1. Gary Post author

      It never changes. I’ve seen this during every bull market. The vast majority over trade thinking they are smarter than the bull. None of them ever are. They just end up making nothing when they could have made a fortune by just sitting still.

      1. tater123

        What has changed? Gold was down today dollar up. Futures doesn’t mean anything. Hillary wins the dollar will be green by the AM and gold bloody red.

        I’m heavy in metals don’t get me wrong but futures especially tonite means zilch

  1. anjing bau 22

    Mr Goldibottomtickdick… 1268 gold my secret indicator is working just fine…LOL……. nice work Gary . The negative sentiment has been building nicely of late.

    As the globalism pendulum swings back towards isolationism inflation is going to come roaring back…. the perfect tailwind for gold………

      1. anjing bau 22

        Thx… I usually post at Slopeofhope… but it is a bear blog annd because I am bullish on commodities in general its often tough to post up there. Base metals have been on a rip and it is my contention that jan 20/2016 marked the bottom for commodities. there is a sea change at hand globally that is leading towards inflation.

        1. Pedestrian

          Absolutely nothing has changed on any of the major charts I follow. Today’s futures number actually reinforce trends that were already established years ago. Bonds, Equities, commodities, currencies and precious metals all remain on the same trajectories they were on yesterday. Pretty funny. So this is just flash in the pan material tonight.

  2. Surf City

    Post below is in response to Alex on why I took profits on my DUST hedge yesterday and today… and I still have 1/3 of my short positions on the stock market (SPXU and TWM).

    Surf City
    November 8, 2016 at 4:09 pm
    Alex, I remember the Brexit vote well as I was massively short the stock market along with a huge UGLD position going into that vote that most said would fail. If Clinton wins, as all the polls indicate, there will be time to buy back my DUST positions (at higher prices) but If Trump wins, Gold will surge and DUST will be crushed. Interesting that Martin Armstrong’s computer predicted the Brexit vote passing and that same computer is predicting a Trump victory.

    Not predicting a Trump win at all but just booking profits before what could be a surprise to many. You never go broke booking profits early… 😉

    Reply ↓

    Surf City
    November 8, 2016 at 6:45 pm
    Gold up big and retesting its recent highs and stock futures are tanking. Seems the market is smelling a Trump upset and I am looking like a genius as I only closed 2/3 of my stock market shorts late last week (that is I am a genius if Trump holds on for the win).

  3. Don

    I hope there is some follow through when the markets open. I am long PMs and short the stock market, big time. As someone else pointed out, after hours futures are reversed all too often although I don’t think that will happen this time.

    1. Surf City

      Circuit breakers on ES has been tripped in the Futures market and that is why ES has stabilized for now…

  4. duckwhorocks1

    Republican senate, Republican house, Republican president.
    All not in favour of excess spending.
    Gold should close under $1,270 tomorrow.

    1. Surf City

      Sorry Duck but Republicans only talk about fiscal responsibility. Both parties are actually for bigger and more intrusive government along with endless deficits. Remember that that the last surplus in the fiscal budget was under Bill Clinton.

      1. duckwhorocks1

        Damn ! I was off by $5…but got $50 of the move right.
        Republicans all the way and real yields are gonna break Gold’s back.

  5. AmantedeTeclas

    Yippie. My first gold trade ever. Got in yesterday leveraged at 1275. Well, it well get me break-even again. Thanks Gary.

  6. AmantedeTeclas

    Trump is 5 votes away from being president. I knew it somehow, like the BREXIT. There is popular uprising around the world.

    They are all fed up with the politicians. That is awesome. Now let’s bring down the big banks, the London financial hub and WALL-STREET. They are already partially broken. Afterwards we construct a new world and “STAR-TREK” is just around the corner. Did You know that those bank bail-outs are the reason that the NASA budget is so constrained? Folks, that is why we are not on Mars already.

  7. Alexandru Popovici

    SURF, yes, you are were right. Thank you!
    I will take the loss on most of my positions, I will be stopped out anyway at the open.

