1. Gary Post author

    Copper is confirming the breakout today, and gold is holding well above 1300.

    The dollar still has a long way to fall before it breaks its daily cycle trend line and confirms a DCL.

    I’ll say it again: If you want to make money just turn off the computer and turn it back on once gold gets to 1500-1550.

    If you want to lose money just over trade these markets trying to time every wiggle. Your broker will love you, but your portfolio will suffer.

      1. Pedestrian

        Btw, I have a worst case scenario waterfall decline on the S&P to around 1750. That would be a superb location to start buying and such an event would precipitate enough negativity to make an entry there well worth everyone’s time. Honestly, I hope we get that decline. The chart already suggests that’s where we could go during the coming weeks.

        1. Gary Post author

          I doubt 1750 is in the cards because we are already getting right translated intermediate cycles out of the 7 year cycle low, but a move back below 2000 is certainly possible.

          Funny how the support for the stock market was pulled immediately after Comey released his bombshell last week.

          I’m still wondering if that means Trump is going to win. If he does the current administration will want to hand him the biggest s**t sandwich possible in January.

          If Clinton wins the market should be rescued immediately.

          1. Pedestrian

            I think you are absolutely right. And whoever wins is going to wear the problems that are getting underway next year. Donald will wish he never threw his hat in the rimg. Shoot, who would want that job given all the crud you have to eat in public.

            About the 1750 Gary; that is really a outside worst-case scenario based on my own technnicals. So I won’t warrant it will happen. But my call on LABU going below this years lows is looking pretty darn good right now and it too was improbable sounding when I wrote it. Lets say instead I am hopeful for a steep decline to power the market to new highs. It sure fits with the slingshot concept.

        1. Pedestrian

          Exactly Gary. But on a daily chart only. If you take a slightly longer view it is still coming up a little short. Check the weekly chart to see what I mean. My starting point is the January 2015 bottom and the March of 2016 peak.

          1. Pedestrian

            I take that back since it was a rhetorical question anyway. Instead let me be serious. Copper is overbought on the weekly. Check the MACD and Stoch for example. Secondly, copper is at the top of its Bollinger bands and set to turn down. Again, that is on a weekly basis. That chart is not bullish Goldilocks. But you go ahead and buy. Be my guest.

  2. victor

    with all your warning abt bio I’m out of LABU with profit bought yesterday, Alex suggesting stocks up, Gary down, I’d better stay aside…

  3. Don

    Good video Gary. It should be pointed out that in a bull market, as you said, every dip is an opportunity to buy, until it isn’t. There is no way of knowing if the current dip is the start of a market or not. That applies to every dip. No one, including you, can say for certain what is coming next.

    1. Gary Post author

      bear markets start when inflation spikes and crashes the economy. This is how every bear market for the last 40 years has been triggered. Until we get that you don’t need to worry about a bear Market starting period

  4. Alexandru Popovici

    UBNT=54.4 – I have a stake in it too besides YELP.

    DCL in stocks is here.

    Thus I am:
    – short gold
    – sort treasuries
    – YELP
    – UBNT

  5. Alexandru Popovici

    gold/miners bulls are in total negation.

    USX is still with a lid on because of GBP: Brexit is legally fading and GBP is rising on its own.

  6. Alexandru Popovici

    you’d be better off buying USDJPY rather than US Index (UUP or the like) because USD overall will be held back by BREXIT vanishing into London mist –> strength of GBP, hence also of EUR, will be a drag on your profits unlike the profits you can make by buying USDJPY.

  7. chrisG

    Copper breakout doesnt equal to a buy now dude. Who in the right mind will be buying copper now??? I bought copper at 2.12. This is not a time to buy yet. But it is a real breakout. So? Wait for the pullback to buy dude. RSI over bought, stoch overbought. Its during bull market that these get overbought.

  8. Alexandru Popovici

    Welcome, Don!



  9. Alexandru Popovici

    Funny! πŸ™‚ the intraday charts of T-bonds and of gold look the same πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Treasuries’ and Gold/miners’ bulls will go hell together.

  10. Don

    Gary, S&P at 2098 as I write this . Is it time to buy as Alex suggests or do we wait? Straight answer please.

  11. Alexandru Popovici

    Don, it is unlikely that you will receive a call from Gary or from any service provider at the same time as his/their subscribers unless it is part of a free-service limited timeframe to draw the public into subs’ family.
    Such action would anger his subs: “what reason to pay for something you cater for free ?!”

