1. vin

    Now this is getting really complicated for a simple mind like mine. Vertical up market? Runaway market? Ooops now it is becoming more and more clear that it is another regular bull market which is going to last for 15 years or so with 40 points correction. Fantastic but sooooo confusing.

    Is it possible that it is going to be some sort of combination of all the above scenarios? Or, maybe maybe, it is none of these scenarios.

    Is it possible that it is a set up for a GREAT crash before another secular BULL? Is it possible that Nada’s scenario is around the corner i.e. markets become sane again, and gold shoots up?

  2. RonL

    Gary if this becomes a runaway move, does your NASDAQ projection of at least 10,000 in next 6 to 8 months still hold or would that be out the door.

  3. BeachandBiscuits

    Thanks Gary. Great that you have convictions but stay open to the evidence.

    If this is a runaway move is it still possible to trade it to make as much or close to as much money over the next few months as we could from a bow off top?

    1. Gary Post author

      A runaway move MIGHT make it to 10,000 by summer. A blow off could make it to 20,000.

      A secular bull would have many years to run yet and 10,000 would only be a start. Who knows how far a secular move would go. 1000-1500% isn’t unusual.

        1. vin

          You are right. They both sound great. But, I am cautious. Under present runaway monetary conditions, a collapse can occur any time. But, then who knows. No one knows how long these excesses can last. Gary could turn out to be right on both (runaway/straight up) counts.

          One market that seems to be in a win-win situation is India. Unfortunately, it is a messy market. I am thinking of buying indl. If Gary is right on either count, it should do well. And, in case he is wrong, it probably will not do tooo badly because of their govt. policies. It seems to be an excellent bet.

  4. CooLoser

    Hi Gary,
    If you are indeed correct about this runaway move leading to a 10-15 year bull in the stock market- what would you expect from the gold, silver and gold miner markets over that same time period?

  5. jacob2

    10 more years for this 3 legged bull. ( Jeff Saut)

    “At the top of the 2nd leg of a 3 legged bull market with 10 more years to run. A likely 1st Q correction followed by a 3rd speculative leg of the long secular bull. For the 3rd leg one has to like commodities as the CRB chart looks like the S&P chart from 2008 -2010”.


    Not what I was expecting but hard to argue with this guys track record.

  6. Surf City

    I also think stocks are headed much higher in 2018 but a real ICL in the months ahead will likely be needed to reset investor sentiment for the next leg up. One warning sign right in front of us is Junk Bonds (JNK & HYG) which have been highly correlated with stocks since at least the early days of 2016.

    Well JNK has broken down from its ascending wedge & are tanking, so are credit markets getting nervous?


    1. Carl

      Good information Surf, it’s appreciated. I had similar expectation than your analysis. I though this week drop would recover and the real ICL would be when SOX will hit 1362 and S&P reach 2630. At the same time gold will reach the bottom. Everything seems to align perfectly.

  7. pacoquin

    thank you Gary. Why not secular market ? I follow pattern bottom 1975 top 2000.. and its very possible we were like in 1986 ? Sometime nxt year we could have something similar to 1987 crash… to continue up ??? will see. Thanks a lot

  8. jake

    Like your theory Gary, that looks like a re- accumulation area on every time frame not that there won’t be some healthy corrections along the way like Surf pointed out, or that it won’t culminate eventually in a vertical move.

  9. vin

    Thanks for the chart. I have similar feelings, it is at a crossing. If it does fall from here I am out and if it rises I will write call options when the index goes up about 5-6%, very consistent with the chart you have posted. Thanks.

  10. Goild

    Let us see how bright it is.
    The market total capitalization, if I remember well, is at 140% the GDP.
    The question is, to rise the SM valuation 10% or 50% up, how much money more has to be put into the SM? And where does that money is coming from?
    Rough estimates to answer these questions are welcomed.

    1. vin

      Total US market is about $27T and the GDP is less about $19.5T.

      About 138%. Your memory serves you well.

      But, why is that a problem? What has the market to do with the gdp? Furthermore not all the money in the market is american money. Just one example: Where do all the petro-dollars reside? Where do you think rich Indians and Chinese keep their money? In their own country?

      Total world gdp is about $80T.

      Total US financial assets are about $270T, so the stock market is only a small fraction.

    2. jake

      What money you mean credit? How about the 2 trillion on deposit alone at the Fed. Or any number of foreign governments and investors.

  11. Zachery

    If it is a secular bull as Gary describe in the video, will it impact metal bull market in a big negative way??

