16 thoughts on “FED DAY EXPECTATIONS

  1. Alexandru Popovici

    Dreamer, it is easy to fathom a rate hike will occur in December:
    – an already brewing core CPI
    – crude oil and commodities to spring sky high
    – Trump dumped in the arms of History
    – need to rejuvenate people’s trust.

    The question is not if but how much.

  2. tulip

    Over on the Ker site its drivel upon drivel except for several comments regulars.
    They have lost the respect of the best in the professional field…. without Matthew & LPG… its pathetic.
    They are the show…

  3. Alexandru Popovici

    Treasuries up in a new Intermediary Cycle to top sometime in November before declining in expectation of the December rate hike.
    So treasury bears: WATCH OUT!

  4. vanbc

    Gary, thanks your analysis. You did not talked about miner, do you think HUI or GDX will be a new high and than will be a pullback down? thanks.

  5. Gary Post author

    Well it looks like I was right and more burritos will be coming my way. 🙂

    At some point I’ll lose one of these bets, but it wasn’t today.

    1. ras

      Occasionally, predicted scenarios do not pan out as expected. Damage can be minimised by proper risk management. I suspect every responsible market player does his own due diligence w.r.t scenarios laid out by any analyst.

  6. arcevian

    I have been involved in the markets since the previous century, 1980 to be exact. And I have followed hundeds of so-called analyst and market “experts”. I have to tell you that Gary is the first analyst Ive come across that makes the most sense in his analysis of macro trends. Good job Gary. Thanks for your hard work and analysis and helping us “see the light”.

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