1. Gary Post author

      I never said oil would reach 50 this week. This week stocks are dropping into a DCL. It is dragging oil down with it.

      But yes I also think oil is in a long term bull market, but the fundamentals aren’t as good for oil as they are for gold so oil may be stuck in a trading range from 40-100 for several years.

  1. galaxy11


    I think you are missing the point entirely.

    Investors bail on their positions ultimately because they lose their conviction in what they believe….specifically that the TREND is STILL intact, be it bull or bear. And it’s NOT so easy to be right on the trend…otherwise, alot more of us morons out here would have sold into strength around $1700 – $1900/oz a few years back…instead of riding it down into the dirt…all the while listening to the morons at Kingworldnews & JSMineset tell us to hold on (as they were probably shorting).

    So please do a video and explain with “clarity” the reasons you are convinced the PM sector is in fact still in a Bull Mkt trend, and include technical cycle analysis and possibly fundamentals, BUT also explain what signals you will be monitoring so as to determine when it’s time to sell.


    1. Gary Post author

      Gold is making higher intermediate highs. I’ve pointed that out in several videos. This was the confirmation that the bear was done.

      The time to sell will be at the bubble top when gold is stretched 60-100% above the 200 day moving average.

      Of course we may be able to somewhat time exits at intermediate tops and then buy the dip.

      This is what we just did with this cycle. We sold leverage at the top and converted back to unleveraged. The unleveraged positoin was our insurance against an upside surprise.

      Now that we have a nice dip we have converted back to leverage and are just waiting for the next leg up.

      1. galaxy11

        Thankyou for the reply.

        I enourage you to keep your cycle work front and center for subs who are less then “professional” in their trading decisions in those markets you are invested.

        I imagine that could be a significant portion of your subscriber base.

  2. chrisG

    Gary, those that understand will understand. Those that dont will not. Let them lose money many times then they will learn. I have been your Stupid retail for so many years, thinking that i know TA. Lol. But, stupid is doing same things expecting different results. So , I have found the right way to read markets.

    And yes, totally agree with you on “The only way to lose money in bull market is to cut losses!!!” There are ways to cut, and rebuy. Many dont know how.

    ANyway, yes, already bought some pilot miners yesterday and not cutting. Cos they are soon turning corner around. Would be nice if its today. Spread my eggs already. Gold , oil, copper, silver etc.

  3. Gary Post author

    Looks like the DCL bottomed on Monday. I figured it would be by Wednesday.

    It looked like they might lose control of the marekt on Tuesday but today it’s clear the PPT has regained control and there isn’t going to be anymore downside ahead of the FOMC meeting.

  4. Dreamer

    When the Fed announces “no change in the Federal Funds Rate” on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016,
    the gold price will skyrocket up at least $20 imo.

    Anyone agree or disagree?

    1. muskie032

      I don’t know that seems way to obvious to me. Everyone is waiting for the fed day knowing they are not going to raise rates and gold and miners are going to make a big jump. I won’t be surprised if it’s a sell the news day. IMHO

  5. fubsy_cooter

    What you say about the bull is dead on correct, until it isnt. No one knows for certain when a bull will reverse. Probabilities are very high that this one will go one for a while. But that’s not my point.

    My thought is that even if this bull is going on as we believe, a correction in gdx to 22 bucks brings JNUG and NUGT down by appx 60%. Leverage can kill an acct even in a bull unless risk is managed appropriately. This is a message you tend to leave out. And based on what I read from your sub comments many here are novices taking your words as gospel. You should really help them understand position size, as you’ve taken on a huge responsibility here, and many have no clue what they’re doing. A long standing recipe for financial pain.

    Just my take.

    1. Gary Post author

      You can’t trade leverage unless you are prepared to weather big drawdowns.

      It’s impossible to time perfect entries consistently. And that is the only way to not experience big drawdowns if you are trading the leveraged ETF’s. If you cant time perfect entries 100% of the time then you have to be willing to hang on through the drawdowns.

      Using stops on these leveraged ETF’s is just a sure fire way to destroy your portfolio.

      If you are going to trade them then make damn sure you believe this is a bull market and then have the conviction to stand by your belief. The reward will be mind boggling but the path to get there will be wild and gut wrenching.

      1. muskie032

        Ya and another sure fire way to destroy your portfolio is to holds an underwater 3X fund for months with the decay that takes effect. Especially NUGT, JNUG, JDST and DUST. All of their performance is equally terrible over the long term.

        1. Gary Post author

          ICL’s don’t last months during bull markets. Usually about 6 weeks is it for intermediate declines. The miners have already been dropping for 6 weeks. And sentiment reached extreme bearish levels 2 weeks ago.

          I may be wrong and there’s still a little more to go, but I think the miners printed there ICL a two weeks ago when they tested the 200 week moving average.

  6. chrisG

    Yelp is a lousy company??? I just know it’s in the right sector, and is consolidating after a huge run. Very likely another powerful rally is coming. I dun have a position in yelp, but I have in that sector.

    Lousy assets at the right price is a buy. Good assets at the wrong price is a sell

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