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By this time I think everyone can see that I’ve been correct all along on stocks, gold and the commodity complex. I simply use better tools than the vast majority of analysts that try to rely on chart patterns, technical indicators, so called fundamentals, or Elliot wave.

I’ll say again: we haven’t had free markets since the SEC banned short selling in financials in the fall of 08. You simply can’t be successful in today’s modern markets until you accept that and adapt to it. You have to run far and fast in the other direction from the fools still in la la land that refuse to acknowledge and account for this.

None of these analysts ever spot these cycle bottoms. They are always bearish at bottoms, and bullish at tops. They fight uptrends all the way up, and buy too early during corrections. Most have been on the wrong side of all markets since the summer of last year. It’s a shame really as 2016 was, and still is set up to be an extraordinary year. A year similar to 2009 as everything emerges from a multi-year cycle low. I knew this was going to be the case and the SMT has been positioned to make money off this rare event, while almost all others have tried to fight it.

We still have half a year left. Decide now to quit making the same mistakes over and over. Jettison the worthless trading tools and so called gurus who have been costing you money all year long.

For the rest of the weekend I’ll offer a 15% discount on a yearly subscription to the SMT where you can learn how to use cycles and sentiment to actually make money, and more importantly keep it.

Just buy an annual subscription and I will refund $35 back.

Seriously, quit paying ridiculously high prices for subscriptions to services that don’t make money. Isn’t it obvious that all they are about is fleecing your pocket book? I’ve kept my subscription at the same price for 10 years. I challenge all of them to cut their price in half and provide a reasonably priced service rather than just fleecing gullible traders of their hard earned cash. My goal was never to get rich selling subscriptions (I have all the money I could ever need for this lifetime). My purpose in starting the SMT was to help traders ride the gold bull, and teach new investors how to make money in the markets.  More specifically how to use cycles and sentiment to make money in the markets. Isn’t it time to get on board and stop losing money?

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  1. heybuddy

    Gary, I’ve read several comments from other sources about the non confirmation of the transports which will lead to another large decline. I guess one could also say that those stocks are still under valued and have a lot of room to run.

    1. Gary Post author

      Just more poor analysis by the perma bear camp grasping at every straw. One or the other index almost always lags coming out of a multi-yer bottom.

      And actually all the transports have to do to confirm is rally above a previous secondary peak. That would be a move above the April high at 8190.

      1. Robert

        Do you teach everything about cycle analysis? I have no knowledge of cycles only techinals

          1. Robert

            Tried to signup but site doesn’t seem to be working. It keeps taking me back to login

      2. Robert

        Gary, I was looking in your blog past history in 2013 you actually guaranteed gold was going to go up further to 2000, instead it plummeted to 1000 and you said the stock market would collapse. Doesn’t seem like your cycle analysis is that accurate but if you have now fine tuned it and learnt from your mistakes im willing to pay the sub

        1. Gary Post author

          I did get out ahead of the top in 2011. I didn’t believe that the manipulation that began in 2013 could create a completely artificial bear market. I was wrong. I now have a much greater respect for the ability of a few big banks or the PPT to move markets where they want them to go.

          The only thing the printing press can’t fix … is inflation.

  2. ras

    Expecting a decent pull back. TQQQ has gone up from 82 to 108, +26 (+30%). Before it can advance further, first it needs to do a decent pull back. It could be a buying opp at that time. Ditto other etfs: udow, upro, tna, midu, etc. Markets are notorious for overlapping moves. Markets need to contend with etf players, option on etfs/individual stocks, etc. I am expecting decent pull backs in all major market etfs. One day at a time, one week at a time and trade only what you see.

  3. mhajsman

    the year subscription price = 200 – 35 = 165$. Am I right?
    Many thanks for very hard work.

  4. Don

    We now have proof that the stock market has nothing to do with the economy because if it did , there is no way the S&P would be at new highs. Looking at balance sheets has become a complete waste of time and I no longer spend anytime doing so.

    1. Gary Post author

      Stocks haven’t had anything to do with the economy since QE1 began.

      Where have you been the last 7 years? Haven’t you been paying attention?

      1. Don

        Sonny, I have been playing the markets for 38 years and seen plenty of whiz boys just like you shine with brilliance in the predicting business and then fizzle out into obscurity when they get a large enough following and they start making failed call after failed call. Are you going to be the one that is different?

          1. victor

            No Gary, prepare to continue for much longer time…, we all can and up with our millions of $$$ just be enough for grocery shopping …

          2. Jacob

            You and me both, Gary. Though I’m not with you on the bubble in stocks. They need a crisis (down 20%) to start the helicopters everywhere, is how I see it. I hope I’m wrong though, I just want everything to go up together as you say.

  5. gibbsrc


    I like your work. I have been reading it on Monday morning for a few weeks now. Will you extend the offer through today?


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