    I believe stock market and gold will be kept middle term by a hostile FED hiking rates at a more accelerated pace.
    Turbulence lies ahead middle and long-term.
    Stock market would set its YCL this month and move higher but NEXT YEAR WILL BE … VOLATILE!.

  8. Alexandru Popovici

    America has got trumped!
    This is the beginning of the end of Western civilization.

    Historically it is comparable to Gaius Marius’ military reform back in 107 BC which set the end of the Roman Republic, the beginning of authoritarianism via Imperialism, hence the collapse of the whole Helleno-Roman civilization till its formal end in year 470 AD.
    Except that now the decline of the civilization will be on fast-forward.

    1. Dday

      Have to jump on that comment, the democrats have been leading the US to WW3 in Syria. Not all that bad day in my opinion.

    2. Gary Post author

      Complete nonsense. We finally have a president who isn’t a lap dog to special interests and can’t be bought. The last two times that happened the country thrived under Reagan and Eisenhower.

      Yes I wish we had a better candidate than Trump but it’s still high time we start getting rid of the corruption in Washington and this is a start.

  9. Pedestrian

    Most of the shock election gains in gold and silver have already been wiped away on the futures charts. Silver up a tiny 1% at this time and gold barely holding 1300 dollars. Back below that key number actually. So what looked like huge wins last night will not amount to much once trading resumes at the open today. This was mostly just noise and the charts are not altered in the slightest on a long term basis. Nothing has changed except a few people here got a big sugary candy rush and thought themselves to be quite smart for a few hours. Sorry though, everything is reversing back from the spike highs and lows. Life will go on normally again after all.

    Well except World War III is probably averted. That is the really good news today.

    1. Dday

      I think we need to wait for US markets before making directional judgements. One things for sure, a whole lot of Journalists will be quaking in their boots after the last couple of months.

      1. Pedestrian

        Of course I agree. Nobody really knows what will happen next. If we did we might all put in perfect trades and be billionaires. When we see severe market moves one way or another they don’t often hold for long though and so far this seems to be the case with the Dow already giving back more than 500 points of losses from earlier in the night. I guess its just probabilities. I am not worried though because the market seems to want to reestablish its equilibrium point where buyers and sellers meet. The damage is not nearly so bad as first implied. Except for the late night traders. Wow. Some of them made a KILLING.

        1. bill

          Again once again you prove to the people here who actually think for themselves your as nutty as a fruitcake…again go into hiding no one will notice or care.

  10. Alexandru Popovici

    Marian Reforms back in 107 BC, two millennia ago, had also been trumpeted as a major breakthrough, as a break from the Old Establishment, as a revolutionary act.

    Please go and read about that event and about the ensuing rise of Sulla, Julius Caesar, and the eventual break of the spine of THE BALANCE OF POWERS IN ROMAN SOCIETY once Octavian came to power – all of them psychopaths, like Trump.
    Different does not mean better. It did not mean then, it wont mean now – THE DICE OF HISTORY HAVE BEEN CAST, ANEW.

    1. Dday

      AGAIN WITH THE CAPITALS. Doesn’t make your opinions any more credible, as shown today…. Let’s see, i for one have been very nervous about the US stance towards Russia. I agree its not black and white.

      1. Alexandru Popovici

        DDAY, DO NOT JUMP YET! I MAY CLOSE MY POSITIONS IN PROFIT AT THE OPEN or at least with a low cumulated loss.
        WE WILL SEE! 🙂

  11. Gary Post author

    Clearly I was correct about Comey having access to real polling numbers showing Trump would win. He had no fear of retaliation from a Hillary white house.

    Tomorrow will be volatile with wild swings but the intermediate cycles are already in motion. The dollar has to close below the cycle trend line, and gold still has 3-4 months before this intermediate cycle tops no matter what the short term gyrations do.

    The euro is only on day 10 of a new intermediate cycle advance. It should have at least 10-15 trading days yet before it tops so consequently the dollar has 10-15 trading days before it makes the next daily cycle low.

