1. vin

    WOW! Thank you Gary.

    I have to admit that I was skeptical. In fact I still don’t understand but it looks like that you could see what no one else could.

    It is an incredible call considering that the markets are not cheap by any standard.

    Keep up the good work and I wish best of health.

  2. Gary Post author

    During the 2000 bubble the parabolic phase lasted almost 5 months. Other than the double dip about half way through there were very few pullbacks to allow traders an entry into the market.

    Waiting for a pullback during a bubble is potentially the recipe for missing it.

    1. Autobahn

      Those two 10% corrections were probably scary in real time . It took two months two play out. I see people going in and out losing money and mental capital during that time.

      What do you think Gary ?

      1. Gary Post author

        Even a bubble isn’t going to be a cake walk. The volatility will increase as the bubble phase matures.

    2. davidch14

      ironically… i remember that period all too well since i worked in telecom as a mechanical design engineer. i actually sold all my equity positions late dec 2000 and put everything in bonds (and thus missed the next several months). i could feel the euphoria all around me… not just stocks but in my work environment. our company was over ordering parts to meet unbelievable future demand and head hunters were calling me daily from competitors… then one day late while working late right before Christmas while looking at redhat stock..(30b mkrt cap w/ only 17m in sales).. it hit me how crazy everything had gotten. i hit sale button on everything on open next day in my Suretrade acct (trades were 15min delay during that period… lol) and moved all my 401k to bonds… by april the mrkt started to crack, my company went bankrupt and the whole industry imploded… looking back and as naive as i was at the time, i think i was lucky to get out when i did

  3. Cybo33

    Gary, if this bubble pops in the stock market in the next few months, what do you see happening to gold and the miners at that time?

    Thanks for your extraordinary analysis.

    1. Gary Post author

      I’ve given up trying to time a correction. The semi’s went through the all-time highs. I was not expecting that.

      Everything else aside, we have clearly begun the parabolic phase. Bubbles don’t come around all that often. I don’t think one should risk missing it because they tried to time an inconsequential wiggle.

    1. davidch14

      cat and ba (along with dow) are (or very recently) most overbought in their histories i think on weekly charts… i don’t think that will stop them from going up though before it all pops

  4. Duuuuuude

    Looks to me the NASDAQ 100 is flagging. I already have a futures position but am adding on here as it looks to be flagging. The Dow is already moving higher, so my hope is that the NQ will be close behind.

  5. Spanky

    Even the 2000 bubble had a very large correction to reset sentiment somewhat before it went on to double in the final phase. It is hard to envision any sort of correction like that this time though. Maybe there is a hard correction and the Fed signals QE? Or maybe just a smooth ramp to infinity.

  6. Christian

    Steve Sjuggerud (one of my favs) was the first one to talk about the bubble while others were too busy trying to pick a top, and you were the second Gary. Job well done my friend 👍🏻

  7. Spanky

    Trump said he wants strong dollar. Gold duly reverses.

    Dow should hit 27000 sometime in the next two weeks. Wow.

  8. Nada

    I have a feeling the dollar and USDJPY are about to raise hell. I just went GREEN in my short. Let’s go Dixie, show them that sometimes being a bitch is all you have to hold on to.

    USDJPY did a undercut of the .786 and now has a beautiful tail. I wonder if Trump will ignite a short squeeze in the USD. However, I believe commercials already have a very large position in longs.

  9. palobar

    Gold had an impressive move from the Dec’17 low. Gary not only called the low but managed excellently the trade. Regardless of what tomorrow I congratulate him. Here is the big difference between Gary and many others who sell market letters. Gary is a real trader. I may have some disagreements and tensions with him, but the right thing has to be said. Well done.

  10. palobar

    A few days ago I had shared three key critical time windows. The third window was the 25-26 January. The previous two-time windows did not give us anything of importance. Hopefully, the third one may capture a more meaningful swing point.

    1. Nada

      Let’s hope so palobar! 45 calendar days since the ICL or 31 trading days – this daily cycle is in the band for its DCL hunt. My speculation was/is we find the DCL on FOMC – 5 days away.

      Miners are getting rocked – especially juniors – GDXJ.

