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  1. Dreamer

    Gary, Thanks for the updates. Believe the high volume in JNUG over a year ago this time is further compounded by the 10 for 1 share split during mid-2016. NUGT was 5 for 1 split.

    Do you equate JNUG 500 to $5,000 gold price and 1,000 JNUG to $10,000 gold price, roughly speaking?

    All the Best.

    1. Gary Post author

      Well I think the bubble phase in gold will at least make it to $5000. JNUG will easily make it to $500 with gold at $5000. Split adjusted of course. Split adjusted of course. It seems some people weren’t able to figure that out on their own.

  2. Goild

    What would it take for JNUG to reach $500? Let us see a very rough estimate.
    Assume a steady GOLD upward trend and a correlation with gold.

    Early in the year gold went 25% (or about 4X6%) up from its low in January. And JNUG went from about 2 to 32 or doubled 4 times.
    JNUG is currently at $8.37; call it $8. If it doubles 6 times, then it reaches $512.

    That means that gold needs to increase (1.06)^6=1.42 times. Currently gold is at $1197; times 1.42 gets gold at about $1700.00 Not that bad!

    1. bill

      I guess the real answer would be what the hell do you care what anyone should do or not do with their money. Wrong forum to be a Pitt boss.

      1. zbigkid

        Pitt boss ? Clearly you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, big fella. Also your comprehension of english leaves a lot to be desired. Which is the only reason why I’m refraining from telling you to go do an anatomically impossible act.

  3. brianbreeze

    Gary you keep saying the PPT buys up every little dip so why are you now saying one should be wary of entering the SM at these levels? IF the PPT really is doing what you claim there will not be any market correction and one just needs to keep going long the SM.

    1. Gary Post author

      The pattern has been for the market to stay propped up until late in the cycle and then collapse over the course a 2-4 days before the PPT steps in to halt the downward momentum. Just wait for the 2-4 day drop and then buy.

  4. Goild

    Jesse Livermore advices not to go in with all your account: i.e. %100.
    But first test if you are right. Then add more as the trend is established.
    That is, the smart move is to play with someone else’s money.

    Of course if one is stupid, daring, idiot, or has “steel balls” one can go ahead with %100 of the account.
    No guts no glory.

    A more practical answer that truly is a good indicator, is whether you can sleep or not.

  5. Goild

    What it is impressive is the volume!
    There must be a point where greed would be so much that it will take off by leaps and bounds.

  6. Goild

    I am not sure if that article provides objective support for stating bullish/bearish sentiment levels.
    The JNUG volume is impressive.
    The fact is that so far we have three uprising weeks. More solid conclusions are drawn from the weekly candles than from the daily ones.

  7. tater123

    Oh boy … these crazy predictions of 5000 gold get a free pass on gold websites. There have been many gold guys saying this for years. One person recently noted that Gary himself predicted 5000-7000 gold by 2014 (maybe Gary can clarify this ) and well it never happened. And here we are again with wild predictions.

    Let’s see if the bag holders in JNUG and NUGT can get to breakeven first.

    Sad Gary is making these unlikely forecasts and giving newbies false hope.

    Gary’s forecast of a potential bounce to the 1400’s is valid.

    1. Gary Post author

      Only those that can imagine huge gains will ever be able to hold on to realize them.

      Who would have ever imagined the Dow could rise to 20,000 back in 1982?

      Who could have ever imagined gold at $850 an oz. in 1970.

      Who would have thought Dell could rally 20,000%?

      History is pretty clear, bull markets always go much further than anyone expects.

      Dare to dream big my friend. If you can’t you will never be able to ride a bull market to it’s completion.

  8. Goild

    From my perspective, leaders/dreamers paint glossy pictures. Somehow they help to
    push the world forward. This site is awesome because of the comments all make.
    One issue to consider is that some candid people might be lured into putting their hard earned
    money at much risk, to find out, they have lost much of it. Or even if at first they make money, greed will eventually make them to lose it. So the site may benefit from having some upfront warning.

  9. Goild

    In my calculation above I incorrectly set gold’s gain early last year to 25% it was 32%.
    So for six doublings to get JNUG to $500 the factor would be (1.08)^6=1.59 then gold would be at $1900.00.
    Say I have a 50% error and that would put gold at $2850.

  10. dboz

    That’s why we are here. If things pan out, the numbers are stupid crazy. What other market offers that sort of possible scenario?