  12. Dday

    He isn’t in the White house yet. Call me a skeptic, but I don’t think we have seen the last twist yet….

  13. Pedestrian

    To me, this election is really a popular repudiation of the feminist agenda that has been fomenting family war for the past 50 years and had grown too strong for its own good. Feminism has been pushing its distorted, selfish idealism on all aspects of American society to the detriment of children, families, marriage and the work environment. If America will be great again then there will finally be some push back. If we are really lucky, the trend will actually start to reverse back to more conservative values. A female president was not what the country needed at all.

    1. tulip

      pedestrian….. are you all there.???
      the people got sick of the phony corrupt mafia clintons..
      she was too disliked …even with TPTB all on her side & against Trump.

      1. tulip

        agree with what… that women belong at home…
        and the man is the boss at home..??? And gets paid more
        at the same job… even though the wife is smarter…..
        Thankfully our culture has changed to some extent…….
        Get used to it and ask your sister and your daughter & your wife
        what she thinks…

        1. Pedestrian

          No Tulip, I don’t beleive in any of those points you made. What I refer to is the chronic criminalization of fathers everywhere who are deprived of their children by courts, police, lawyers and how the justice system is stacked so heavily against them. And I refer to the breakup of family, falling birthrates, single parent homes, children born out of wedlock, disrespect for elders, the war between the sexes, rampant pornography and all the other destructive elements that have ruined the fabric of family life in this country. The advances and freedoms that women fought hard for and won have come at a very high price. What started out as voting rights, then sexual freedoms and rights over the body and morphed into new measures of work equality has been incredibly destructive to families in the way it was enacted into law. Feminism is a hammer looking to crush any male that opposes them and their constituency has just gone too far in modify the legal system and smashing dissenters with rules, regulation and even jail time. Jesus Murphy you must be able to see what a wreck society has become under that stewardship and how feminist liberalism has turned the country into a drug ridden porn fest of idiocy. That’s the legacy of the movement unfortunately. We were just not ready as humans to cope with the demands of that agenda. Don’t you ever wonder why almost every single family in the country is broken up and divorce rates are rampant? Isn’t it curious that is not same experience in all other nations?

  14. Dreamer

    A castrated nation gets its balls back. Down with the Bruce Caitlin Genders of the world.

    All the lgbtq peeps just got bbq’d. Political correctness died…….about time.

    GC volume so far 536K, record day volume today? More importantly is what price will it be COB.

    1. Pedestrian

      You got my vote Dreamer. Let free speech rule again. We have all been driven into the ghetto’s of formula opinion where one can only say what certain groups will permit. And the bizarre sexualization politics behind controlling the country has become far too potent rendering the majority of the population neutered unless they join the parade. The rainbows can all FO far as I am concerned. I have an opinion too even if it differs.

  15. Gary Post author

    This has nothing to do with feminism. The country just finally decided to say no more to the corruption in Washington and this was at least a first step in taking our country back from the thieves that have been running it for decades.

    Now if we could somehow limit all politicians to one term that would be a good second step.

    1. Diller55


      I really like your views on the market but here you are off the charts wrong – I feel much safer with Trump that Hillary who would have continued Obama’s policy of rooting for WW3 against Russia. A great day in the fight against Washington corruption indeed. Amazing if he can be successful in his strive to instigate term limits for political offices, that would be a great step in getting US politicians to actually work for the people instead of for themselves. Naturally over 90 % of DC people voted for Hillary:)

    2. Pedestrian

      The election race was multi dimensional Gary. There was more than one theme that ran through it and few here would argue that Hillary campaigned and drew into her camp those who somehow believed a women was better suited for the job. As though sex itself was somehow a determinant of superiority or payback or a message of hope for the special snowflakes. One thing Trump embodies was that it was time to speak our minds again and stop being railroaded by the private interests and agendas that are punching above their weight and controlling the body of public discourse. Its why he frightened some groups by just calling it like he saw fit. There are constituencies in America today that have far more power than their small numbers merit. I don’ t support marginalizing them but I also don’t agree that they should carry so much influence. One of the stupidest things about this whole race was that feminists saw a vote for a woman as somehow the main point as if that was even an issue worthy of consideration. On the point about singlee terms I completely agree with you.