      **** Hats off to Gary for his timing today! ****

  11. Don

    With only 17 trading days so far this year Netflix is up over 40%, Nividia , 23% , Amazon, 17.6%, Boeing, 16% and the list goes on. These are not small thinly traded stocks but rather very large companies with hefty valuations. Money is looking for a place to park and valuation can be what ever someone else is willing to pay.

    1. jacob2

      Yes, also noticed that small caps largely absent from this rally. Sold my many non participating small caps yesterday.

  12. Jim Dandy

    Hunting for a DCL low now? I am probably early, but added to MUX down here, and have orders in on SILJ below the market. If miners can get lower over next couple days I might even get some JNUG and NUGT. 🙂

  13. Bob

    It’s been a great day to be a subscriber. Gary made the right calls for us this morning with some clear direction to prepare us. Now another report coming out before the close. Yup, $50 well spent

  14. allthatglitters

    Trump wants a stronger dollar, eh? Well, all of us Americans do, don’t we?

    But no human being under the sun is going to be able to make it happen, sorry Mr. President.

    1. Jake

      He’s saying what “he should” be saying in this situation.

      A falling dollar without any “concern” from our esteemed leaders just wouldn’t look right now would it?

  15. Jim Dandy

    I would like to see a weak close in metals and miners, followed by a gap down in the morning that gets bought hard, and close the week on strong note. Or even close down but off the lows tomorrow, and start higher again early next week. Would remind me a lot of the 2016 rally, even though this time will not repeat the same way, and we more likely just work higher slow and steady again.

  16. Jimsee

    covered the dgld short hedge – trading ANT style today 😀

    It is gonna be tricky dicky stuff from here to solar eclipse IMO.

    lots of volatility and I expect a crescendo above 1400 into or out of the solar eclipse pivot.

    interestingly – tomorrow could be a complete outside reversal UP for gold IMO – lots of nervous sellers need to chase to lock in the first DCH IMO. either way lots of volatility next 3 trading days.

    1. Jim Dandy

      Could be, though I would like to see GLD come down into an obvious DCL. To do that it has to at least go below $126.90 or so before forming a swing, if I am learning cycles correctly.

      1. Nada

        Afternoon Jim. GLD will go much lower than that “if” we have reached the time for the DCL hunt. The trendline will need to be broken to signal the DCL has commenced. DCL’s scare the $hit out of everyone and we might even see Shortin Sally show up a few days before the bottom.

        DCL’s do not last 1-2 days. They will last 5-10 days.

        1. Jim Dandy

          I agree, I mentioned that level as a pre-requisite. It needs to get there first, or we aren´t even going for a DCL yet.

      1. vin

        Jim, to-day jnug was down as ted had predicted looong ago.

        In fact he had predicted that miners had topped when jnug was around 16.

        I take his advise seriously. And, I eagerly wait for his blessings.


    1. Spanky

      Whatever. We have seen these charts time and time and time again. I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to fit the 1929 market or 1999 market yet.

      It’s called a parabola. Mcclellan’s post is just dumb.

      1. jacob2

        No opinion on McClellan but do know the small and mid caps now awol from this rally. Think they turn down first. TNA and QQQ charts look like they are done.

        1. Gary Post author

          Seriously, more top calling?

          Haven’t we learned our lesson yet on that strategy?

          The banks aren’t diverging yet.

          The advance decline line isn’t diverging yet.

          The ROBO ratio has just now moved to moderately bullish levels. During market tops the ROBO stays at extremes for months before the top comes.

          You are going to talk yourself out of missing one of the greatest bubbles in history.

          10,000 is going to be a piece of cake. 20,000 isn’t out of the question when we get to the really nutty phase of the parabola.

  17. roadrunner

    credit does need to be giving to Gary’s calls out of gold ICL. I have a nice cushion on the core position for the whole cycle and banked some really nice profits for the 1st DC. Still have a few small short term positions left in case we reverse tomorrow and top early next week, if not wait for DCl, add to position and then ride the next cycle up well over 1400.

  18. Cybo33

    I heard the President made an innocuous remark about a stronger dollar but basically indicated the opposite in policy.

    I will wait for Gary’s thoughts but I might buy a dip especially in JNUG.

    I still don’t see how going old Turkey on what Gary sees as minor dips before the gold miner bubble would not be wise since he thinks that bubble is only maybe 6 months away when the stock market explodes.

