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    1. Gary Post author

      The Fed managed to keep the inflation in the stock market and bond market by attacking gold and keeping commodities in check. I don’t think they will be able to run that scam twice. This time I think the inflation shows up in everything, not just stocks.

        1. Gary Post author

          Try a more complex username. Someone may already have the one you are trying.

  1. Don

    Gary may be completely right about where the stock market is headed. If we are in in the final stages of a bull then it is time for the penny mining stocks to go up and that is just what they are doing. Those who emailed me for my list have done very well. That said, the penny stocks are not going up as crazy as they did in 2007. Maybe that’s coming yet. I have sold half my penny stocks since almost all are up at least 100% and I see a need for caution.

  2. Don

    I think it is worthwhile to note that there is only one index that has broken out to new all time highs and that is the S&P. Other important indexes such as the Russell 2000, the Nasdaq Composite, the NYSE, the Dow Jones Transportation Index and the Value Line (arithmetic) have not yet reached new highs. Some are not even close. This unusual situation can be explained by the fact that the S&P index is heavily weighted in favor of a few stocks that have been stellar performers over the past several years. ( Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple). Foreign stock indexes are in much worse shape with many mired in undeniable bear markets.

    Let’s not forget that the central banks are completely focused on pumping up the most widely watched index in the world, that being the S&P. Buying S&P futures is their favorite tactic with some banks now buying S&P stocks directly. If the rally fizzles before at least some of the other indexes have made new highs, it will appear to have been nothing more than a bear market rally. Time will tell us if Gary will continue to correct with his call for a sustained rise of the stock market.

  3. lokum_

    Mr Savage, gold is money but gold is the money of a FREE market.

    – Do we have a free market economy ?
    – No!

    Again…Do we have a free market economy ?
    – No, we don’t have. We have command line regulated tax based economy that can impose any time any size of tax to gold miners, gold holders, etc just to keep the market intact.

    Yes we had a good run for five months after five years of squeeze. All I am saying is not to bet the farm on your inflation dreams. All gold resources are within the grasp of the state and the state can do whatever it takes to control their prices.

  4. Steffmeister

    I think Gary is wrong about the long term stock non corrective view. The stockmarket is going to correct long before the predicted 3-5years. It may correct a great deal in just 1-3months, why not in the middle of September?

    A clever analyst wrote:
    “Tomorrow is a most important birthday. A birthday of a major market low.
    On 8 July 1932, the Dow Jones Average bottomed at 41.2 after a gruelling fall which lasted 3 years and wiped out 90% of market valuations.
    And now we are exactly one wave of a very very long cycle has passed by since that important day.
    We should see important things happening in the markets about now. Things like record highs, breakouts, euphoria or resignation. Look around, feel inside, make a judgment of the situation.
    The leading stock averages, dominated by financials fill the role nicely. Gold is not at lows, but is at the upper side of a long bottoming consolidation which includes lows at the leading edge of a five year decline. We need to find out what assets are at top and what is at bottom.
    The secondary and tertiary indices are lagging, not confirming the breakout in Dow, SPX.
    If in secondaries, or tertiaries exercise care – tops may already be in (probably are) – and be reluctant to absorb pullbacks. In financials the last hurrah is on. There could be a weird insanity (financial) phase, wild things are possible for a while. Careful planning from now on, time is getting short, in the timescales used in setup.”

    and Mr Williams is also a clever dude:

    Crazy – A Story of Debt, by Grant Williams

    This is a story about debt – 2008 was the crystallization of that, the years since have been the denial of it, and the years to come will be the resolution. Grant Williams, founder & publisher of the ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm…’ research service, and co-founder of Real Vision TV, brings us an eye-opening presentation titled Crazy, where he puts into perspective the extraordinary levels of global debt and unprecedented monetary policy, and reminds us that the many factors that led to the ‘08 crisis are still very much present.

    Crazy – A Story of Debt, by Grant Williams

    So please be very careful imo !!!

    1. Gary Post author

      For heavens sake how long are you going to keep following these perma bear nitwits?

      Bottom line: The 7 year cycle low bottomed in February. It is impossible for the new 7 year cycle to top this quickly. Even in the most absolute bearish scenario imaginable the market isn’t going to top for at least 2-3 years.

      You have to use the right tools to make these calls, and you clearly are not. Unless you change something and quit listening to these idiots that have no idea how markets work you are going to continue to lose money and more importantly you are going to miss the second half of 2016 (one of the best years for investing in the last decade.

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