1. duckwhorocks1

    USD i decimating the Yen. Until Gold breaks the USD/Yen Correlation its chances of visiting $1,150 are very high. Let’s see what the labor report brings.

  2. ras

    pms seem to be turning, energy still under pressure. We will know for sure only when we see a clear uptrend develop on intra day charts.

  3. bill

    In JDST $24 @ 5000, sold , 36.02 for a $60K profit went long NUGT yesterday at the low…Good week thank you Gary..

  4. humbled

    Gold needs to decisively clear 1,330-1,333 region, else risks a (iv), (v), to complete wave c correction.

  5. ras

    Stars lining up for pms. Energy still under pressure despite dollar weakness. Not all asset classes reach a low at the same time. Surmise and extrapolation is fine, but one must wait for a turn to happen. Most destructive emotions are the urge to do bottom fishing at lows and scalping at tops. Just catch the middle consistently.

  6. rayalex123

    Gold simply made an expanded flat correction in July and August, as it did earlier in May, making a lower short term low in each case (shakeout) before moving on to new highs.

  7. Alexandru Popovici

    Gold’s correction will not end until FOMC the earliest – should a hike ensue, its correction would take an additional 4-week span.

    A dead cat bounce has just started off the DCL today.

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