    If serious money is buying dips in the miners, why shouldn’t we while they are still cheap.

    If that is true, why not for those who do have the intestinal fortitude, just load for a 30 bagger just a couple years (at most) away?

    JNUG was over $600 a few years ago.,

    There is going to be a hell of a lot mire cashing this bobble up.

    For sure!

    1. Gary Post author

      The bubble phase in gold is still several years away IMO. Gold needs to recover the all time highs first and this bottom is forming as a rounded base rather than a V. That means it will take awhile to get back to 1900.

      Once gold breaks through 1900 then look out above.

  19. palobar

    Today Gold came very close to the 2016 high, yet interestingly JNUG did not even come close to its 2016 high. Any thoughts?

    1. Gary Post author

      You should ignore the 3X funds. They are useless for comparisons as they have decay.

      Look at the unleveraged indexes. Clearly they have completed bear market bottoms and have been basing all year. They will break out of the base soon.

      1. palobar

        If Gold reaches its all-time highs shouldn’t JNUG perform well as well? I think that you had mentioned $500

        1. Gary Post author

          Most of that move will come in the last year of the bull market. During the bubble phase 3X funds go nuts.

          Look at what TQQQ has done over the last year compared to the previous 8.

          1. palobar

            Thanks. Will check that. In the 2016 rally JNUG went up almost x17 from its 12/2015 low. Wonder what it will do if Gold breaks above the 2011 high whenever that happens.

  20. Spanky

    Silver a complete dud. Based on the rather pathetic relative strength out of the ICL, they are going to bend silver and silver miners over a barrel into the next DCL. Yesterday and today certainly bear that out.

  21. Spanky

    $HUI to drop below 200 imminently for the 10 billionth time. What an opportunity cost this POS sector has been.

    1. Gary Post author

      I’ve tried everything I can think of to get people to focus on the stock market right now short of beating them over the head with a club. It’s where the first bubble is going to form (after bitcoin). Its’ where the easy, big and quick money is going to be made over the next 3-4 months.

      The easy money in gold will be made after the stock market bubble pops.

      Is there some reason you choose to ignore my advice and refuse to take the easy money in the stock market?

      1. Spanky

        Cannot willfully buy into a bubble like this. Just can’t do it after sitting out the entire ride since 2009. I know as soon as I pile in, the top will be in. It’s just the type of luck I have (none).

        1. Gary Post author

          The top is still 3-4 months away. You will know the top when everyone at work starts talking about how much money they are making in the stock market.

  22. roadrunner

    GDX was #1 on BOW…for whatever that is worth. Gld was also on BOW.

    Spanky are you all in on miners? are they your only positions? particularly silver miners?

    1. Spanky

      All in on silver miners and it has sucked bigtime. Even if they start making higher highs (which the juniors haven’t in over 18 months) it will be years before the 2016 highs are taken out, IMO. The whole commoditiy sector is in the same boat. yes, it could rally, but price is so far below the key LT MAs on the monthly chart, it will be repairing the damage for years, IMO. Price will rally only to be halted by declining LT MAs–and there’s lots of them in the way now.

      The bankers did a number on the sector, that is for damn sure. They won.

      1. Gary Post author

        You appear to be mentally blocked and unable to switch gears. That is not the kind of mindset to have in this business. You either need to learn how to control your emotions and biases or you need to get out of the investing game.

        Or… if you intend on playing this Old Turkey then shut up, calm down, and be patient. You’ve got at least 2-5 years still ahead.

        1. Spanky

          yes, need to shut up. Crying like a little bitch isn’t going to do anything. I have a feeling the next few months are going to be excruciating as the stock market soars and metals drop or drift lower and lower. Over and out and good luck to you. Maybe you can spare a million bucks in 6 months?

      2. roadrunner

        You will be rewarded. We will surpass the june ’16 highs this year, But you are in a volatile sector. When silver takes off your miners will go with it. but you can’t watch that everyday, unless you are also trading. if not trading go do something you enjoy and by Christmas you will feel a whole lot better. And throw some money at the stock market, do nothing, and sell when Gary sells. Don’t make it hard on yourself.

