1. Gary Post author

    It’s starting to become almost comical how badly Armstrong has called the gold market since the bottom. I knew he would miss this turn when it came. He made such a big deal about harassing the gold bugs on the way down. Denying the manipulation, and it turns out the gold bugs were right all along.

    Just like I predicted when the manipulation stopped the sector would explode higher. This was the goal of the bullion banks all along. To manufacture the most destructive bear market possible and then get on board at the bottom for the ride into what may turn out to be the largest bull market ever.

    And in the meantime Armstrong and his Socrates scam are missing the move.

  2. Steffmeister

    Skipping the energy-biotech stuff. I am a passionate precious metals investor 🙂

    This chart says it all:

    and a sentiment booster, Sweden the frontrunner in so many ways, most of them bad, lately

    irresponsible immigration, almost 10% of the population is living outside the society with no hope to get a decent job, a life, a hotbed for trouble and radicalism.

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