      1. tulip

        I agree pedestrian, men who believe it is pertinent ( a determinant) to get a man in the white house
        (gender based) are quite limited in this thinking.There are conditions of character that matter more.

  16. Dreamer

    Corruption was a big factor but illegal immigration, Supreme Court Justice in the balance, lack of good jobs, police being killed, radical muslim terrorism, illegals murdering Americans, safety, rejection of these counter cultures, marriage between one man and one woman, rejection of Obamacare, attacks on Christianity, etc.

    Heard this morning that the Republicans also now have a majority in the House & the Senate – clean sweep. This proves the election was also about Conservative principles and values that made this country one nation under God.

    1. tulip

      dreamer…. maybe you have a different understanding of conservatism….
      my take on it is it sorta begins with respecting others….. not only yourself..

  17. Alexandru Popovici

    Thank you, Diller, for your comment!

    The come-back of my anticipated trends off the immediate post-election frenzy (treasuries & gold down + stocks & USD up) cast a glimpse that my view on the market has been correct under the Establishment-wise pro-Hillary framework, i.e. inertia works its force to the initial trends and my analysis.

    Now, I am an opportunist big enough to recognize the change of the world (see Brexit vote + Trump) and to use this inertia to go back 100% cash at the open.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      …as to the political aspect of Trump’s usefulness as a corrective tool of US politics, I’ve said enough.
      I am not an American and I let Americans to judge. Americans made their choice under American Law and it must be respected as it is (even if it looks like Hillary won the popular vote – the Law is Law).

  18. Diller55

    What is really good about this is that the US has elected a president that is not part of some minority group (except possibly the super rich:)), so hopefully and if so amazingly the mainstream media can go back to its traditional role of actually critically analyzing the ruling politicians, to provide much needed checks and balances. Something that has obviously been missing under Obama…

    1. Pedestrian

      Or they might just spend the next four years trying to destroy any chance he has at a second term. This is not over by a long country mile.

  19. Robert

    GAry, wow the USD has recovered all its losses where do we go from here? Could it have bottomed today?

    1. Pedestrian

      Same with the euro. Amazing isn’t it. I am a little surprised gold has hung on to so much of its gains though. Maybe by the open they too will be erased. Copper looks like it topped out finally. The really notable thing about the night now that its over is how far the 30 year dropped and rates adjusted. Maybe the bond bull is going to be dead after all.

    2. Gary Post author

      Be aware that the early moves may be designed to allow big money to get out of stocks and into heavier positions in gold. So don’t read too much into the reversals just yet. They may be fake.

  20. Alexandru Popovici

    It looks like I am going to exit my current trade with a profit out of all this political mess: inertia trends markets back on my anticipated tracks 🙂

  21. Gary Post author

    Be aware that the early moves may be designed to allow big money to get out of stocks and into heavier positions in gold. So don’t read too much into the reversals just yet. They may be fake.

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      I agree with you, Gary. They are fake.
      As I said, now we are witnessing inertial moves onto the “old” pre-Trump tracks I had anticipated and touted.
      There always are inertial moves that we can use to get out when the character of markets has changed.

  22. ras

    No big deal. Let the event-induced transient settle down to a new steady state. The settling time could vary depending on the damping ratio of the hybrid political and market servomechanism. No need for euphoria about a $0.40 gain in silver. No need for depression about a 300 point decline in the Dow. Folks are free to take appropriate action as their individual circumstances warrant. The preceding notwithstanding, it is hard to see the need to bob up and down like a cork in emotionally-charged turbulent financial waters due to political and other news events. Everyone knew it was a tight race and the outcome could go either way. Staying in cash for a few days until the transient settles down may have been a viable option. If we are at the beginning of a new intermediate uptrend in pms, as some folks believe, there will be plenty of time to take positions and catch a significant chunk, as intermediate trends tend to last for 2-4 months.

