7 thoughts on “CHART OF THE DAY – US Dollar Crawl

  1. s29

    The USD is been bid up because of FED Tough Talk to show off their so called independence and authority. Fact of the matter is, they can’t raise interest rates until at least May 2017.

    The main reason is companies and consumers simply don’t hire people and invest so much during times of political uncertainty. That’s why the US economy only grows an abysmal 1.x% growth rate.

    The last time Yellen finally moved was in December 2015, after two good jobs reports of averaging 241k each. This resulted in a stock market crash in January and February 2016. Well, combine that with great political uncertainty, even if Clinton wins. Good luck Yellen. She won’t move.

    USD will fall until Q2 2017, and then go sky high because the Euro will cease to exist because of France and especially Italy want to move out of the Euro.

  2. gent25

    Denial, denial, denial – gold is been supported by imminent rate increase in US, Eurozone recession, British pound at multi decade lows, etc..

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