Trade setup – Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Every once in a while the market gives me a trade setup that has excellent odds of producing a big gain. We have one of those right now. I will post the trade in the morning for SMT subscribers. We will use a $1000 stake, and if you don’t double your $1000 by the end of the year (I actually think it will take less than a month) I will refund your yearly subscription fee. You should be able to cover your subscription fee and walk away with an extra $800 or more in your pocket by the time the trade closes. 

This offer has expired. You can still get in but the trade guarantee will be based on my entry price today. If you join and take the trade tomorrow or Friday, you could get a better or worse entry price.

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18 thoughts on “Trade setup – Money Back Guarantee

    1. Gary Post author

      All SMT subscribers will get the trade. But only new subscribers will get the guarantee.

    1. Gary Post author

      I’ve made this guarantee several times over the last couple of years and every one of them has played out exactly as I said it would.

      If you had listened to me you wouldn’t have been shorting oil right at the bottom.

    1. muskie032

      Humbled did you take advantage of the offer. You seem to hang out here a lot why not come join the other side. You are always on the same page as Gary so come on over and see what your missing, no excuse when you have a guaranteed win.

  1. Alexandru Popovici

    just bought TMF for 10% weight of my portfolio, rest is cash –> I bet on a major up thrust in treasuries.

  2. Alexandru Popovici

    DON, i just saw ur last question to my question; I rarely enter the blog now — I am busy with a summer house on a nice plot of land 280 meters away from a forest and a lake up North of Bucharest plus with my upgraded family.

    Rverting to ur question –> I called closing my short treasuries position and searching for a higher re-shorting spot but now things are set in such a way that betting long treasuries makes a fantastic short-term play, I think.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      …..just to give a more clear flavor of my reasons for this long-treasuries swing trade, right now, short term, treasuries are in a position where it starts being obvious to people that the bull is over.
      Treasuries simply moving further down from here would be too obvious a trade, a trade that would make sense to a lot of people… and this is not the way Lady Market thinks…Lady Market revels at catching herds of people off guard or on the wrong foot at least short term before deciding to trend in the “right” direction.

      So, I expect a higher high in treasuries – a BULL TRAP!
      And I am riding this trap and planning to switch from swing trading to momentum trading by re-shorting treasuries some time later this week.

  3. Gary Post author

    The guarantee will be good for another hour and a half until the market closes. You have to enter the trade today.

  4. Gary Post author

    If stocks don’t start down into a DCL tomorrow then I will probably give up on the idea and just accept that Washington will do everything in their power to prevent any significant correction between now and the elections.

    Again: this is why I don’t sell short. It’s just too dangerous in today’s modern (rigged) markets.

  5. Steffmeister

    It’s not only the FED and no they do not have limitless power, just wait and see. The strong cycles that Spx has tracked like clockwork for many years is about to break. The BIS is trying their very best to break the cycles, trying to invert them. They will probably succeed for a while, but after X months/years we will turn downwards. I say within 1½-2years maximum.

    We will not experience a 1929 crash in stockmarkets bcos the dollar will be very weak at the time. It’s an ongoing process. The slow motion crash for US started 16-17years ago and the west will hand over the wealth baton to east in the decades to come.

  6. tanam

    Ok. I have tried a lot of time to register your site from Pakistan but no use. I am following your (free) methods and analysis for few months and recover heavy losses of shorting gold in 1200s. Now by guessing your trade. I closed my shorts of oil and buy them on your closing time. And almost recovered my all losses. Thanks Garry. Now asked my cousin (studying in UK) to register your site for me. Thanks Garry and love from Pakistan.

  7. NJPapi

    Sorry, it’s a little late and I know the rebate offer is expired, but is the trade setup still available for new subs?

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