35 thoughts on “WHERE ARE WE GOING IN 2018?

  1. ocram

    Thank you Surf and Gary,
    let’s hope that your forecasts will be proven right.
    Silver did not reach a new high in 2011 so it can be that the bull market that began in 2001 have not end,but this is the only important discrepancy which makes us hope not to be immersed in a new bear market.

    1. RTTPD

      Good stuff.

      The only thing you did not mention is further commentary on Bitcoin’s trajectory.

      SurfCity —– You told a poster here–about 2 1/2 weeks ago—–who said Bitcoin might go to 40k before a correction, that it had topped–that day I think—and that it would head down. You told the truth and that call, along with Gary’s, turned out to be extremely accurate.

      Great job to both of you.

      1. Surf City

        Just following my cycles analysis. BitCoin had gone parabolic and was near the 5 month mark of its current IC uptrend. I knew it had to be topping when I went to get a haircut earlier in the week and Bitcoin was all the hairdressers or customers could talk about… LOL. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. jskauai

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  3. Strike2

    Your predicted gradual trajectory for $GOLD to 1400+ is a good bet, BUT…
    There are several reasons for a possibly more energetic rise. Firstly, there really is no chart resistance after 1377 is taken out – nothing but blue sky for years back. Secondly, if you are correct about the abrupt dollar fall ahead, one could certainly imagine way more than a $100 move in $GOLD while the dollar plummets to 80 or lower.
    Put me in the outlier camp that sees a possible test of the 2011 all-time high by year end 2018.

  4. Steffmeister

    No Gary and Surf are both wrong!

    Be careful out there, the sentiment here is way too bullish!

    I am talking about Gold &Silver ๐Ÿ™‚ a SMACK is coming!

      1. Gary Post author

        If Steff ever gets the balls to enter the challenge and make real time trades then one might listen to him. Otherwise this is nothing more than hot air from another Monday morning quarterback who will claim to have always traded perfectly, but of course always after the move has already happened.

        When gold and silver start down into their next ICL months from now he will claim to have called the move. Of course it will be many months too early.

        Also notice that he claims to have gotten long and caught this rally. When in fact he got long way too early back in early October when I was warning people to wait for a failed daily cycle before buying.

      1. Jim Dandy

        Steff is just hoping for a smackdown because he already sold everything on this bounce, since he got long way to early. He wants back in miners, but is getting left behind.

  5. Gary Post author


    We will have a move down into either a daily or intermediate cycle low in the next several weeks. The top callers will come out in force again. And again they will end up looking foolish and wrong.

    Tops that occur this late in an intermediate cycle don’t produce major tops. They are just profit taking events. Once they run their course then the bull trend resumes.

    The perma bears will again try to call a new bear market and they will again miss the buying opportunity. As I think the uptrend is about to accelerate even more this will be a critical buying opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

    1. Clarence

      It will be difficult to leave the gold market (for me personally) a few weeks from now, because things should be just starting to get exciting.

      If it’s anything like the last few years, some of the gold/silver stocks could come close to doubling in the next few months. Particularly if you think we could break 1400.

      Would it not be better to ride gold to 1400 (late March ?), and then switch to TQQQ/UDOW ?

      If/when we hit 10,000, what would be the value of TQQQ ?

      Gary, have a happy and healthy 2018 !

      1. carlvan

        The way I read Gary’s prediction, it is precisely the moment NOT to leave gold: indeed if the stock market is heading to a correction in the next days/weeks, and that gold continue to be inversely correlated to SM, this is the moment to be long gold. At least that makes sense to me.

        1. Clarence

          Exactly. We wouldn’t leave the metals before that point.

          But if the market correction is coming sooner than earlier anticipated and may be only a 5% haircut, would you leave the metals before they top (Feb/March) ?

          If gold breaks 1400 by February/March, that could send some of the miners into huge gains.

          1. Clarence

            Ideally we can hopefully ride the metal bull to near it’s top, then catch the stock market bottom and grab the bounce.

            Maybe the stock market ICL will coincide nicely with a metal DCL ?

          2. carlvan

            That’s right; personnally, but it is just a bias, I believe that during the final and parabolic phase of the stock market we might see gold and stocks moving alike – remember that’s what they did often in the past, South or North…

      1. Jim Dandy

        I only watch the speculators as commercials are always hedging supply so itยดs less useful , imo, but yes they did add to shorts.

        We will see which side was correct, but if itยดs the hedgers then I will use any dip to add.

  6. troybombardia

    Great video Gary. I think gold and silver will consolidate for the first few months of 2018 before breaking out massively on the upside.
    Of course, this completely depends on the USD. If the USD breaks down immediately in the next few weeks, then gold and silver will go up too.

  7. palobar

    Gary you keep calling everyone idiots, clueless or that they dont have the balls to participate in your challenge. Nevertheless, you did not have the courage to post the comments I made earlier. Very sorry about that.

  8. Jouni Harjula

    My first entry to this blog. But by reading it, this is one of the few blogs worth that makes good arguments market action. Golds price action as monthly inverse H&S in both gold and silver and dollars megaphone gives good reason for gold to shoot up. COT positioning in US dollar, specs and retail being extreme short,
    is worrysome to support price of gold/Silver going up and US Dollar crashing. Historically these extremes have caused major reversals in price. Gary, would be interested in your take on COT extremes.

    1. Gary Post author

      The COT’s aren’t timing tools. Many many analysts used the extreme COT levels as an excuse to miss almost all of the baby bull rally in 2016.

      During trending moves the COT’s can become completely worthless.

  9. Jouni Harjula

    100 % Agreed. COT really is setup tool vs timing tool. Price action really overrules everything at the end and although i am not familiar with cycles, i always look for contrarian value signals, except for fed controlled stock market where they have permanent vix put on, my signals seem to coincide well with cycles.

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