13 thoughts on “KISS GOODBYE?

  1. galaxy11


    If you have parameters for gold and the HUI which if reached, would convince you the pm bull is OVER for now, and that the BEAR has resumed, please tell us.


    1. Gary Post author

      There is absolutely nothing to suggest the gold bull is over. We just had an incredibly powerful baby bull and now we are getting a very frustrating pullback that will try to convince everyone the bull is over.

      It’s just a correction.

  2. jhmoffett

    Gary — thanks, am still long miners. Question: what are you seeing in the stock market in short to intermediate term?

    1. Gary Post author

      I’m seeing a market that is being supported ahead of the elections. But a market with no natural buying pressure. So no need to do anything with stocks right now.

  3. David Silver

    Gee Mr. Savage you sound like one of those Elliot Wave guys.
    If not A then B and if not B then C.
    Gee whiz, tell me something I don’t know boss.

    1. Gary Post author

      I made it pretty clear. It’s even right there in the title. I think this is the final kiss goodbye and the 200 DMA will get left behind.

      If the HUI drops below 205, then I’m flat wrong.

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