        1. Spanky

          Thanks for the pep talk, but a simple higher high and higher low on the weekly chart for SILJ would be a nice first start. While we should start to do that this year, I don’t see 2016 highs taken out until 2019 or early 2020.

        2. RTTPD

          ” You will be rewarded. We will surpass the june ’16 highs this year, But you are in a volatile sector. When silver takes off your miners will go with it. but you can’t watch that everyday, unless you are also trading. if not trading go do something you enjoy ”

          I think you’re on the money. And Christain’s advice about picking up hobbies is profoundly wise. I think hobbies extend life.

          I’m not sure how many are paying real attention to everything in the background, but their is more chaos, uncertainty, and divisiveness in the US than at anytime in my 52 years on the planet. And in my opinion this can only serve to accentuate further PM rallys

  23. Rapunsel

    What happened to now is the time to be greedy in gold? I thought the bankers just manufactured an entry point for a rally that would surely last more than two days? Is gold still looking to take out or match the highs of the baby bull, and in relatively short order?

    1. Spanky

      When you are levered 3X in gold miners and the stock market goes up every day, you can afford to be less greedy with gold.

  24. ocram

    Some food for thought:
    IF the bubble started in november 2016 around 5000 we shouldn’t be very distant from the top (say 10-12000)
    IF the bubble started in september 2017 around 6200 the top could be in late winter early spring around 12-15000)
    IF the bubble started ,as Gary thinks,in january of this year around 6800 the top could arrive in late spring early summer around 15-20000)

    1. Gary Post author

      The bubble began on election night. The parabolic phase started on January 2.

      Bubbles run about a year and a half.

      The parabolic phase of the bubble last’s 3-6 months.

      1. ocram

        Thanks Gary, so taking both bubble and parabolic phase counts into considerations we should see the top by june-july of this year,not later.
        I try to guess the top : from 15000 to 20000
        …….but what will happen next ??? this is perhaps the most important question to ask,I think we will live a brutal period economically politically and socially.

        1. cazabrujas

          If you want to see what happens next, look at bitcoin last December, the housing market in 2007-2008 and tech in 1999-2000.

          1. ocram

            Both Gary and cazabrujas I know very well what will happen with the markets,but I meant what will happen SOCIALLY and POLITICALLY since we are living one of the worst debt situation ever in history,this is not anymore a “market problem” but a social problem.
            Tahnk you Gary for your(often successful) effort to indicate the right way in the markets 🙂

          2. Gary Post author

            The debt is now on government balance sheets and governments can print money. So the problem will be inflation.

  25. Cybo33

    Gary, I think what many of us are asking you is do you think we should get out of our gold and mining positions that we do have right now?

    I bought JNUG in the 13 range. Do you think I should sell it now?

    I thought you said gold would most likely run higher. I know what you think about the stock market but I am worried about losing the gains that I have in the miners.

    Is it time to bail?

      1. Cybo33

        Yes I did. But are you referring to all stocks including the miners?

        Should we expect them all to rally for the next few months including JNUG?

        1. cazabrujas

          When Gary refers to the stock market, he is talking about the S&P500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq. The precious metals sector includes the miners. The bubble right now is the stock market, so no, it does not include JNUG.

          1. vin

            Cybo33, I truly wish I could provide you that information. If I did that it wont be fair either to subscribers or Gary.

            Personally I find that his calls are remarkable and I learn both from this blog and his sub board. But, for someone like me who is not very clever sub board is helpful, or more correctly it has been helpful so far.

  26. Christian

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT — It’s always been my feeling that OIL would TOP once the buck found a bottom. However, if the buck capitulates, which is (as of this hour) still very much a possibility, then Oil could see a bit more upside, eeeeeek!

    The good news is that the bounce out of an ICL for the Dollar would drop OIL on its knees and we just might actually start making some moolah on this position 🙂

    PS: I’m also noticing some divergence in Sentiment.

    1. Nada

      Posting on the blog while you are on vacation? Some of the best advice I was given and have given in return – find a hobby!!

        1. Nada

          Well he may be on vacation, but I hear he is still pissing people off on the subscriber side with that beautiful ego of his 🙂

          1. Christian

            Not everybody — My beautiful little ego is only pissing off the ones that are annoying to begin with 🙂

            It wouldn’t be Nada without the snark. Mahalo my friend..!