  11. Goild

    I agree, we are in the presence of a heck of a potentially and likely splendid opportunity.
    Early last year I also realized that when oil was lower than $30 there was a great opportunity.
    I missed it even though I was looking for it. When NUGT was at $4 early last year I got in to sell right away with a quick scalping gain. Had no idea how powerful the uprising was going to be.
    I do not wan to miss it a third time. And it is not easy. So there so much to say about the mental strength to ride a bull market. Ironically losing and winning both entail pain.

  12. Goild

    For your delight:

    “And right here let me say one thing: After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this It is no trick at all to be right on the market. You always find lots of early bulls in bull markets and early bears in bear markets. I’ve known many men who were right at exactly the right time, and began buying or selling stocks when prices were at the very level which should show the greatest profit. And their experience invariably matched mine that is, they made no real money out of it. Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon. I found it one of the hardest things to learn. But it is only after a stock operator has firmly grasped this that he can make big money. It is literally true that millions come easier to a trader after he knows how to trade than hundreds did in the days of his ignorance.”– Jesse Livermore

    1. tater123

      Funny I always made more money scalping daily than sitting right and being right. Scalping u can make a 100% easily per year and no huge drawdowns. Take a 100k account and it’s easy to make a few grand per week. It’s not easy doing that by being right and sitting tight because you never know if you are right to begin with.

      Case in point: Garys call over the summer to sit tight

    1. Gary Post author

      He’s pulling your leg. If it was easy to make money scalping and day trading everyone would do it, and everyone would be rich. Day trading is one of the hardest ways to make money. You are fighting the machines that are programmed to take your money.

  13. Goild

    As a day trader even if you are good; you have to work hard for the money.
    For a long term trader once the stuck is two levels up I guess one can relax some.
    Though I do not know if I would be able to relax while riding NUGT.
    Truly a wild horse.

  14. zkotpen


    Great video!

    My question is: Why couldn’t you just wait to post this video until today, Jan 14, 2017, without all of the interim “I think the bottom is in” videos since September? Why so much impatience?

    This fine video would have been so much more celebratory for you, a much bigger victory and credibility statement for you, if you hadn’t stained it with all of those other posts since the intermediate low in early October.

    RecaP: In mid-September, I posted that gold & GDX had a date with their respective 200 day SMA’s. You disagreed emphatically.

    In October, after observing price behavior at the 200 day SMA for several days, I posted the high probability of further downside — before the election drama. You & I AGREED that the October low — the 200 day SMA visitation — was of INTERMEDIATE DEGREE. By this time, even the “Elliott Wavers” were in the same boat as you: “keep calling each low a bottom, until it actually is the bottom”.

    Post-election — which was an INTERMEDIATE PEAK in gold, according to my chart. After the decline came the tricky part. You thought that was it & were trying to find “arguments” and “evidence” that the bottom was in. Elliott Wavers continued to share the boat ride with you, though they were giving more weight to their “bearish alternative” of lows below 1046 in gold. I considered both of those as possible. GDX appeared to be consolidating at an area I felt was too high to be the bottom, from mid-November into early December, and I made that clear here. So I felt there was more downside, before a low — my target has long been the fibonacci 1117 in gold.

    And all along, months before September, I have been saying both bulls and bears will get crushed in this multi-year “rally” which could very well turn out to be one long monster TRIANGLE. Sure, it looks like the next YCH will be above 1375 & into the 1400s — but that is nowhere near a certainty. The bears, as you point out, have thought, continue to think, sub-1000 gold was imminent (in 2017). The bulls — well, you are the proverbial bull in the china shop, so you know what they think.

    As I wrote above, great video — but why couldn’t you just wait until yesterday to post it?

    You see, the special thing about rare events is that THEY ARE RARE!! Even the folks in the Big Short had to wait & freak out for MORE THAN A FULL YEAR between their projected timing of the bottom and it’s actual occurrence. They figured, as soon as the adjustable rates kicked in and people suddenly couldn’t pay their mortgages, that it would be some sort of “instant bottom” for them to cover and reap the huge profits. Of those people, only ONE — Mark Baum — had the patience to sit it out, and wait until the crash actually happened to cash out big time, despite pressure & impatience from his own supporting team.

    A RARE event is a RARE event, and NOBODY sees a Black Swan coming.

    Or do they???

    1. vin

      Come on man! don’t make fool of yourself by trying to advise Gary. You are don’t have the capability even to shine his shoes. Instead of bragging provide us with your trades.

  15. zkotpen


    I totally agree with you!

