46 thoughts on “Chart of the Day-No Easy Entries into a Vertical Market

  1. Spanky

    I’m out for a while. GL to all. Hopefully the next ICL in metals represents the buy of a lifetime. Over and out.

  2. tallboy

    Barely ever comment here but I feel I need to. Gold bugs I am one of also!! My small portfolio is mostly in real silver, the type you can feel not the fake kind. But my brain tells me that the aggressive investment at this point in time has to be in the stock market, it’s a no brainier. What else does Gary have to do to have you see this. Now is not the metals hour, it’s coming believe me!!!!!! But all most of you are investing in now is not where you should be. Just my 2 cents as I feel Gary’s frustration in trying to HELP us ALL.

    1. trendyfollower

      That is if you are here to make money in the market. Most are here to prove a point or simply troll. If you want to make money in the market the first things you need to stop are a) trying to be right and b) troll. But that’s what most here seem to want to do. Hence, no money for you from the markets. Sad but true.

  3. Goild

    Count the ways:

    Gold has a minimum book value
    The gold season is about to take off
    Gold has broken thorough the upper descending trend line
    NK can rocket gold to the moon
    The big wave would lift all boats
    Anything of value is expensive these days

    The grim side:

    Volume is down
    Bitcoin and SM are sucking all the money
    Gold has lost its luster

    Anything else?

    1. ziasDad

      what else?

      Fundamentals don’t move markets. At least in the short to intermediate term. Investor sentiment which translates into buying/selling pressure is what drives markets.

    2. vin

      jnug at 16. You should be happy because it will be a chance for you to load up as you have expressed before. Good luck.

  4. ras

    xlf, fas making new highs. Financials: gs, wfc, cof, schw, etc. could be a good place to park for a while.

  5. allthatglitters

    I feel like I should sell everything and buy bitcoin. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a terrible investment long term, but I feel like the mania has so much longer to run. Main street is just learning how to buy it. Prob gonna easily get to $10,000 or $20,000 before the inevitable crash. Too scared to touch it though, probably gonna regret that!

  6. Gary Post author

    The Juniors have confirmed a failed daily cycle. Also there are a lot of days left in this cycle before it will be due to bottom. Most are still in denial and refuse to listen to me again.

    1. trendyfollower

      How many of the people here or your subscribers are interested in making money vs. proving a point to the markets? I think it is a small minority interested in the money.

      1. Gary Post author

        Actually I think I got rid of most of the people that have no hope of ever making money in the market when I raise my prices early this year

    1. Ed

      No man, you got it all wrong.
      Bitcoins are like tulips in South China Seas, just a fad, passing a rather quickly in terms of monetary history.
      Gold, in other hand, something you can leave to your grandchildren. And your grandchildren will love you forever.

  7. ted

    Time for my return. Some highlights!

    * First, Gary is right about parabolia. But wrong index. The DOW will exceed tech (for now, and until when the correction happens).
    * Gold, screw it. It’s crap for a while. Bitcoin has the glory now and will for some time.
    * The market correction. Not happening for a while. When you least expect it, but now for a while. Before SPX 3000, but after SPX 2700.
    * I like the Bio’s, Alternative Energy, BitCoin, the DOW, and cute, sexy cheerleaders from the south.

    God bless.

    1. Gary Post author

      Let’s be clear, I said the NASDAQ was going to at least go to 10,000 and maybe 20,000 during the really nutty phase of the bubble. I didn’t say it would outperform any particular sector. The Dow still has a long ways to go to catch up to the tech sector since the seven-year cycle low in early 2016. I suspect by the end of the bubble there won’t be a whole lot of difference in either sector. Some of each would be a good way to diversify by one’s portfolio.

  8. Nada

    No lower low for gold today – I will take that as a small victory. We have no failed cycle as the 1262.8 low remains in place on /GC. Have a good weekend peeps, I have a feeling Monday is going to be a glorious green day for gold 😛

    1. Gary Post author

      I think you’re in denial. That’s the problem with trading options you just don’t have any wiggle room. The smallest move in the wrong direction can shave so much value off of your position that you can’t stop out. Options are basically an all or nothing bet.

      The only real recourse one has is to buy more than enough time in case you are wrong in the short term and get caught in a daily or intermediate decline you have time for the market to complete the drop and recover. Unfortunately your November and December calls don’t have enough time.

      1. Nada

        Nonsense. The Dec calls have plenty of time and I averaged down on the DCL for the Nov positions. Time will tell, but I agree – one must by themselves time.

    1. Gary Post author

      Like I’ve been saying, were going to see analysts trying caught top every other day. This is just another one doing exactly what I predicted.

      Central banks have printed trillions and trillions of currency units. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that that is going to create a bubble, or series of bubbles. To expect the market to top before the bubble forms and pops is irrational in my opinion.

  9. ocram

    could all the markets go up at the same time or are you absolutely convinced that the SM must crash before gold and commodities start their bubble phase?
    Could all markets alternate themselves for a few years without any important crash in an inflationary ascent?

    1. Gary Post author

      All markets have been going up together since early 2016. But 90% of the liquidity is flowing into the global stock markets. Commodities have been mostly stuck in basing patterns since their baby bulls ended.

      I do expect most commodities to begin more aggressive moves higher once the dollar confirms a break down from the megaphone top. But even then most of the liquidity will still flow into stocks until the bubble pops. Once the stock market comes off the table then commodities will have their day in the sun.

      1. jake

        Soft commodities have been under accumulation, coffee is basing but the metal group, zinc, copper, palladium, Rhodium apparently showing there’s change in character.

  10. ras

    Mixed picture. Huge reversal in vix. SVXY making new highs. UVXY making new lows. Financials blasting off. cof and wfc look attractive. IBM getting new life? udow looks attractive.

  11. jacob2

    Wonder if the anti dollar, anti sm, anti bitcoin trade is destined for the 16 lows?

    Possible if not probable imo.

  12. Idontknowwhatimtalkingabout

    Looks like gold will break 1278 on monday and test 1269 area again the next few days

  13. ras

    dpst blasting off. Also, dfen. tqqq and soxl are not the entire etf universe. Due to sector rotation, there is always some vehicle to hitch a ride on, if one looks around.

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