10 thoughts on “TRADER PSYCHOLOGY

  1. tulip

    Thank you Gary.
    So- what will actually end the gold bull market in 2021….???
    Paul Volker..??!!!

  2. Alexandru Popovici

    Crawford, spx=2021 would imply a dramatic fall which I personally think is not warranted short-term.
    Later in Q1 next year we will have a hack of a correction but until then…I doubt to see any significant red on stocks indexes’ charts

  3. ras

    Energy and pm sectors on the launch pad? 10, 9 ,8,7,6,…..?

    3 types of market players: short-term, medium term, long term. Actions by these 3 groups give rise to cycles.

    CM and most other internet market gurus have lost their mojo. The only reliable guide is price and its evolution in time and space.

  4. Gary Post author

    It sure looks like the PTB are determined to stop any kind of recognizable DCL from getting any traction ahead of the election.

  5. gent25

    oh, so now market is not afraid of rate-hikes? same thing happened last Dec. not falling for that lie again.

    1. Gary Post author

      The odds are heavily against a rate hike in September. 21% as of today.

      I don’t believe the Fed has ever raised rates with the odds less than 75%.

  6. anjing bau 22

    If you analysis of the XLE is correct and breakout occurs leading to a strong trending move do you plan on using leveraged products?

    I can suggest to your followers that attention should be paid to the frac sand companies. SLCA HCLP EMES FMSA CRR are a few names to look at ……more sand per linear foot is being used in the new design and completion techniques… also the lateral are getting longer.

  7. ras

    xle is in down phase. could be close to a turn. If usd stalls here, it could be tail wind for xle. psy…logy, etc. need to take a back seat to price.

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