    1. vin

      not directly. But, yes indirectly it will. How? Stock market rise will indicate faith in fiat money. Hence no need for security in gold as an alternative currency.

      If I understand correctly, Gary is of the opinion that all assets will rise together. However that may not be his latest position as he is very dynamic.

  12. zkotpen


    “You are talking about gold and we’re talking about the stock market???”

    No, I am ABSOLUTELY NOT talking about gold OR the stock market.

    I am talking about 2012 and 2013.

    You have no business whatsoever touting anything close to victory during those years. Why even remind people of them?

    To put things in perspective, you were reckless back then.

    I consider you lucky that SMT blog and premium were not permanently shut down after that period and perhaps even restrictions placed on you, as I do believe you violated both the letter and spirit of your Disclaimer — your content went far beyond “Educational”.

    That’s why I have suggested retirement after the stock market tops, and not try to guide people into a gold bubble in “4-5 years” (which was also 4-5 years away last September, btw). You are simply too biased towards gold, for whatever reason. By contrast, you’ve got a much cooler head when it comes to the stock market these days.

    That is my opinion, which is subjective.

    What is objective is, you were dead wrong during the period 2012 and 2013. Precious metals, US dollar, stock market. You were downright wrong on all three, during those years. There’s no other way to construe them.

    Sure, you’ve turned your trend to positive since 2014 or 2015, but that does not earn any bragging rights on 2012 and 2013.

    If you mention those years for some reason, you should be oozing humility, something like, “I really blew it 4-5 years ago, but I kept it together, re-evaluated, and got back on track”. The real question is why you haven’t done so?

    As long as any of your followers from those years are still around, you can count on being called any time you try to claim victory in those years.

    1. Gary Post author

      LOL Lots of people got it wrong in 2013. Almost no one predicted the gold bear market or the manipulation that started it. Yes it’s now common knowledge that the gold market was manipulated.

      The people that were reckless where the ones that didn’t listen to me and instead of a 6% position in long term call options went all in. You can hardly blame that on me. I clearly called for no more than a 6% position. As you recall I recognized something was wrong in January of 2013 (that’s when the middle of the night attacks began) and exited long positions. As you can see that was hardly a devastating loss. Esecially since I caught almost the exact bottom of the previous decline and we made some good money on what should have been the A-wave rally.

      We also avoided getting caught at the C-wave top and avoided the entire D-wave decline.

      So get your facts straight next time.

    2. vin

      zkotpen, why dwell on his being wrong before when he has been so right lately. Come on, let us be a bit more generous?

      I come to this site because I like it. If I didn’t I won’t waste my time here. And, that is true for you as well, my friend. People can have difference of opinion but they don’t have to be so bitter. Let us enjoy what others have to say. You have a nice day.

      1. Gary Post author

        This is exactly why I started the challenge. Everyone has losing trades. Everyone has winning trades. The trolls only focus on my losing trades and conveniently ignore my winning trades.

        But the simple fact is that if your winning trades are bigger than your losing trades then one is making money.

        People like Z refuse to enter the challenge because then they would have to live by the same standards as the rest of us. It’s not so easy being a troll if your real time record exposes you for a fraud that can’t make money.

  13. Goild

    Thanks for commenting.
    Using GDP as a yardstick for market valuation comes from Warren Buffett.
    The GDP has increased a few percent in the last few years while the SM has more than doubled. So there appears little relation. In the past a SM valuation of 140% would have been considered very high.

    Let us assume that SM valuation is quadratic with the money put into it. Accordingly if $11T bucks are added, or 40% of $27T, then the market capitalization of the SM would become $54T. This is it would double, grow 100%.
    For a vertical phase of 100% in one year then $11T would have be purchased in stocks.

    The US GDP is about $20T, so it is hard to conceive we will have a vertical phase under these assumptions.

    If instead we ask for a 15% increase in SM valuation, under a quadratic rule, it will require about 6% new money into the SM or about $1.4T, which is more credible.


    100M people would need to by $10K in stocks in one year.

    1. vin

      I do not understand your arithmetic completely. Let me repeat, there is plenty of money out there to buy SM. It has very little correlation with the gdp increase, irrespective of whose opinion it is.

      Let me ask you a question to explain. Where did the money for $21T fed debt, $1T state debt and $2T local debt come from? And, there are other debts.

      Let me repeat “Total US financial assets are about $270T, so SM is only a small fraction.” Adding another $27T to the $27T SM will not end the world.

