Monthly Archives: August 2017

A day and a half left

Folks you have a day and a half left to receive the $100 off offer.

We clearly have an intermediate cycle low just like I was warning. We are starting the vertical phase of the bull market. Many people exited right at the bottom or cancelled their subscriptions this past week, right before the market took off to the upside.

This is just how the market works. Most of you have to lose money so the rest of us can profit.

If you want to make the big money possible during a parabolic phase and think you may need help staying the course this is your chance to get on board.

Or if you are happy always missing the move because it doesn’t come when you want it to … then just keep doing what you’re doing 🙂 90% of traders won’t make a dime off the bubble.

I intend for the SMT to be part of the 10% that does make (and more importantly, keep) the big gains that are coming.

10,000 will be a piece of cake, 20,000 isn’t out of the question during the really nutty phase of the bubble.

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