    Market is a 2 way street. Future price prediction is an unproductive endeavour, unless one is marketing a news letter and is driven by the need to distinguish himself from his competitors. Even the most talented analyst does not have a special line to future price progression. Crystal balls tend to be cloudy and everyone is responsible for his own actions (not the analyst/adviser). Just do your own due diligence and develop your own individual method and catch moves which fall within its ambit. Reactive mode can save folks lots of unnecessary wear and tear. Just an opinion, please feel free to disagree.

  23. Alexandru Popovici

    +1.7% cumulated equity profit on all open trades – the short treasuries trade and YELP have been the main profit drivers; the short gold trade has brought no relevant profit.
    100% cash.
    Kind regards to you All ! Checking out. It’s been a 9/11 day.

  24. ras

    Wow! What is this excitement all about? Great for TV channels and news outlets and market letter writers to maximise the eyeball count. HUI is already showing an ugly black candle. Easy does it, folks. Perturbations and tremors created by news events tend to be at best ephemeral.

  25. ras

    NUGT is still under $15, displaying an ugly black candle.. Folks who got into it in September around $22 are still way under water. One can always draw comfort from the thesis, “There are no losing trades in a bull market”. Sorry, I have no crystal ball and I have no opinion in this regard.

  26. Don

    Dennis Gartman has gone full bear. That can only mean one thing: tomorrow he will be reversing his position.

  27. ras

    In spite of all ballyhoo, razzle dazzle, theatricals and high drama since yesterday night, GLD is still stuck under a declining 50 ma with an ugly black candle stick. Outguessing price based on projected outcomes and individual surmise does not add significantly to one’s bottom line. Cheers.

    1. espresso

      Don, it’s delusional thinking. Millions will be jettisoned from insurance, and Big Medical believe they can start charging list prices for stuff. With half of America with next to nothing in the bank, how is that going to happen?

      A few years ago my daughter’s gall bladder surgery list price was $68500. Our insurance contract cost was $16800. Our out of pocket was about $3000. So the dream is that those people would pay that $68500, or somehow foist it onto taxpayers. They forget that the masses don’t actually have any surplus money!

  28. Dday

    Yes its early days, and this could be a fake but its looking an awful lot like Brexit. Remember a 5000 FTSE was predicted, instead it went to 7000+. If gold can’t rally on Trump becoming president, it doesn’t look good for the next few months.

  29. ras

    We could be going into full blown panick mode in the not too distant future , once vix completes its pull back. I would not be surprised if pms are taken down with the rest of the market. No predictions. One day at a time.

    1. Pedestrian

      You mean the Bill who posts on this site and says the same silly thing almost every day?

      Yeah, i knew what you meant. Could not resist though. Is he always like this though?

  30. rozelina17

    What do you think of LABU ? How long can it go up ? It’s been only 2-3 days it started a new cycle.

  31. duckwhorocks1

    Almost all gains given back.
    Like I said $1,260 will be a tough hold and we gonna break 41,200 and make Gary question his cycle count before this thing is over.

    1. espresso

      I predict we see 41200 before 1200… because 1200 will be *never* lol (until a 1000-1 reverse split in dollar anyway)

      1. rupp

        I can definitely see them filling the gap around 1243 and 1200 also looks very doable. I have my doubts below that

    1. Pedestrian

      Good question Rozalina. I am a little surprised too. Every minute is a new surprise today. But if you look at the Yen chart you can see it has now returned almost all the way back to where it started yesterday at .95 and so gold has dropped as the safe haven bid of Yen faded. Not many ordinary people made money unless they sold positions first thing in the morning. Few do that though so instead you will find you are probably exactly back where you began yesterday. No big change in other words. Just like this whole event never took place. The few notable exceptions today are that beans, corn and wheat got smashed, the commodity currencies of CAD, AUD and NZD also took a dive and US Dollars went up nicely. The Thirty Year bond also got slammed down and VIX faded. What to make of it all? Hells bells, I have no idea right now. By tomorrow I hope it all makes sense. Needless to say it looks like the doubt that existed about precious metals a few days ago has returned. All we have to show for it is a big reversal candle.

