1. Spanglish Inquisition

    Hey Gary,
    I’ve been following you for a bit now. Do you think oil will play like a currency/commodity like metals or be overwhelmed by the fundamental oversupply?

  2. gent25

    4 Signs This Oil Bear Market Is Here To Stay: DCL on a daily basis for past 4 weeks now.
    Do expect oil below $40 which will then make a run for low $30s.

    1. Gary Post author

      Here we go again. How many times must you guys get this wrong?

      This has nothing to do with fundamentals. The media will always find some way to spin the fundamentals during ICL’s. This is just an intermediate degree profit taking event.

      You’re going to get another great buying opportunity, and I predict almost everyone will miss this one too.

  3. Steffmeister

    Mike Maloney forked out a new video with some bad data. I am a little bit confused here. Economic data in US suck, so how is this going to play out?


    A sharp decline in markets and then FED will fire up the moneyprinter and print print print like there is no tomorrow. Stockmarket will soar and then when all faith and confidence is lost bonds and stocks will come tumbling down. Or do we explode to the upside from here …

    I’ve placed a long bet in common stock 1/3 of my pension funds a bumpy road ahead.

    I’ve predicted some action tomorrow lets see how it plays out.

  4. gent25

    Oil: There is no missing this one oil will soon be trading under $40 as the driving/summer season winds down and oil/refineries are stored to the max… more great buying opportunities straight ahead..

  5. gent25

    Someone said the minute oil rebounds as it is today (feebly) stocks would explode higher … well it looks like stocks are imploding lower not higher.

  6. gent25

    oil could not even hold the small gains from this morning…now it reversed lower…. stocks can’t ignore any longer.

  7. Gary Post author

    Today is a classic example of completely worthless EW analysis. Wave 4 consolidationso are supposed to break on the direction of the trend.

    Except this wasn’t a wave 4 consolidation. It was a volatility coil that was waiting for the Nasdaq to test the all time highs before dropping back down into a correction.

    Like I noted before major resistance levels lime Nasdaq 5200 don’t usually break on the first attempt.

    A buying opportunity in both stocks and oil is coming soon.

  8. crawfordnews

    when the $VIX reach 26-28 go long S&P.

    The gaps over the last few days, have been huge. Its a little worrying. It has been a manipulated move for some bad news coming. Maybe buy the news, sell the event type situation.

    TECHNICALLY and SEASONALLY August tends to be a very BAD / MESSY month for the STOCK MARKETS, around the world.

  9. crawfordnews

    If 2150 fails, we’ll be visiting 2125 which was a resistance level back in June.

    I mentioned previously that August’s haven’t been terribly kind to the market over the past few years, and some form of pull back in August couldn’t be ruled out. The issue of course is that we’re no longer flying by fundamentals, we’re flying by Central bank QE money and that’s apparently endless. So predicting pull backs is awful tough because the rules have been shoved out the window.

    Reality says we should peel off about 20% from these levels. The sad fact however, is that can only happen if the CB’s stop buying stocks with no regard to prices paid.

    1. Gary Post author

      No chance of a 20% loss. The 7 YCL just finished in February. There won’t be any big losses for at least the next 3 years. Although it may get volatile when we start the bubble phase.

      1. crawfordnews

        I own BTUUQ as a coal play
        few bio’s I own: ELTP, VSTM, ABIO, CTIC, CVM. All prime for takeover.

        gold/silver miners looking to drop …

        1. victor

          thanks cr…. , out of it own and accumulating CVM, hopefully it will not repeat the path of the rest on the list…, it really shouldn’t…

          1. victor

            also, I’m sorry for your pain … unless you dump this crap and put all the money into quality gold miners you’re going to suffer more…, know and been there …

  10. lokum_

    I like CNX and KOL, also the mining XME which has steel, platinum exposure as well. AMOF on DNC coal was mentioned as priority for the next gov as well

  11. humbled

    Market has aninfluence on pm miners. As broad market corrects the junior miners got hit too despitw higher gold price.

    so oil is headed for ICL

    Dollar headed for ICL too. But could this just stop at an ICL for the dollar index DXY instead of further waterfall as Gary reckons?

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