  27. Jim Dandy

    Bitcrap looking for new lows off that busted parabola. It´s going to be a long, long time before it hits $50K at this rate. The upside is out of gas, the volatility has died down, and it hasn´t found it´s lows yet.

    $6K still on tap, maybe a lot lower.

    http://www.acting-man.com/?p=52108 This link is to part two. I know they don´t like paying attention to pesky details, but the Bitclowns can probably find part one if they search real hard.

    1. GBull33

      It looked like it wanted to breakout, but every run is being sold. Looks like price is going to drop like a rock through a wet paper napkin. But those 50k, 100k, and 1million dollar moon shots are just around the corner right??? The sad part is how many “genius” investors (gamblers) are going to get caught…many leveraged using money they don’t have.

  28. Duuuuuude

    I exited my oil shorts days ago when I began to become suspicious that oil was trying to follow stocks. If you look at the degree of curvature to the trend, it would appear it is taking the shape of a parabola. I am not calling parabola or oil bubble here but given the characteristics of the move I exited and moved back over to stock futures.

  29. Gary Post author

    Just because Trump makes a statement that he wants a strong dollar doesn’t mean it will happen.

    We’ve printed trillions of dollars. There has to be consequences to be paid.

    I’m not sure yet that the daily cycle has bottomed as the euro and yen are rallying again this morning.

      1. Jim Dandy

        Yep, instead he is going to let 2 million or more illegals have citizenship via DACA, instead of deporting them like the voters wanted.

        1. Nada

          I agree, deport em all. However, the Democrats love illegals to build their base. Trump cannot do it on his own and fighting the Democrats and turncoats in his own party is a full time job.

          1. Duuuuuude

            Nor can he raise the value of the dollar with the stroke of a pen. He can encourage the Fed to raise rates, but the Fed is separate from the executive branch.

          2. Gary Post author

            Plus raising rates has not been enough to stop the collapse. They will need to raise by much much bigger increases and a lot more often if they want to turn the Titanic around at this point. I suspect it’s probably too late and there’s nothing they can do to stop the collapse.

          3. Jim Dandy

            I agree, as an American, Canadian, or European, try overstaying your visa in another country, then getting a job. Lol, the job wont last a week if anybody will hire you, and you will be immediately deported with fines.
            I think Trump isnt even trying, its just a big show to keep people entertained and believing Washington is working on the problems (that they created), it dosent matter one bit who you vote for you are getting more of the same destruction in the name of globalism.

          4. vin

            Nada, I agree. It is so unfortunate. Isn’t it? It is known as vote bank politics. It is not going to end well.

            faz, Sir, you seem to be an educated young man but your double standard is mind boggling. People go to lands that perform well to enhance their livening standards. And, that is fine as long as they don’t carry the baggage with them otherwise the prosperous place gets destroyed and no one wins. But, don’t worry that won’t happen. Just watch. If things don’t change and change drastically then Trump is just a start. UK and Germany are next.

  30. Goild

    Good morning,

    Larger volatility appears to be coming back to the miners.
    Enforce strict stop loss.
    Beware of double edged falling knifes.

  31. Infamous_M

    Yesterday was brutal for some of us who didn’t get out the day before. Will we be seeing another drop today? Thinking of jumping ship.

  32. trendyfollower

    Significant US$ decline accomplishes the same as a border adjustment tax and is much easier feasible politically. So guess which one will happen?

    1. Gary Post author

      I told you that there was no need to panic because you missed the bitcoin bubble. There are at least two more still to come.

      2 out of 3 is pretty good.

      1. vin

        WOW! I am a serous gold investor irrespective.

        But, I would have never put money in SM had it not been for your advise.

        And, all I can say is thank you. Though I will be more than happy to buy an excellent dinner if we can connect. Unfortunately I dwell in East.

      2. vin

        btw if it ends up the way you predict … in both SM and gold, specially gold, I and wife will most probably travel to California to thank you in person. Cheers!

        And, stay healthy.

        1. tulip

          Jan 26 Sentiment Indicates Extremes of Emotion for Lots of Commodities Bob Moriarty SWR

          On 321Gold…..

          1. Gary Post author

            Oil sentiment is exceptionally high for sure. Not so much for gold & silver yet.

