Monthly Archives: March 2017

Don’t forget the winners too

This is starting to just get ridiculous. Everyday some troll makes a big stink about any losing trade I’ve ever had. Let’s face it that’s what trolls do. They cherry pick only what they want to see.

Yes I have losing trades. Every trader in the world has losing trades. It just comes with the business. What the trolls don’t want you to know is that we have winning trades as well. Every trader in the world has winning trades as well as losing trades.

I have no problem if someone wants to accuse me of a losing trade. But I’m going to insist that if you want to take it  upon yourself to shine a light on every losing trade you must also acknowledge all of my winning trades. You don’t get to have it just one way.

Over the last 2 years the stock portfolio is up 73%. The metal portfolio is up 130%. I’m sure there are plenty of traders who have done better, but I doubt anyone is going to complain too much about those profits.

So if the trolls want to slam me everytime I have a losing trade, they are also going to have to give me credit for all my winning trades and my total returns.

Fair is fair. Man up boys. You don’t just get to cherry pick the negatives. I want credit for my victories as well. And yes I’m including you Avi, Duck and Terry. 🙂 Not once have I ever bothered to waste my time pointing out your losing trades although you have them just like the rest of us.

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