7 thoughts on “UNDERCUT LOW NEXT WEEK?

  1. AmantedeTeclas

    This site is awesome. I have learned so much already. So far I have learned to mind the Dollar when taking my positions and have been able to pocket small gains in oil and silver. Well, lost them all on an individual stock that nobody here recommended, and learned from that.

    I learned a bit about the relationship between the mayor currencies, which is a thing I never looked at.

    I learned about counting the days during cycles and understand a little bit what to expect from a stock and therefore didn’t buy some stocks that tanked just two days afterwards. Or it was just luck…probably both.

    I learned when to expect a daily cycle low and when comes my chance to buy with less risk.

    Today I am gonna learn more about undercut lows which will be awesome, I am sure.

    Can’t wait to listen!

    1. tulip

      Yes, Gary is very focused and puts his charts right in front of us.
      The doctor over on Korelin states hes not going to tell anyone yet… what 2 charts hes looking at…
      SO WHY mention it???
      Maybe hes not too confident.
      Thanks Gary..

  2. AmantedeTeclas

    So I understand that the Dollar now timingwise has to fall into a DCL to get buyers more bullish again and then into a ICL to finish it off.

    Now, when You look at it from a multiyear perspective, why do You not think that this could be consolidation flag or pennant pattern? Is it because the dollar entered into a bear market against the Yen and possibly the EURO?

    Bob Hoye and Rick Ackerman have stated repeatedly that they think it is just a consolidation pattern. Or is that not possible against the background of declining intermediate cycles?

    Never mind, if You don’t find the time to answere that. Or did You make a video where this is explained?

    Thanks, Gary

  3. Steffmeister

    Yes I agree, we at TFMetals report has been bullish for a while now, atleast me and Pete.

    Silver building up steam?

    Greg Mannarino is also bullish. (Jordan Roy-Byrne not so much, but he is often more wrong than right)

    and there is a lovely tic in the Gold/SEK chart, creating a Low/High EXACT at year end for the last three years. That is in line with Gary’s analysis above.

    Off Topic, as an avid golfer:
    Congrats USA for a much needed win in Ryder Cup 🙂 for sure they wont this one slip away …

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