      These are the miracles of the fiat money. Goild the problems are MUCH more deeply rooted. We should be thankful because this setup has worked in our favor so far. ….. a person of my ability can be hired for one tenth the price in India and that person will be willing to put significantly more hours than I. And, he/she would probably produce better results. So, let us be thankful for the setup, at least for the time being. Who knows what is going to happen 20 years from to-day. Let us pray. Amen!

      Finally, to put things in perspective, US unfunded liabilities (gaap) are about $110T. I kid you not. Let us enjoy the life style we have for the time being because who know how it will this experiment end. Amen!

  14. Goild

    A conclusion is that the financial industry, those smart folks, have been very successful in convincing people to put their money into the SM.

    1. vin

      Certainly we are manipulated. But, please not that it is not limited to the SM. Is there any part of our life that is not manipulated? But, then whose fault is it?

  15. Goild

    While I concur with you that the young generations need to pray… or work so hard…
    I wonder where you come with $270T of available money.
    The US clock at http://www.usdebtclock.org/
    says the total US assets are $135T, and most must be frozen not liquid to go to the SM.

    1. vin

      And, again, remember that all the numbers are for the US. It doesn’t include the petro-dollars, Chinese money and the Indian money. Indian and Chinese rich have abundant wealth to make major changes anywhere, and they are not regulated by their respective governments because they are very powerful.

  16. Adrian

    I still believe We are in 1970’s SM grew almost 100%, then it lost almost 50%.
    I think SM will grow almost 100% from 2007 highs, and on 2019 will lost 50%
    But the bull market began on 1980’s then, now it will begin five years later not inmediately.
    My demographic calculation.

  17. Goild

    The $270T are assets, mostly not liquid.
    Unfortunately uncle same does not have $20T pocket change to help pay for extras or to inject into the SM. It seems that Uncle Sam lives like many Americans, day to day, pay check to pay check.

    As per foreign money into the SM, it would be great if they put it in. Instead they are likely buying American companies.

    1. vin

      Goild, you misunderstood. Let me explain that they do not need to put $27T to increase the capitalization of the SM by $27T. All they need is $1T, or much less.

      The point I was trying to explain is that $27T in fiat money under today’s circumstances is not the end of the world.

      Now coming back to SM. Can the SM increase by 50% in less than a year as Gary says. YES!

      Will it happen? I wish I knew.

      Is the SM a good value right now? I would say NO. But, then that is a subjective opinion. If someone is willing to buy at a higher price who am I to question.

      I am not predicting a substantial SM rise from here but I have an open mind to what Gary says. And, he has made some outrageous but correct predictions while he has not been always right.

      Good luck.

  18. zkotpen


    “why dwell on his being wrong before when he has been so right lately. Come on, let us be a bit more generous?

    “I come to this site because I like it. If I didn’t I won’t waste my time here. And, that is true for you as well, my friend.”

    Excellent points vin!! I appreciate them and for that reason I will reply. In fact, your two comments fit nicely into one reply, that is nicely supported by an example in the real world:

    I am not dwelling at all — the Houston Astros just won the World Series. So I would say that they have “been so right lately”. If the owner of that team publicly started claiming victory in 2013, it would not be dwelling to point that out, by saying, “skuze me, sir, but you didn’t even win 1/3 of your games in 2013!”

    A baseball fan could still enjoy the Astros in the present, but that person would be ill-advised to buy into some false notion that the 2017 champs were anything other than BASEMENT DWELLERS in 2013.

    To say the Astros went from basement dweller to champ in 4 years — nothing wrong with that. It’s an accomplishment. But to tout themselves as perennial juggernauts is a monstrous overreach as it is simply untrue.

    Finally, I will certainly NOT be taking on your beliefs as my truths unconditionally. If you and I adhere to the same belief about something or other, that would be coincidental.

    1. zkotpen

      PS: And I do come here less and less often, and read only (1) Gary’s comments, and (2) perhaps some reactions to my posts (like right now). Gary has some great insights, and he has decades of experience, which is why I still drop by (albeit less and less frequently), but he certainly loves conflict and self-aggrandizement.

  19. zkotpen


    You whispered something about 6%, but your emphasis was never on risk control. I would imagine (though I don’t know for sure) your mention of 6% of portfolio in the fine print is probably what kept you from a lawsuit or two, and having the site shut down. But your buys were very audible.