    If you see my post above, you know I’ve been in that camp all along. The 2016 YCH in gold and miners absolutely did not look like “the bull was back”; conversely, I’ve been saying that both bulls & bears — the subjective types attached to their respective biases — would get crushed in this multi-year, consolidation style bear market rally.

    My struggle has been getting back to your initial conditions: “Take a 100k account…”. I am convinced you can start with a fraction — one fourth or one fifth — of that. Be that as it may, given the initial conditions you suggest, I agree with your conclusion: “…and it’s easy to make a few grand per week.”

    I actually did start out with maybe a third of that, back in August, 2012. I had zero knowledge of technical analysis or markets, but I knew I’ve always had pattern recognition intelligence & thought I’d just ‘figure it out on the fly’. I subscribed to SMT Premium in late October, 2012 — bought the GDX March, 2013, 55 calls & the Jan, 2015, SLV leaps with strike price in the 30’s, in November, 2013, hung on when Gary said to just turn off your computer for the next few months, and got crushed while Bernanke was talkin’ after the Dec, 2012, FOMC meeting…

    I made some money shorting GDX in April, 2013, but was afraid to hold my shorts overnight, when the monster profits were made. While everybody was crying on the SMT premium blog, I looked around, and just asked the few who made the profits — a guy named John, CDelaney, a few others — how they knew gold was in a bear market since October, 2012. Their unanimous reply was the wave principle.

    I downloaded & studied Robert Prechter’s 1987 video course on April 17, 2013. On Sep 15 of that year, Youtube suggested that I might like to watch a video on Bollinger Bands. I watched it & loved it. One month later, I watched a similar video on stochastics.

    By mid-2015, I took step 1 of the scientific method and applied it toward market forecasting: Define the problem: Pattern ambiguity in real time.

    In November, 2015, I took step 2 of the scientific method: Formulate an hypothesis. I’ve been working on it ever since.

    I do not just “wing it” with the fractals, rather, I lay them out as a math-minded scientist would. The self-repeating patterns do appear on ALL time frames — certainly distinguished well enough to use for scalping.

    It would be interesting to discuss this more with you!

  16. zkotpen


    I just read your previous post (time stamped 4:19 pm) above.

    Yeah, yeah, and yeah. I totally agree.

    I finally liquidated those long positions, the March, 2013, GDX 55 calls, and the Jan, 2015, SLV leaps on December, 20, 2012.

    Been struggling to regain my footing ever since.

    1. Gary Post author

      What he won’t tell you is that we only took a 6% position just in case the trade went against us. If the bull resumed we would make good money with little risk. If not we would only lose 6%. 6% isn’t the end of the world.

      As you all know by now these people have an agenda. They will post half truths or just outright lies to accomplish that agenda.

      Remember Long term capital management? They had the best mathematicians in the world.

      Do you really think Z is going to beat them?

      I’ve got news for you, the markets aren’t moved by fractal patterns. They are moved by human emotions in the shorter term and by fundamentals in the long term, and that’s why LTCM went bust as well.

  17. zkotpen


    Yelping chihuahua with a lampshade collar… there you go looking for your savior to throw you a bone here & there & maybe a table scrap.

    You have to realize, sooner or later, he’ll let you hang out in the yard, but he will never admit you into the house!

    1. vin

      You really seem to be an experienced one, though I am sorry that you had to go through all that. Poor soul!

      1. vin

        btw zkotpen, this one was for you. Knowing you, I am not sure if you would understand that without being explicitly told.

  18. zkotpen

    Since I mention my forecasting work as scientific, I feel obligated to state that I will post the results of my research in 4-5 years. This is NOT a rolling 4-5 years. I will post the results sometime between late December, 2020 and late December, 2021. If we’re all still around, I’ll let you know the details at that time.

    Meanwhile, happy trading to all 😉

  19. zkotpen

    Thanks vin,

    And yes, I will let you know the results of my work, at the time stated above.

    I think you’ll like it 🙂

    1. vin

      I have already started to like you. But, your results? That is another matter. I am not the kind who buys BS that easily. So, go sell it somewhere else. You seem to have many followers here. They will buy it.

      On the other hand I have been following Gary for a few months now. He certainly has not been perfect and I have made fun of him on a few occasions. But, let me say that he is good. In fact he is excellent. And, he puts all his cards on the table instead of being sneaky.

      O Man! O Man! How much can you brag with showing us any results whatsoever!

  20. vin

    Pardon the typo. I meant to write: “O Man! O Man! How much can you brag withOUT showing us any results whatsoever!”