  32. Dreamer

    Regardless of who won the election, the PM suppression scheme will continue and the CFTC probably looks at porn all day on their government computers.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  33. Roy Batty

    The world is still in debt up to its ears, the dollar will fail, and gold is in a bull market. Maybe TPTB want the economic collapse to occur under Trumps watch and will hold the markets up for awhile longer.

  34. Pedestrian

    And there we go. Yen fell until it broke downside support so we should anticipate gold following closely as it has been doing all week. So my secret indicator does work! (except on election nights apparently). Buty here we are back to the start and threatening once again to see the downtrend in gold continue. What a night that was!

  35. Dday

    “What to make of today”, I think today has shown the Dollar not gold is the safe haven bid. It annoys the hell out of gold bugs, and im hoping its temporary. But that dollar index at 120 prediction is starting to niggle. Donald Trump elected gold falls/sold off It’s not looking good, ouch on the daily candle.. But on the positive side copper is continuing its rally

    1. Pedestrian

      You said it brother. I have to admit I was sold on the idea a Trump victory would be bullish for gold, negative for stocks, and initially that looked to be the facts. But the charts just went right back to where the began leaving only menacing candles in their wake. I suppose the market really did need to find its equilibrium again. What we witnessed during the night was banks, hedge funds and large speculators taking a pint of blood out of each other. Joe public was not invited as the titans battled it out in the wee hours among themselves. Big winners and huge losers. We were just the audience!

  36. Dday

    If you are wondering why the dollar rally is accelerating its probably due to the Chinese Yuan crashing.

    “Trump Victory Crashes Chinese Yuan To Record Low”

  37. Dday

    Gary now gold has fallen below $1275 which direction do think it will go from here? Do you still think the market surge is still a fake?

  38. Robert

    At the end of it all none of this technical analysis, cycles etc work for gold. Majority of you losed money today. Shorts covered for a loss and bulls who bought are down big. The only ppl making money are insiders/manipulators. None of these analysts are making money. Go get a job people or open a business thats where the money is.

    1. duckwhorocks1

      I am starting a newsletter. It is called “Cycles don’t matter for crap…follow the yen and money will fall in your lap.” Bit tedious but appropriate for PMs

  39. Don

    The markets are inflicting maximum pain to the majority, once again. I don’t think it would have mattered who won the election.

  40. Don

    From low to high, the S&P futures have moved nearly 140 points. I’ll bet the machines didn’t lose a dime.

  41. Dreamer

    How do you go from limit down last night to up 280 plus in the Dow?

    Answer: ESF aka PPT, these guys are bigger than the markets, any market.

    1. Robert

      Exactly. This is a casino and the house always wins. I doubt any of these analysts are making a living from trading, they are making their money selling newsletters and subscriptions. This a garbage market….gold up 1330s now down 1270s, ES down 2028 now closing at 2166. No damn cycle or any analysts could have predicted that

  42. shiva1968

    Hi Gary,

    What do you make of this email alert I received about an hour ago:

    “Today’s session has indeed provided us with additional bearish signs. First of all, the entire huge pre-market rally in gold and silver, as well as the early rally in mining stocks have been erased. Trump’s presidency is a big unknown and a bullish factor for gold, right? At least that’s what is commonly believed. Therefore, gold, silver and miners should rally. They didn’t. That’s a big bearish sign. Secondly, GDX moved above the declining resistance line earlier today and once again invalidated the breakout. If the biggest surprise of the month isn’t able to push miners above it, then the odds are that a big decline will follow shortly, not a rally. Thirdly, without considering the underlying event, today’s sessions in gold, silver and mining stocks are all enormous reversals that very strongly suggest lower prices in the short run. Fourthly, the action in the USD Index is extremely bullish. The index not only moved to our target area and reversed at the turning point, but it actually rallied today. Thanks to the pre-market slide, the corrective downswing is extremely likely over and much higher values of the USD Index appear to be on the horizon.