    Still, this exercise is extremely constructive, as it causes me to think long and hard about your stock market bubble call. After all, we have gold hitting an all-time high in 2011, then a year-long correction, which you called precursor to “the” bubble phase. And we see how that worked out. Ain’t no bubble phase in gold coming in — well, maybe it will come 4-5 years after some time or other, but not 4-5 years from 2016, and not 4-5 years from 2017. Not 4-5 years from 2018, either. Keep rolling the 4-5 years, and you may or may not be right one of these years! (Of course, we’ll all be pushing up daisies by that time!)

    Here’s 2017, stock market making all-time highs… with “the” bubble phase imminent… that’s way too similar to what happened in gold! Heck, even our good ol’ buddy, Richard Thaler, from “The Big Short” and Swedish prize fame is baffled by persistent low volatility in the stock market.
    (see https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nobel-prize-economics-investors/new-nobel-prize-economist-thaler-stumped-by-record-markets-idUSKBN1CF2TG)

    Why not just accept the fact that 2012 and 2013 were big losing years for you. Again, it’s an accomplishment to turn a losing trend into a winning trend. And by the way, even as recently as 2015, every “intermediate” cycle low in gold was “the final bottom” — until it was the final bottom (at least for the 2010s decade).

    At any rate, you are on record for calling gold’s recent July low the yearly cycle low, but no mathematical signal was generated, so that’s unlikely. Maybe on something arbitrary like a calendar that will end up being correct (maybe not). But in terms of the yearly fractal pattern, the move is as follows:

    Wave A down: July, 2016, to December, 2016.
    Wave B bull trap: Dec, 2016 – present. It may be complete in gold; still in progress for GDX.
    Wave C down: Whenever the bull trap consolidation ends, until it bottoms. Could go below 2015’s low as an “undercut low”, or maybe not. We shall see if your prognostication for the December FOMC meeting marks that low or not from a time standpoint. From a price standpoint, we’ll see how the July low holds up… and the December, 2016, low after that!

    As goild suggests, why not just keep it in the present?

    -You perform best at the “intermediate”, “daily”, and “half” cycle degrees.

    -The longest term and shortest term cycles are invisible to you. You use 6 cycle degrees; I have identified 12 degrees and actively use 10 or 11 of them, depending on available data. I also describe these cycles as fractal in nature (self-repeating patterns at any and all degrees), and you do not. I can see the fractal patterns with my eyes. More importantly, I can quantify them.

    -Why not stick to what you do best? In other words:

    1. Monitor yearly and higher degrees in hindsight — nothing wrong with that, if that’s what your methods permit you to see clearly. If you accurately identify a higher degree turning point after it occurs, that will guide you in predicting the behavior of the “intermediate,” “daily”, and “half” cycle degrees going forward.

    2. Just because the 4 cycle degrees below your “half” cycle are invisible to you doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It just means that you can’t see them. Why not either find somebody who can see them for you, or ignore them altogether? If you opted for the former, your instincts and experience, backed up by rigorous quantitative analysis would be formidable indeed!

    1. zkotpen

      PS: “But your buys were very audible.”

      Remember the admonition to just buy options on SLV and GDX, and then turn the computer off for the next several months???

    2. Gary Post author

      There was no fine print. I made it crystal clear no more than 6% in the long term options. I stressed that if gold did deliver another C-wave we would make plenty of money off the position and if things didn’t work out then 6% wasn’t a crippling loss.

      There was never anything wrong with my risk control.

      The recent trade last year that went against us. The one everyone loves to focus on. You know how much of one’s portfolio I stressed over and over to have in metals? No more than 20%.

      Even a 50% drawdown on the position would only be a 10% loss to ones total portfolio. But everyone conveniently ignores that don’t they?

      The problem is that novice traders don’t listen to me when I try to keep them from damaging their account. They think like all retail traders that nothing can every go wrong so they bet the farm and then when something does go wrong they look for someone to blame.

      The person to blame is themselves because they didn’t follow directions. Seriously one has to be nuts to go all in on a metals trade. It’s one of the most heavily manipulated markets on the planet. What the hell are they thinking?

      I’ve said it a hundred times. focus on the stock market. At least in that sector the manipulation is in your favor. Governments all over the world are actively supporting their stock markets. It’s how they control the business cycle.

      If you simply can’t make yourself stick to picking up the easy money in stocks and can’t resist playing with fire then limit your portfolio to no more than 20% in metal or energy trades. And no one in their right mind should trade currencies. Those are the most heavily manipulated markets on the planet.

  20. isavage

    Hi Gary

    Well I like the different outlook possibilities and your flexibility to consider it.