  21. Pedestrian

    Getting back to gold again. While the large macro-trend may indeed still be a bear market we should pause and note that Treasury shorts are currently at an all time extreme suggesting rather strongly that a mother of a reversal could soon be upon us. And this is no doubt going to be excellent news for gold bulls given the strange, yet compelling positive correlation between Treasury prices and gold performance. I was just reading ZH this afternoon and came across an article noting that short interest was not only at an extreme but that it was a four sigma event over the past 20 years. When the short-squeeze reversal comes (and that could be at any moment now), gold should explode higher in step with bonds if the year-long tight correlation holds. All chart aside for a moment now, boys. This is worth taking note of since we do know trends are sentiment-driven by the crowd (and the machines they control). Why the algos are programmed to buy gold when yields fall and bonds rise is way above my pay grade but that is what happens and so no matter how much doubt we may harbour about golds conviction to abruptly surge higher, this one data point suggests strongly that it will happen.

    1. Pedestrian

      You chart monkeys out there (like me) will want to run a few lines across the “Open Interest; Treasury Futures” chart that I have linked above and you will quickly note that we are now at the bottom of the 20 year channel and by implications ready to see a sharp reversal .This is now extremely bullish for gold and changes my usual sour outlook on precious metals. Charts don’t lie and I have no idea why there will be a short squeeze either but I do know its the only way that chart above can be resolved as traders get progressively long again and burn off the bearish sentiment that is now prevalent. It also tells is that the bond bull is hardly dead, that forces of deflation will likely resume and that yield will drop further once more.

    2. Pedestrian

      Or check this ten year chart highlighting the inverse relationship between gold and the ten-year treasury yield. We just can’t ignore this stuff. When I start getting lost in the daily technical wiggles and small subtleties I find it helpful to go back to leading charts like the Yen or Treasury Yield relationships to help stay focused on what is really moving the price in the background. This one confirms that if yields are about to fall again (as suggested in my post above) that gold is going to get a tailwind and move higher.

      1. WallStreetJesus

        For what it is worth the commercials are at all time high extremes for the 5yr and 10yr so they are making a large bet rates are about to fall.

        I think you are right that would be a tailwind for gold. With so many people on the sidelines or short the metals this could get interesting.

      2. Goild


        It is great to hear you are back into gold.
        Best wishes to have good entries and for great gains.

        While we would like gold to go beyond $1400, there is the alternative scenario that gold will channel around $1200 as that is what has been doing from 2013. Some analysis should be done about this possibility.

        1. Pedestrian

          Yup, still in and bought more. There was a good chance to sell Thursday on a swing trade when gold hit the upper rail of the gold channel (hourly chart) but I decided to just hold and weather the brief decline. When gold dropped down and hit the bottom rail Friday I bought more with an expectation we would see 1210 or a little better for gold and possibly another double digit gain on the 3X ETF I am using. Hopefully I am not going to be wrong that we have a little more juice in the blender before we actually correct. Come Inauguration day gold may be on the move again. Gary is right that the cycles are stretched. Monday will be the tell in any case for what I am doing since I am following the lesser charts for short term entry points.

  22. zkotpen

    vin, Gary,

    Take it easy guys! Yes, I somehow overlooked the 6% position size. And I take full responsibility for that. I was a beginner and had no risk management knowledge or skills. I knew it was important from my schooling, but that’s just theoretical — until you learn it in the real world. I my case, it was heaping all that leverage onto an over-sized position. Would certainly not put such a huge percentage at risk today. I also would have been keying in on some sort of sensible stop loss measure — if not just to step out of the trade and re-evaluate. But to be sure, I did put an excessive percentage of money at risk at that time.

    At any rate, Gary, you seem to forget that I have thanked you numerous times for your inspiration. You should recall from November, 2015, I thanked you for drawing my attention to the 200 day SMA and 200 week SMA. I NEVER looked at ANY market on that timeframe. You are not the first to bring that to my attention, but somehow, you are the one who convinced me to examine it. Tons of forecasters out there using the 200 day/week SMA, but I’ve always been appreciative that Gary was the one who made me turn my attention to it. Why? CHARISMA. You definitely have it.

    Second item, which I believe I have thanked Gary for, and if not, I will do so now: You are always talking about departure from the mean, and it needs to be followed by a regression to the mean. Well, I’ve heard that from lots of people before & since, but somehow Gary is the one who has made me pay very close attention to this fascinating market phenomenon. Why? Again, CHARISMA.

