23 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY – BIOTECH

  1. vespij

    Nice.. labu up… They said u were nuts for saying the stock market was gonna make new highs, never mind going triple leveraged in bio.

  2. Gary Post author

    Thats how you sell subscriptions. You predict a crash is coming. Then when it never happens you just keep predicting it’s right around the corner.

  3. tything1

    With the rate decision tomorrow, does anyone have a viewpoint a surprise cheeky rate raise may do Gold / Dollar and how low/ high these may go respectively? Thank you 🙂

    1. Gary Post author

      The Fed has never done a “surprise” rate hike. They have never raised rates with the odds under 75%. They are currently at 15%.

      1. ras

        A few junior gold stocks seem to be waking up. AEM getting into +ve mode? Rest of the complex to follow soon? Time will tell.

  4. CaliJoe

    What if no rate hike is already priced in metals and miners? When Fed comes out with no hike then metals take the beating. Maybe a likely scenario?

  5. Frederic Degembe


    Regarding rate hike, I think the most important is not the possible hike, but the Fed comments afterwards, if Fed prepares markets for hike in December, maybe the markets will not like that.

  6. Alexandru Popovici

    Finally now it is the time to re-buy gold at 1323 and miners at 26.12 in after-night trading but only a portion of a full position with tight stop loss, just in case the unexpected occurs: a rate hike.

    USX upside is exhausted (unless the unexpected rate hike occurs) so that right after FOMC USX should plunge and gold spring like a rocket.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      ….USX strongly rejected by its 200dma in early European trading after producing the expected bull trap (though of a much lower intensity than I had hoped) in Asian trading today.

      the gold bull gets stronger and stronger.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      it is ok as long as you do not average down the price of your position.
      if you’re already long at a higher acquisition price, it would be wiser to scale in to your position after both occur:
      – FOMC is released
      – gold/miners’ price rises to at least your former acquisition price

  7. bill

    What time does the Duck chime in and tell us he was wrong? oh that right his call is 12 months long….why not make it two years eventually you’ll be correct. This is why as Gary says you need to separate yourself from REAL traders and trolls, trolls are always the loudest posters desperate to prove their point and existence.

    Good trading.

  8. Dreamer

    Gold and silver already on the move up thanks to BOJ.

    The Fed is trapped and cannot raise rates. When will market participants realize the Fed is a bunch of bozos and has NO credibility and a total failure.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      FED will have space for raising in December.
      That move may also catalyzed the yearly cycle decline in stocks.

      1. Dreamer

        How can any comment be made now on December Fed meeting when there is a ton of economic data between now and then.

  9. Dreamer

    Gold goes over $1,330 ans silver going toward $20.

    I had a post that this would start to happen two days ago but started last night. Just more fuel for the rocket ride up. Big volume day in the gold futures. Fed wants/needs inflation so no rates will be unchanged.

  10. Dreamer

    The Fed already gave their 1 percent elitist friends their unchanged rate decision.

    The Fed wants the dollar to decrease in an orderly way but what if the dollar goes down in a violent disorderly way.

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