    An obvious question arises now about the dollar and your expectations for the gold price relating to that?

    Did your expectations change looking for a final high in the dollar and low and gold Up Before Christmas?

    1. Gary Post author

      My best guess is the dollar tops on or around December 13 when the Fed raises another 1/4 point.

      1. RTTPD

        Gary —–

        I hate to change the subject of yours and zkotpens very important conversation – but I’m wondering if you or anyone else here might have watched the Gann webinar video?

        He seems to have a good feeling that Gold will drop below the Dec 2016 low.

        After watching the video, I heard some things reminiscent of Pedestrians posts here…..

        1. Gary Post author

          I have not watched it. He’s a pretty good salesman, but very few of his market calls have played out.

          Basically it just boils down to whether or not the dollar is ready to enter a bear market. If this is a countertrend bounce in rolls over breaking down out of the megaphone top then I think gold is still in a secular bull market that has much further to run.

  21. zkotpen


    “How hard is to live in the present.
    A day trader’s motto is to trade in the now.”


    I have posted my thoughts on direction in miners since early September, and all year, for that matter. But volatility has shriveled up in earnest since the September peak, making the sector complex and unattractive for now.

    Hope they have proven useful to you!

  22. Gary Post author

    It should be an interesting day. The market is trying to move down into a DCL, but the dip buyers are relentless. Smart money knows there won’t be any significant top until after the FOMC meeting and not until the semi’s at least tag 1362. So there is little fear of a correction. Big money want’s in for the rest of the ride and isn’t worried about trying to time a perfect entry.

  23. Don

    Foreign markets took a beating overnight but that isn’t stopping the American algos from buying the dip. The S&P is now up despite terrible market breadth. The big caps are pulling the load , as is the usual.

  24. ocram

    if i have understand correctly,Flanagan (Gann webinar) thinks exactly like you : breakdown of gold and hui december 2016 lows and then resuming of the bull market.
    What it’s not so clear is if he thinks that this is just a mini bull in a longer sideways multi years bear or a new secular bull market.
    On this you are on the side of a new bull market with new all time highs ,am I correct?

    1. didier

      I subscribed for 6 months to Gann and there was a lot about what he brings that was not clear to me. The market review is written in childish language and the few trades are difficult to follow also because there is no portfolio.
      If you want to know Garys view on gold why not subscribe? The same question for all the other on this blog. Why not subscribe? To expensive? Traders who lack 50$ a month?

      1. ocram

        Thank you for the information on Gann.
        I have not subscribed to Gary because he doesn’t follow single gold/silver stocks but just ETF’s and in my country one cannot trade ETF’s structured on miners like gdxj etc….without paying an insane amount ox taxes .
        I can only buy stocks unfortunately ,I had also sent a mail to Gary and he was the first to tell me to subscribe only if I had the opportunity to trade with the ETF’s.

        1. vin

          ” in my country one cannot trade ETF’s structured on miners like gdxj etc….without paying an insane amount ox taxes…”

          Which country is that? Incredible? These politicos will grab every penny they can in the name of “it is all for you (the people)”.

          1. ocram

            We are not allowed to trade any etf’s on miners if we wanna pay 25% of capital gain tax.
            If we choose to trade them we are subject to a completely different taxation (income tax) that is from 25% to 55 % .
            Until 2011 the capital gain tax was only 12,5% then they doubled it.
            We can trade pratically any stocks in all the most important markets but not all the etf’s (etf’s on gold and silver are allowed).

  25. JJHarmen

    Every day, the VXX and UVXY buyers get skinned. So predictable and yet the suckers just keep buying them.

  26. JJHarmen

    Hey Goild, what happened to your “lunch money” gray train? Now that you are calling out your trades in real time, things have not been going so well. Maybe you need to get back into that 50 trades a day profit mode.

    1. vin

      jj the fact is that the market has a way of humbling us all. I have never met a trader who has never been humbled. Yet there are people who do very well. To me it seems to be more of an art than science.

  27. Don

    I don’t think anyone is surprised anymore by the dip buying or another rush to new highs. That has become the norm. What would be a surprise is a real correction that takes the S&P down 10% or more.

  28. isavage

    My money and out look is on no pull pack pre VIX OPEX on Wed with tomorrow as last day for trading.

    So Goild look out for a UVXY smashing if you are in or thinking of it!

    Wed Am forwards we may get more selling, but if we are in this run away or exponential move add in seasonally etc..we are done already!

  29. Goild

    Good night around here,

    Isvage, I sold the UVXY as I take the SM peak would be around December 31st.
    The we should see.