    I do not look at either of these things the same way as Gary does, but he’s the one who turned my attention toward them as a sort of context in which to look at market movements in terms of pure price movement over time. Gary looks at these phenomena using other parameters than I do, which I consider to be subjective. I believe that all of those factors are elegantly and perfectly manifest in purely and solely price action over time. Different political and financial events can influence the timing of market moves, but the market will show an exact, all-inclusive quantification of value in its price, at every moment, and the interpretation will be objective and perfect.

    In summary, of the various things that Gary considers important and predictive, I find some useful, others of little or no use, and two essential. For drawing my attention to those two phenomena where others had been unable, I thank Gary — the proverbial bull in the china shop 😉

    In “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell suggests a “10,000 hour rule”, whereby 10,000 hours of dedication to a particular subject matter in which one has skills and aptitude lead to expertise, I believe I’ll be able to make my own mathematical and scientific based analysis, and arrive at a level of understanding of it such that it will be presentable and credible. On that I base my time line for presenting some sort of meaningful findings. May as well wish me well 🙂

    1. vin

      I have no problems with your mistakes. We all do mistakes. It is your arrogance that is not acceptable.

  23. Strike

    No high pay grade needed Ped. In short term,
    RISK OFF – Bonds down, stocks up, gold down
    RISK ON – Bonds up, stocks down, gold up
    Thats why bonds and gold have been correlated
    you are predicting RISK ON soon.

    1. Pedestrian

      I don’t claim to be the sharpest tack in the box, Strike. This past month has seen more than a few days where I was feeling bipolar about metals and unsure whether to wind my watch forwards or comb my hair backwards. I got through it profitably but should have done much better given how many hours I spend in front of this screen watching the charts.

  24. Goild

    We are expecting gold to go up.
    I take it that there are two forces that can make it happen,
    One, the SM goes down so that the money there can flow into gold.
    Two, inflation increases.
    Other than that gold be sideways channeling around $1200.

  25. zkotpen


    “I have no problems with your mistakes. We all do mistakes. It is your arrogance that is not acceptable.”

    Change not the subject. The whole point is, it is not personal as you’d like it to be.

    And if it is, then why not offer some sort of solution?

    Which gets back to a couple of days ago. All of that arrogance, sarcasm, whatever, these are things I don’t know how to operate and manage. You, of superior social skills than I, can see them more clearly, but you offer no help, just a judgment and condemnation, perhaps in attempt to elevate yourself in the eyes of your guru savior dude.

    Allow me to rephrase: Why on Earth would I dedicate myself to science, instead of, say, mixing it up more in society, being a social operator in the business world or the political sphere or some other such space? Why was I in denial of my own place as a social scientist for 2 decades, if not because of the inherent struggle, the contradiction between “social” and “science”. Yet how else can we approach social phenomena in a meaningful way, if not via scientific method? That means eradicating all of that bias from our approach to social phenomena. It is at the core of the social sciences, and mine happens to be Economics. That is what I think about. I find Economics and Psychology as being the closest social sciences to that place, and I happen to have studied the former.

    At the same time, I’m fully aware that no science at all, not even natural science, nothing that a human believes he or she knows, can ever be objective. So there’s a paradox: Seeking to approach objectivity, in a universe that’s entirely subjective. A universe of natural phenomena under our subjective gaze, and a universe of social phenomena, also under our subjective gaze. And even though we know objectivity is impossible, still, we strive for it. What has it given us? First spoken language, then written language, and then calculus. All in our attempt to understand, to think we can ever know, what is, inevitably, unknown and most of that is even unknowable. And yet, thanks to those three developments, we humans have lifted ourselves out of the food chain, though each of us still has his or her unique blend of challenges and advantages.

    We are talking about markets here, that’s what I believe this space is about. Let’s say, I can offer a particular insight into markets. Time will tell how valuable it may or may not be. And as I said, there is this strange place between dreams, probabilities, and expectations.

    I’m fine with the dreams part. Yesterday, I converted this particular dream of my work in my field into a goal, from the imaginary, into a plan of realization, of making it real. That’s a huge step.

    Think about it — one of your dreams that you would love to achieve. Then, one day, you suddenly believe that you can achieve it, you can realize it, convert it from imaginary to real, and you give it a time line. And you really believe it is possible. That’s an amazing feeling. Then, it’s back to the grind, because now, you are working on a realistic goal, not just some imaginary dream. You’ve got some steps to take, a time line which you believe is reasonable in which to take them.

