1. Steffmeister

    selling stocks, shorting US indices 😛

    Hey I am a forecaster, comment from earlier today
    “This indicates that FOMC will disappoint the market later today …”

    Ok, three fractal timelines is coming in next week (3rd), lets see how it will affect markets, breakup/breakdown who knows, it’s impossible to predict the future !

    1. s29

      What are fractal timelines?
      Maybe Hillary disappoints (can’t top Michelle Obama’s speech & more leaked emails), and Wall Street will get Trump-anxiety.

      1. Steffmeister

        The same thing as Fib relations for price that Gary is using. The fib ratios in this case is used for time instead of price, to try to predict changes in markets.

        1. s29

          Thanks. So you see a turning point around the third of August, let’s see if you are correct.

  2. epalazzo

    What do you guys think of gold gold going up? Is this the frightening little move up before falling down really to the DCL or was July 21 the DCL?

  3. Joseph69

    Bottoms in for gold and oil.
    Just went 200% on 3x leveraged energy and gold.

    As Gary said, everything going UP!!

  4. Gary Post author

    Everything is going up.
    Gold, stocks, biotech.

    Now we are just waiting for oil to bottom. Of course the trolls will come on and tell me I’m wrong about oil now.

    They will never learn. In the meantime we are making an insane amount of money this year. By the time this year is over we should make enough money to have had 5 good years.

  5. jhmoffett

    Gary — are you expecting no imminent pullback in stocks now or in August, half cycle low or otherwise?

    1. Gary Post author

      Sometimes there is no half cycle low during a first daily cycle. I think the Nasdaq is going to test the all-time highs before this daily cycle tops.

  6. portmoresby

    Gary, I dont understand about the subscriber plan and there is no contact detail how to ask about subscription. Help me pls.

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