    The miners are being beaten so I got 500 JNUG shares to wet the appetite and start building a position.

  30. jacob2

    Gold stock washout, imminent ?

    Everybody (gold sites) awaiting the last big wash out prior to the parabolic rise.

    Where have I heard this before and why am I so skeptical as to this is how it plays out?

    1. jacob2

      Gold/SM .. how about Treading water

      Gold favor chop. No meltdown, no blue sky rise. In this environment going to be a long wait for the big gold lift off.

      SM: A wonderful year but time for a pause: likely 1Q gut check, before the bull resumes.

  31. Gary Post author

    I find it hilarious that so many people are looking for the next crash. After the 1929 crash how long was it before the next one? After the 87 crash how long was it before the next one?

    Now we have central banks protecting stock markets with an unlimited supply of counterfeit money. Do you people really think the stock market is going to be allowed to crash?

    1. BeachandBiscuits

      Agree. This is also why I think the deflationists are wrong.

      No way the CBs are going to allow deflation to take hold across multiple sectors….they must “inflate or die” as Richard Russell said….and THEN maybe deflation IMO.

      1. vin

        Anything is possible. But, with so much liquidity it is hard to imagine deflation.

        On the other hand, there is a percentage of the population all over the world including economically advanced nations, who have lived in severe deflation for more than a decade now. And, unfortunately their number is growing rapidly.

  32. JJHarmen

    What a dull day in the markets. All the major indexes in the green at the close. No worries folks. Everyone seems to be waiting for gold to take a dive but I guess they will have to wait some more.

  33. TraderPete

    According to the Kitco Gold Survey, everybody, including granny, is bullish on gold for this week. It makes me think that gold will either crash or continue to whipsaw ( go sideways), as Gary is predicting. Who was it that said, “In a basing pattern, surprises will be to the sideways”? 😎

  34. Goild

    We need to appreciate people more here, specially the bright ones, as we lose when they leave…
    It takes a while to recognize a talented trader, and a second to lose them.

  35. Goild


    I do not post any more lunch money as people do not like it.
    I can understand that it can be distressing to realize someone is making money while one is losing it. I keep making money in my day trading account almost every time I sit to trade. I am now posting what I do in my swing accounts.
    I suggest JJ to recalibrate your thinking in terms of believing what someone else can do, you only will benefit from it. I think you are intelligent and dedicated, but need to weed out that weed:
    Yes, other people make a lot of money day trading.
    And although I make money, I am far from being very good.

    1. vin

      Goild, you said “good night” above. Where are you located? France? Greece? Or, even more east? Just curious.
      I enjoyed your posts. Please post more often. I guess some people do get annoyed. You need to keep their sensitivity in mind. But, please do post more often.

  36. mexican

    Just a question?? If you make so much lunch money and tell us about it, then why all the questions to the blog and Gary? Why do you not subscribe for the few bucks it costs? Just curious! I mean you seem to make a lot of money what is a subscription worth when you can make even more? Not sure i get this picture???
    Just kinda srange!

    1. Carl

      We can always improve and the best way to improve for humans is is to learn from other people. If you add Gary’s information or other trader’s valuable information to your own analysis you might have better chance to success. The problem is that it’s hard to find good info because most traders are really bad. For a trader that is being successful, a second point of view might be enough without being taken by the hands.

      1. vin

        “taken by the hands” I like that and I like that very much. Matter of fact is that those who want to be led at every step usually don’t perform that well.

    2. victor

      there’s nothing wrong to ask for other’s opinion Mexican. Although Goild did find his day trading method and “polishing”/improving it day by day, he is quite young trader. I remember him appear on the blog few years ago and I remember my thought abt him like ” oh, another newbie with beginners questions…”
      Now, as we see, Goild is progressing and making money. It would be no surprise to see him open a blog and having subscribers. Goild, name it “Day trades only” or so…
      Mexican, lot of us here maybe more experienced, but, we can put our experience in our ass if we are not making money. Goild actually shows us what we worth.
      Best to you Goild….

  37. Gary Post author

    It looks like I was right to worry about the dollar not breaking the cycle trendline during the October dip.

    It’s now moving down into what should be a more recognizable DCL.

    However, the attack on the gold market two days ago has probably prevented gold from responding properly to the decline in the dollar.

    This is a big reason why I’m hesitant to trade the gold market while it’s stuck in this basing pattern. It’s just impossible to predict when the bankers are going to throw in a manipulation and steal your money.

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