            The gold:oil ratio still needs to swing back in favor of gold for awhile.

          2. m0ntana

            Lately Bob has made some great calls, and so has Gary. One has to be nimble and listen to experts before deriving your own conclusion. Bob is saying DSI is above 90 and bit extreme for gold.

        2. Autobahn

          Not California . Better ! Las Vegas.
          Yes we should and probably will have a celebratory dinner after. I hope.

  33. MrBurns

    Nasdaq: A lot of cash will be brought in on repatriation incentive, I figure there will be a bunch of acquisitions by the big companies like Apple. Also Biotechs are already in merger-mania mode which shold continue and push up the index,

  34. Autobahn

    Gary remember Kyle Bass made a bullish call on oil when price was in a low 30’s ?
    You posted video on the blog.
    Double since then.

  35. Spanky

    $silver is poised to finally bust its 233 WMA. A very very significant MA.
    It’s quite possible that price works its ways back down just below the 144 WMA yet again before making another attempt to break out. Back in 2000-2004, silver ping ponged between these two MAs quite a few times before it finally broke out.

    Anyway, we will see. If we do shoot above the 233 WMA finally, I imagine there will be a back test of some sort.


      1. Spanky

        They can always get more overbought, especially on a price spike. And then we could flag for a couple of weeks to work off sentiment.

        Just sayin’.

  36. housenumberking

    The metals are tough on the brain. They always seem to need a back test before any glory while everything else is up up and away, clear blue sky. Today seems pretty constructive overall. I’m definitely old turkey and will continue to wait. Loooong time holder. I am from Canada and hold too much Canadian stocks and not enough US. I’m making some adjustments there now. Fingers crossed I’m not too late to the party.

    Good calls Gary.

  37. allthatglitters

    Other than the very temporary power of sound bytes, Trump is powerless to make the dollar stronger given our insane debt that’s only growing by the nanosecond plus the easy money policies of the Fed. He stated clearly that he wanted a stronger dollar when he got elected, and he hasn’t been able to accomplish that very much so far has he?

    1. RTTPD

      I heard last night that having that task force in the NK area and moving all the equipment/assets over there is costing 850 million every single day. That’s beyond stupid. And that’s why I don’t think the US will ever recover economically to even a slight hint of a creditor nation.

    2. Spanky

      Trump may be powerless, but obviously the Fed, BoJ and ECB are not, at least in the short run. Look at what the BoJ manufactured in 2013 to send the dollar soaring (and the yen epically tumbling) despite the Fed announcing QE3.

  38. Spanky

    Next week is guaranteed to be wild with the FOMC, leading up to Wednesday and then afterwards.

    Market at nosebleed levels, miners and silver poised on a knife’s edge….

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  39. GBull33

    Gold is hanging in there. Still feel confident that it will reach 1398 to 1400. I picked up more shares yesterday. Time will tell. Goodluck everyone and have a great weekend.

    1. Spanky

      I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that gold and silver will reach $1470 and $22-23 at the IC top. I base that on historical distances between price and the most common weekly moving averages (20, 50 and 200) for gold. I think gold would then retest the break out zone in the high 1300s at the next ICL. Pie in the sky…

      1. Jim Dandy

        Spanky, if you are correct about the metals, silver miners will probably drop 40% between now and then. 🙂

  40. jacob2

    A 3 question informal poll:
    (1) will we get a correction or just keep going parabolic?
    (2) If yes for correction when does it start?
    (3) If yes for 2 what is the PO for the S&P?

    My take is: 1 (yes) a big one, (2) begin mid/early Feb. (3) PO 2500 or so

    Just curious on what people are thinking (sentiment).

    1. Gary Post author

      You need to study bubbles. You also need to understand that this one is being driven by the greatest money printing period in history.

        1. MrBurns

          I’m sure some terrorist event or nuclear threat that isn’t a failed sparkler will get some fear in the market, but even those are short-lived these days. Unless some alibaba blows up a US location or major European center, it won’t do much.

    1. Gary Post author

      Avi jumped to bitcoin during the final bubble to sell subscriptions to the sheep. Now all those sheep are being fleeced. He’s got to keep them hoping or he’s going to lose their subscription payments.

