11 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY – BREAKING THROUGH THE 200 wma

  1. Gary Post author

    SMT performance update:
    The metal portfolio is now up 117% as of Friday
    The stock portfolio is up 54% as of Friday

    1. vanbc

      Gary, thanks for your analysis.
      Gold is break out MA200 that finally verify new gold bull market in progress. but next week is not good entry timing. You should give a warning, it will be a real help.

    1. vanbc

      That depend on personal experience, I am doing swing trade and a pull back should be happen next week. $1450 should be reach in near future before next ICL.

  2. newb630

    Oh ok. Thanks for your reply. Where do u see silver pull back to? I’m not in silver so if it would pull back that would be a good entry. Thanks

  3. humbled

    Silver pull back, if any, could happen intraday during Asian time zone. Not sure if July 4th holiday affects PM trading States side.

    If it does, not sure if you’d be able to buy that fast dip. As silver is “gold on steroids” rather stay long till target is reached.

    1st stop 22, then 24-25, may even reach 27 intraday swing high at the coming ICT.

  4. humbled

    Hi Gary, I wonder if you have written books on cycles. am keen to read up on the basics of cycle studies and learn the proper way. would you have any reference guides/read/materials that you could kindly direct me to ?

    Thanks much.

  5. CooLoser

    If Gary Savage ever wrote a book – I’d damn well buy it. I’d probably buy an airplane load of the some&itches and drop them over the town I live in.

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