9 thoughts on “Trader Psychology part 2

  1. cazabrujas

    The January weekly candles in the NDX are starting to look a lot like the October-November 1999 candles. I think we are going to have just a few more months of crazy rally and then BOOM!

  2. jacob2

    My gold long term positive thought. Gold and the crb in general peaked in 2011 and went down till 2013 or so and based for 5 years. 8 years total. Symmetary suggests it’s payback time and we’re now headed up for 8 years. Think I heard this first from Jeff Gundlach ( the new bond king) that commodities are a buy. Positioned hope this comes to be.

  3. Bluebellkid

    Back in August of 2017 the markets ran into a rough patch so IBD put the markets “under pressure”. Had the weakness continued they would have moved the markets to “in correction” and then we would wait on a Rally/Confirmation for the green light to get back in. Well, the weakness abated and on 8/22 after a nice rally they put the markets back in “confirmed uptrend”. As of Friday we have had 100 trading days. The top performers in the 100-session period were oil and gas drillers – up 70%; apparel retail – up 44%; and oil and gas field services – up 42%.

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