  12. Alexandru Popovici

    this is the last chance for miners’ bulls to get off on the sidelines!

    checking out. good night!

  13. AmantedeTeclas

    Uh-Oh, Spot-Vix and VIX-Futures picking up steam again. Markets turning after weak bounce. Bears still hungry – Bulls too shy?

    1. AmantedeTeclas

      European markets deep red. US-Markets also going under. Took some small long positions and am still holding on to some shorts. And all my greyish metals are up πŸ˜€ :D. Have a good weekend, folks.

  14. Steffmeister


    We may see a sharp correction within three weeks. That predicts a victory for Trump πŸ™‚

    It doesn’t matter much who will win next week at least not in the long run. They will fire up money printing to meet the sharp decline and then we will get inflation, big time.

    The bond yields are rising.

  15. yasen

    I believe Alex stated the DCL was in yesterday, but clearly today we had a lower low. I will wait for the swing low in the $SPX, but the $RUT did receive one today. I am not sure if I want to be long in SM in front of election.

  16. redbaron9

    Everything is judged on potential, not profit, so Twitter (TWTR) who has never made any money, is worth $40 Billion

  17. zkotpen

    Trader Pete,

    “Silver is in a wedgie. Which way will it break out? Up or down?”

    How much is the answer worth to you???


  18. chrisG

    I have said few times repeatedly, do not listen to Gary blindly. Give you an example. Biotech. He said the best profit would be there. But he also sold out for good profits during the previous bounce, awaiting another opportunity. If you listen blindly, you old turkey into biotech, when biotech really fails and enters into bear market, you are finished. And the words you will be getting from Gary subsequently is…. We are out at the highs of xxxxxx. Lol

    That’s the same for his 2013 gold calls. Gold was in a bear market then. Don’t argue that the 2 3 years drop is not a bear market. It is within a big bull market.

    My point is, you must develop own skills to be flexible, or 2, if your skills not there yet, be a cheapo, subscribe to Gary services as his portfolio should be more nimble, and timely then this free forum.

    But , if he is wrong like his 2013 gold position, u guys still gonna lose money. It’s alright though, even the best guys would have a year of drawdowns. No biggie

  19. chrisG

    Also Gary kept saying this is not a bear market, but he sold his stock positions. I don’t care whether it’s bear or not. Point is I know prices are going down so I sold earlier.

    You listen blindly, u do not sell, as Gary said no bear market, soon would be bubble phase. Ask yourself, what happens when prices kept going down and really turns out to be a bear market. Gary would be ok as he has sold. He could be trading from lower prices subsequently. But you? You old turkey guys? You guys will be holding on to old high price dying turkey!!!! Lol

  20. Alexandru Popovici

    1) Breadth in stock market is improving beneath lower lows. Stock market’s reversal is imminent.

    2) for gold bulls: USDJPY produced a bullish harami with a doji late in its DC, at support 50dma, after a 55% retracement in its DC.
    Now that BREXIT agenda is fadind, USDJPY has become the best proxy for USX.
    Long USDJPY and short gold are the trades worth placing.

    1. AmantedeTeclas

      Thanks Alex. I am long USD/JPY now. Let’s see how it goes. However, I am also still long all the greyish-silvery metals. Entered my first long positions modestly leveraged yesterday and they are up, but the shorts I have held are also slightly greener. No profit yet, however. Thanks for the insights.

      1. AmantedeTeclas

        Entered my first long positions modestly leveraged yesterday and they are up, but the shorts I have held are also slightly greener. – In conventional stocks I mean. Good luck!

  21. Alexandru Popovici

    You’re welcome, Amante! My pleasure! E placerea mea! πŸ™‚ You as a Spanish, can understand what I said even if you dont know Romanian πŸ™‚

    Highly risky being short stocks (just as it is being long PM).

    ADDITIONAL BEARISH DATA FOR GOLD/MINERS: miners evince stron buying on weakness on down days and extensive selling on strength during up days —> this shows toppiness PECULIAR TO INTERMEDIARY CYCLE HIGHS.
    i suspect both gold and miners are now up in a new IC which is already signalling exhaustion.
    And this is ok, because gold and miners are due for their YCLs and to produce them we need failed intermediary cycles –> hence additional proof on the lower low to come.

