. Lets see how it handles resistance at that level.

    1. Anthonyo

      SGG way over stretched above 50 DMA.
      Not even The Jimmy Rogers the perma commodity bull will buy SGG at these levels. lol

  6. chrisG

    Yes sugar looks good. Casino stocks looks good too. In fact, at this rate, the 52 weeks high lists, leadership stocks is going to expand. Yet some keep proclaiming bear, crashed etc.

  7. Gary Post author

    It looks like the SPX is consolidating in preparation for a breakout above 2100, and oil looks like it’s doing the same in preparation for a break above $50.

    1. Dang

      So is it too late to get in now? My intention is to hold for a month or longer if it is worth it.

      I did a bad thing, I doubted you :), I sold at 2050 when I saw the h&s neckline and all I saw was doom and gloom.

  8. Surf City


    Are you capable of any original thought or analysis or are you Gary’s personal “Parrot?” 😉

    Just checking as I have never seen any charts from you but then perhaps you don’t know how to create one.

    Perhaps Gary has provided you with a “free” Stooge Subscription for being his personal Parrot and Attack Dog.

    Just sayin…

    1. Anthonyo

      Surf You are so irritating and a busy body here… Why don’t you go fly a kite…No one is impressed with yoru BS here…
      You are like a brat constantly nagging the forum with littering.
      Charts? Only sheeple like you go copy some charts to impress the uninformed and the impressionable.
      You have a huge inferiority complex and trying to compensate fo rit by sounding more than you are or can do. No one is impressed.
      Only in your own head you are a legend lol
      Off with You pest.
      You are a real pain in the derriere in this forum.

      1. Anthonyo

        And on top of that You dont make any sense at all 100% of the time.
        Why dont you go work as Dennis Fartman’s personal bitch boy?

    2. joel

      Surf City;
      After reading your message to Anthonyo, the only response I have is a quote from Mark Twain, who said “it’s far better to remain silent and let everyone think your ignorant, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  9. tulip

    Hi Gary,
    You are not the only early bird on buying gold in Jan.. Feb..
    Morris Hubbartt was as well….

  10. chrisG

    I don’t care how or what AH a person is. He could be a MF for who I cares. Being right is right. Surf is AH is true. But he shorted spx and was right in covering. Sugar looks good is also true. Gdx? Too early to say the drop is done. So it could go down by another $3. He is right at times, and provide the logic or chart in doing so. That’s fine with me. As long as not too challenging like JetF I think it’s good enough. Hopefully, I don’t get f for getting involved. This a forum, can state democratic views right?

    But I confess and preempt, I am really a big AH. If I want to, a really big insulting one. ?

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