      I saw that one coming a mile away. When most newsletter writers jump on a trend it’s very near the top. They are trying to cash in on a fad.

      1. mike trike

        If Bitfinex keeps printing Tethers at the rate they have been lately then $30,000 bitcoin is an easy target.
        Even Nouriel Roubini is talking about the fraud that Tether is:

        Anyone invested in cryptos should get out ASAP! The Tethers scandal is starting to go mainstream. When Tether collapses the whole crypto house of cards is going down with it. There is no other Asian country coming to save you like Japan and South Korea did in the last year.
        When the losses start piling up, the bagholders are going to demand action by governments around the world. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Cryptos, except government controlled ones will be banned. Get Out!

        Check the Tether printing here:

        1. Jim Dandy

          Interesting, thanks for sharing. So Tether is just one more problem for bitcoin, along with the fact nobody uses it for purchases, fees are too high, it´s too slow, will use all the world´s electricity by 2020, new improved coins are coming out every day, government regulation has yet to take hold, AND the fact it was the biggest parabola of all time?

          I would say GET OUT NOW is appropriate advice. Forgot to mention, Wrong Way Teddy loves virtual tokens. He never got anything right!

  41. tallboy

    Gary, Must say this past year you have nailed almost every call. I have seen a major confidence level to with your calls. Your Quest Investment in the subscription side has been a spectacular call, it’s scary to think how high it may go?
    On that note I must say I’m starting to have that uneasy feeling of when do we sell. Just hoping I can hold on and listen to your timing to sell. We will need some major balls and guidance on the subscriber side over these next 3-6 months.

    1. Jim Dandy

      Seems like this stuff happens every week. So much for the unhackable argument. And the Bitclowns don´t get SIPC insurance, so when it´s gone, it´s gone. Suckers will lose everything one way or another, either robbed blind in a hack, or riding the backside of a parabola to zero. They believed too hard in a story, and even more so in their intelligence and foresight, so will lose it all. It´s difficult to change from thinking you are a genius that was early to the party, to admitting you are a bagHODLer that bought late in the game.

      1. victor

        Jim, I never said anything abt criptos but I never like how they are created.
        I just wonder maybe most of our generation of 60yr old dudes don’t understand something?…
        Look, Avi said 30k BTC in 2018 so he has a reason, are we stuck in our old mindset? …
        ) :

  42. Dzoniiii

    Gary is right crazy time are now.
    i am listening for like 10 minutes people talk about investing in S&P fund
    and i know that they dont have a clue what they talk about

  43. victor

    Here’s an info I spent 30min reading and it’s not for me. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4140216-macro-effects-crypto-currency-mania
    I see what I see and my cannabis stocks get me 146% and 112% since Nov on different portfolio, 3rd portfolio is big and I’m waiting for it to double soon. Get in guys, don’t look at chart that saying “overbought” as there’s no history, it’s a new industry.

    Also, I spent more than 4 hours yesterday selecting stocks to buy for coming electrical vehicle boom. So, forget about cobalt stocks!!! New Nano technology introduced Jan 17th new electrical battery with longer life, better holding power and with NO cobalt needed.

  44. carlvan

    So, Victor, you made it clear: for a 60-old papy boomer, crypto is not the way, but cannabis is 🙂
    And, you know what, I agree with you, I believe that we, the 60’rs, are not obsolete, but just wise, and we can’t convince ourselves that something that doesn’t not exist really, such a crypto’s backed by nothing else than algorythms and other “proofs of work” that proof nothing else but a pollution of your PC CPU, is just not worth our attention and trust. It is just not “right”. But still could be worth trading IF…there weren’t those obcene bid-offer spreads when you want to trade them, not to mention the ridiculously high fees, and finally the fact that lots of bitcoin exchanges, when they are not hacked as was the case yesterday in Japan, make it difficult to convert into fiat currencies as you have to pass throught another exchange to convert back your gains (or losses) in $ or euro. So, ok, you can be lucky with a Ponzi scheme if you get early in, but it is still a Ponzi scheme. I definitely prefer cannabis stocks, at least there is something behind which grows in the soil and is sold to consumers. And I just get on those stocks a few days ago, have to say I was impress as they could well be the next 10-baggers in the market. I intend to buy some soon.

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