    The extremely favorable technical situation despite beliefs of many investors and analysts that the victory of the anti-establishment candidate is “the end of the world” or close to it, suggests that the top in the precious metals market is in or at hand and that there’s a lot of investors that can sell their holdings / enter short positions at lower prices.

    Consequently, it seems that we now have the rare situation when extra large short positions (150% of the regular size of the position) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk to reward perspective. The stop-loss levels and target prices remain unchanged from today’s previous alert.”

    1. espresso

      If it is *already* in the form of $US, then it would have no effect, it’s just a gigantic pile being pushed around. But it is likely to have an effect on something… dividends, the economy, rich people’s investment accounts…

    1. Pedestrian

      Correct Chris. Corporate sales outside the US are generally made in the currency of the country the product is sold. So unless the execs decided to convert those sales to USD and hold them abroad as foreign accounts then they will still be in the original currency of the sale. That’s why 3 trillion equivalent dollars coming back to the US is dollar positive. There is already a shortage of dollars globally. That situation will become acute as companies like Apple buy back USD and start repatriating their hoard of profits back to America. Three trillion is nothing to sniff at either. Its about the value of all current Chinese Treasury holdings and look at the shouting and hand wringing when they sell of a few hundred billion to shore up their currency.

  43. Alexandru Popovici

    That treasuries bubble burst is obvious since July.

    Treasuries are going to hell as I was anticipating (despite the new Trump world).
    Next weekl they will bottom and I will go long.

  44. chrisG

    In the end, what an irony. Alex is the smart Alec. Gold was plunging at a moment, and Stock market really was screaming to spike up. Albeit, if you play via futures, you will not be able to stand the 700 points plunge

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      I would not have a problem with it, I would be stopped out immediately, take the small loss relative to my equity and overall I would be on plus with very limited monthly drawdowns.
      The reason I do not trade futures/forex is because I lack the requisite size of my trading equity so that I can maneuver my risk management rules effectively – I would need a minimum half a million dollars account.
      Trading futures with anything less than that would be amateurship (not to say stupidity/madness).

  45. Alexandru Popovici

    This is the impressive dead-cat bounce I was talking about one week ago – I’m glad to see markets’ trends are undeterred !

    Stocks’ bounce is about to end – next week stocks and commodities will succumb on the trend to lower lows into the beginning of December.
    That will not be because of Trump, it will be the sequel of my forecasts.

  46. Dday

    Copper seems to have broken out, even on the monthly chart stretching back to back to 2012. That seems pretty bullish to me…….

    1. Alexandru Popovici

      sorry, Dday, you will be proven wrong: copper’s advance was predictable; its b/o will fail alongside Transports’ and Financials’.
      But…no need to worry middle to long term since, after the ensuing correction of stocks and commodities this month through the first week of DEC, they will all move to higher ground 😉

  47. Alexandru Popovici

    … now, after Treasuries have done their bit, it is gold’s time to “go to hell”, as I was predicting.
    Except that gold will recover tomorrow through next week before delivering its final bloodbath (i.e. treasuries will lead gold in bottoming and further gold will lead copper/oil/CRB index).

  48. chrisG

    Lol, Alex dun be too happy . A same argument could be made about how wrong you are. My previous metals, miners, and social gaming stocks are giving me good cheese. Conversely, PMs did not make u any money. I have already booked some profits. Just glad that am quite good with market, and also quite quiet! Lol

    Nonetheless, just be yourself. It’s good to have varied characters here. As long as all are reasonably respectful

  49. duckwhorocks1

    And in related news….Cycle analysis predicts for the 99th time that the dollar should be topping any moment now near the 99 level….

  50. chrisG

    lol, i was looking like an imbecile when i said Garys views on dollar always gave me a heartbeat, as he is so often wrong recently. Dollar was plunging at one moment on Trumps victory news. Looks like, i wasnt so imbecilic in the end.

    But in true gold bull, gold will also rally on USD strength though.

  51. Dday

    Perfect cup and handle formation on the dollar if you look from 2003-present, if that pattern plays out it should test 120.

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