    BR, Amante!
    IO am cheking out; I’m leaving to our chalet in the forests North of Bucharest, close to a lake and to a meadow; there’s also a river nearby – Ialomita River. Lovely! We have to plant some 30 trees & vines as a starter for next week’s work. Trees all arround with the lake and meadow are an autumn Impressionist painting.

    1. AmantedeTeclas

      Wow, Alex. Congratulations for Your forest chalet!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I have never been to Romania. The closest has been Bulgaria several times when I was a kid. Well, there are a lot of places in Europe I would like to see. Don’t get me started…cause I wouldn’t stop. I live in Bonn, Germany, right now, a friendly little town. It’s terrific. Within 5 hours by train You may visit Zurich, Basel, Strassbourgh, Luxemburg, almost all of Belgium or the Netherlands. You may get to the North Sea or even the Baltic Sea.

      But isn’t it dangerous in the forests right now? Bear Grylls taught us that Romania still has the densest brown bear population in Europe, and it is becoming winter.

      You are right about gold, I think, although I do believe we are in a bull market. However, I am not long gold. I am particularly fond of th PGMs and silver a bit. Platinum and Palladium may move differently from gold. Palladium, for example, made a 10 year-or-so high 2013 I believe, when all the other metals had been in a choppy down trend.

      I am short some stocks that got really overbought over the last days. It has been the rule over the last weeks, that some supposedly crap-stocks I am watching soar during general market down-days and burn all the shorts, then they go sideways or drop during general up-days.

      Yesterday was a great day to try bottom-fishing, so I did. But maybe we will see another wash-out. I also follow “Rick Ackerman”, whom I respect greatly, although I generally think he is too bearish. He has an immediate target of 2068/69 points on the S & P bevore the next little bounce. So, well, we will see. I am always cautious. He always is quite optimistic about the metals, which is one of the reasons I am still in.

    2. AmantedeTeclas

      Alex, I am almost jealous. I checked the location You were referring to. It is just a one hour ride to the Black Sea. Haven’t been there for ages…but a lot of good memories.

  22. chrisG

    Are we going to see a 1987 crash style slingshot plunge? I dont know. I just dont want to be convicted to long stocks when market is making a downtrend in all time frames. I recently just bought some China social media stock though. But, I have a very tight leash on it.

  23. Pedestrian

    Will there be a stock market correction on Monday? Or will the indices soar? Do you believe that the market makers have an Ace up their sleeves and have already decided who will win Tuesdays contest? Not only that but that they are prepared to make it happen? Maybe this is too conspiratorial for most here but we should entertain the idea anyway. There are forces at work behind the scenes that few of us are privy too even though we see the signs on a daily basis. At the close of Friday we had some hints next week might bring a reversal of the past nine days down on US markets. But we have also seen sell signals triggered across most indices this past week and it does make you wonder if the silent majority isn’t making its displeasure known regarding election 2016 through their buying and selling of securities. While most people anticipate a reaction from traders following election results we should never forget that stock markets are actually forward looking and predictive. So much of the discounting has already taken place and any reaction will be short lived as is so often the case with news events. If anyone has seen today’s article from Tom McClellan they will be aware of how a falling stock market hurts the election odds of the incumbent party and its leader. So as the Dow has fallen this past week the fortunes of a Trump victory have increased according to poll results. A sharp Monday morning sell off followed by Tuesday dipping further into the red would almost certainly hand the coronation to its Maverick contender and the Republican Party. A swift reversal higher on the indices however and Hillary Clinton may be a shoe-in for a win. To me it looks as though the market has already voted although we don’t have the final tally yet. So Mondays market action will be key to watch. Wall Street could still be the deciding factor in how sentiment will swing votes in the final two days of the race leading up to the moment of decision. So stay tuned. Come Monday (Sunday night for the after hours traders) we might well know what is blowing in the wind according to market behavior alone and be better able to gauge what money has decided. And we will then know better what the really big market players think about this most unusual election horse-race. See Tom MCClellans article if you are curious about his election metrics that weighs poll results versus the performance of the Dow. It is certainly revealing.

  24. Dday

    To be fair to Gary. Gold ended the week in a strong +$1300 position. The dollar broke through 97.25 support convincingly to finish 96.94. The Euro ended strongly and markets week. So so far looking good for Garys forecasts. I’ll eat my previous words as promised.

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