    In the real world, the place where I’m trying to convert this particular imaginary dream into reality, I’m caught in this space between the probabilities, which I seek to increase toward a particular goal or target, coupled with the fact that regardless of how high or low the probability of a particular outcome, which suggests that one pattern may be more likely to play out than another, the end result is still entirely unpredictable, entirely, 100%, absolutely, most certainly — UNCERTAIN. Just as you can flip a coin and turn up heads five times in a row — how do you know what the outcome of the sixth coin flip will be? And underlying all of that, that paradox, one brings one’s own skewed set of challenges — denial, self-sabotage, a particular set of circumstances to overcome, on the way to an uncertain outcome that is possible.

    So that’s my mental landscape, my particular set of strengths and weaknesses.

    Arrogance, sarcasm, social posturing, all of that stuff — it’s baffling to me. One day, my efforts are a big ??? as they are all on the path of some nebulous, imaginary dream. The next day, I believe the path of those efforts can actually lead to a real world result. That’s an amazing feeling, which I express. Oh… does somebody perceive that expression as arrogance? Maybe — how should I know? That kind of determination is outside my own set of strengths.

    The laboratory is a place where a scientist doesn’t worry about any of that. It’s a place where I feel I belong. But I still gotta live in the world outside the laboratory, and that world has people in it, and people operate in certain ways in groups, and that is downright confusing, puzzling, sometimes (often? as in, more often than I’m aware???) incomprehensible to me.

    Which brings me back to where I was with you a couple of days ago:

    If you’re just criticizing & judging me, and not offering real help to shore up my weaknesses, while simultaneously expecting others to help pick up the slack in your own weak areas, that makes you a HYPOCRITE.

    And if you do so by flattering your guru savior dude, that makes you a SYCOPHANT.

    And when I come to that conclusion, a funny creature pops up in my mind’s eye: A chihuahua with a lampshade collar, but one that’s not even allowed inside the guru savior dude’s house. Just hopes to have a bone thrown its way out there in the yard, as often as possible.

    You had your “LOL” in one of your posts. Well, that image of the chihuahua with a lampshade collar getting thrown a bone while hanging out in the yard ’cause it’s not allowed in the house — that is my metaphoric little spontaneous poetry, which I use instead of merely copying and pasting the letters “LOL”. After all, I’m convinced that without comedy and music, we’d all go crazy. And there’s no comedy, no shared funniness, when somebody states something as stale as “LOL”. Did you come up with that yourself? Are you the creator of “LOL”???

    I have no idea of whether my metaphor is arrogant — is that what you’re referring to? But I’ll tell you something: That metaphor came from the same creative sphere as the hypothesis that came to me about markets. I sat on my balcony and directed my awareness toward two things: Probability Assessment, and Risk Management. I then directed my psyche to approach these things with laser like focus. I then imagined the feeling, what it feels like to be a laser beam in complete and total focus. Five months later, an hypothesis comes to mind.

    You are jealous because you haven’t found your access to that sphere. And here’s the irony: If you let down your jealousy, holding up a mirror when & how it’s convenient to you rather than when and how it can be of help to somebody else, when you knock off the flattery, well, that’s YOUR key to entry into that space. You’re jealous because you think you can’t get there, but I’m telling you, you can get there. In order to do so, you have to drop the jealousy, the flattery, and the hypocrisy.

    Don’t think about it, just do it. You know that’s why you and I have come together. Don’t worry about what anybody thinks. Just let go of all that baggage, and let yourself fly, unleash your own creativity — you will be amazed by the results. And given your social skills, I’m certain you will be able to express your resulting joyful feelings in such a way as to not be called arrogant.

    Just try it: Let go of the jealousy, the flattery, and the hypocrisy, for one day, and see where that takes you… If it’s a good feel, then try it a second day…

    Best of luck with it!

  26. liske

    Not sure how you can compare volume when the price is fluctuating so hard with the triple ETFs. Of course there is lower volume when the instrument is trading at 40 vs 8. a 100k position is 5x volume at the lower price.

  27. ARends

    Ped, Goild, Alex and other contributions, thank you (ideas either wrong or right makes you reassess the whole picture) . Other insights give me a great idea of my plan that are great for a diverse view of what is happening! I just find this babble of personal insults to Gary or others a waste of time reading skipping many Caracters here totally now. As there in no contributions but bla bla bla, insults or BS (pages of BS) write your psych love letters else where. Just babble of what you know but never sharing actual contributions value to trade for others. I think you obviously not getting any booty from your partners either and your frustration is seen here with the personality explaining why you not getting no booty either. We have no mushrooms here that need to feed shit and to keep in the dark as you possibly have at home, possibly with a booty!

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