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  1. HomerJ

    Oh come on Gary, you expected a crash yourself down to the 600 level back around 2012 and SPX was nowhere these levels. You missed 4+ years of gains chasing a tarnished trade. OK, so you got a call right here and there, but nothing statistically significant.

    Please don’t come out now making it sound like everyone but you was focused on a bear equities market, that’s just asinine.

  2. Don

    Gary, do you normally use linear charts rather than logarithmic? The linear charts are distorted so as to make graphs look abnormally steep.

    1. HomerJ

      I don’t get this linear vs log argument. Same values. Same percentages. Just different look. Same shit, different view.

      1. Don

        Not the same percentages. Log view gives shows the same percentage the same movement on the chart. On a linear chart, the 22% drop in 1987 looks like a tint movement. whereas a 22% drop today would look like a huge movement. Log charts give a proper representation of what’s happening? Get it?

  3. Goild

    A reflection, Gary’s position is not a piece of cake. We who write here may sit comfortable and pretend that whatever we write does not have any consequence as we may think we are anonymous which is an error as anyone here is accountable.

    Why caring about others here? Well we are human, don’t we? Some are lonely at their trading station and find more meaning in trading sharing here. I take it that men here are kids but grown up a lot.

    Gary, as anyone here is growing and becoming quite a trader. And in my view he is doing a great job painting a future, providing direction, and that is what leaders do. He still has to care of mundane things like the trolls, the subs, us, the website, and making money.

    Bonds are no competition to the SM as their yield is way below competition.
    So for the SM the bonds market is not an issue. The big issue is that we have not been here before. And only God knows what could come out of this manipulation/scenario. Probably isn’t good news.

    Another problem is that 1% of the Fed debt is about 1/3 of the military budget or about 200 Billion. The current administration would like to raise that military budget by 50 billion and may have problems to come up with such crumps. So we have very serious financial problems. The Fed must keep the interest rate low as to be able to pay the interest on the debt (not the principal) and in line with the GDP which there is no clarity when and how is it going to increase.

    Unfortunately, the SM may end up like in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” story. Lots of people putting money there buying just air.

  4. terrywg

    Gary, if oil ever goes above $90 again we will have a recession on a GLOBAL scale. I don’t know where you get your numbers from but you should not speak on subject matters that you are not familiar with.

    Btw, in response to your previous post, I will stop “trolling” you if you can definitively prove that you got your subscribers to stop out when gold was 1275. I believe it is in your best interest to clear things up, because a lot of ex-subscribers on MANY forums have been complaining about this issue.

    Duck has posted about it here: https://goo.gl/rs0U3Y

    We will gladly never mention your name again nor post on your site if you can prove the above blog post false.

    We would also like you to clarify how you calculate your returns. As you can see, the amounts do not tally even when giving you the benefit of the doubt: https://goo.gl/qP09Dg

    You can choose to delete this comment, but by the time you do I think many people would have seen it. And if you do delete it then it will prove beyond all doubt that you are a liar.


    Duck does not run the SMT exposed website. I thought I should clarify this point. Some of the comments on that site are abhorrent and I would never choose to be associated with a person who is homophobic.

    1. Pedestrian

      Thanks for clarifying that Terry and I do appreciate hearing you are not among those who have been leaving the kind of comments I read. I won’t be writing anything else on this subject other than to say my view is that there is a narrative of victimization in play here that is unusually severe even by the low standards we see on the internet.

      All of it is being conducted behind the veil of anonymity via the use of remote websites which speaks to the cowardice of those promoting the attacks. There cannot possibly be any economic benefit for the people behind this either. Rather it is purely about power and domination with the goal of disrupting a service many people are happy with and in turn depriving the owner of some or all his income.

      And that is probably what bothers me most. I expect Duck will escalate. For Gary’s sake I hope he hires legal counsel and an IT professional and gets to work unmasking his assailant. He should without question take immediate action and if possible seek restitution for his business losses.

    2. Gary Post author

      So you want me to go to everyone’s house and click the mouse for them? Are you kidding?

      I record my trades in real time. The numbers are accurate.

  5. Goild

    Looking at the chart above there has been only two times when the slope of the uprising SM has been this high. Now and on the rise of the 2009 crash.

    So the kind of forces at play are extreme.

    This suggests the top is very close.

  6. realtrader

    I was very curious and wanted to see the response to Gary’s post. Not surprisingly, again, almost nobody here is interested in the stock market, and if there are a few, most of them are bearish not bullish. As far as I can see, although the tune changed a little bit out there in the past few weeks, the sentiment on the stock market is still quite bearish.

  7. Goild

    Yes, for some it is bearish.
    The money to be made there has been made.
    Many people in their 60’s who played old turkey with their money in the SM would have a nice retirement.

    Because of the extremist factor there may be a push to SPX 2800.

    The thing would be to time the top, because besides going long on gold, the other great investment option would be shorting SPY.

  8. Goild

    The immediate past history, on the other hand, suggest that the PPT will maintain the SM on a horizontal sideway motion for a long time till the GDP increases. The system must be maintained. The status quo must be kept. Then the play would be at support and resistance in the horizontal channel.

  9. Robert

    Ok let’s talk gold. What’s everyone views this week, Up or down? I have bearish bias because it’s almost getting late in gold intermediate cycle. So upside limited from here

  10. Adrian

    I’m gonna post my S&P 500 levels to watch:
    I believe it will top at 2985.60 ±5 around 2019, and is going to be the time go go short with both feet.
    It could top on a short time on 2438.35 ±5 this spring/summer, but the correction must be a buy.
    And remember there are several analists that are bearish since 2010 as Robert Pretcher and Harry Dent among others.
    But at the last Them and Gary are right, this thing is goin to blow out in the worst Depression since 2029, and cassually will last 7 lean years, as in hte Bible.
    It’s my math, not my wish.

  11. Goild

    As you know, I am long on PM. The weekly candles are bullish for all metrics.
    Although the SM may go higher. there is hesitation right now and so there is no reason from this point of view to a lower but to a higher gold.
    Gold is above the daily averages and had already two days to retrace which did not do. It may hit the averages to take off up.
    The miners should go higher this week.
    Many here opine on the long side.
    I see JNUG as an opportunity.
    Beware of the trading phycology. After a loss the brain does not quite work well.
    Or after a good win, euphoria gets into the way.

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