1. Gary Post author

    Nothing about the long term dollar chart suggests anything other than a long term bear market that will eventually cause the dollar to lose its reserve currency status.

    I believe another bear market in the dollar will be one contributing factor to another potential long term bull market in stocks

    1. Gary Post author

      I’ve noted that the biggest gains occur at the very beginning of a bull market and at the very end.

      Note that the first year of this bull market gained 80% (the baby bull).

      Note the character change during the last tech bubble. An 80% year followed by an almost 100% year. (So many people can’t believe it’s possible to produce really big gains quickly).

      If a trader can’t envision a scenario where the market produces really amazing moves in a fairly short period of time then the odds of them being able to hold positions through a move like that are extremely low.

      2017 produced a modest character change from previous years with a sizable 30% gain in the tech sector. It is entirely possible the character change is about to intensify this year and produce a much larger than 30% gain. In fact I would say the odds favor this as it seems unlikely to me that the market character would change to become more aggressive and then go right back to a dull plod higher. It’s seems more likely to me that last years unusual move would beget an even bigger transition this year.

      I’m betting by the end of 2018 we will see a much bigger rally than last years 30%.

      1. Gary Post author

        The transition began two years ago in the leading semi conductors. I’m betting this will continue and accelerate this year.

  2. didier

    if gold goes to 1500 this year and gold stocks being so low relative to gold, would it not be a good idea to invest 50% in them
    to gamble on 2 horses, especially if the slingshot morps in something less powerfull
    i like the 50/50 idea, but it’s true gold stocks have been very tricky rangebound and difficult to trade
    we catched the december start almost to the day and it was very profitable, jump in at next gold icl?

    1. Gary Post author

      I pointed out in the middle part of the video that the entire commodity complex is stuck in a frustrating sideways basing pattern. Those are not conducive to making easy money. I think one needs to be picky when going long commodities and try to buy at intermediate cycle bottoms and not get expectations up too high that any ICL right now is likely to produce a huge move higher. The time for that was at the beginning of the baby bull but the baby bull is over.

      Right now the single most promising sector based on the long term charts is in the semi conductor sector when the breakout occurs and since that will also effect the entire tech sector the Nasdaq by association will also rally strongly when the semi’s breakout.

      This is why I keep repeating 10,000 is going to be a piece of cake.

      1. didier

        Yes, but you succeeded to catch the december icl bottom and it was a very juicy trade. If we catch next icl bottom we can get out after one or two months. I’m not talking about a long term trade. And thereafter redeploy the money in the sm.

  3. Cybo33

    If the markets are manipulated the best and safest time to let them run would be from now until the election.

  4. Goild

    Christian and anyone caring,

    Let us make all the opposite of shit.
    Let us think high.
    In your replying you did some assumptions about my comment.

    In or business here assumptions are critical, they do make all the difference.
    You have mentioned thinking with the other side of the brain.
    A trader needs to check his thinking.

    Let us elaborate on the psychology of trading, it is a good topic.

    By the way I have nice music playing and a fine glass of wine to the health of SMT contributors.
    Beautiful wife is cooking lamb chops, though she is not so happy as I took back her credit card…

    1. Christian

      No assumptions here brother man, just good old ‘straight up’ talk! Cooking up some Mussels Marinière tonight with the missus 🙂

  5. Americano

    Emmancipation Proclimation !
    One year ago today after MASSIVE frustration with the lack of correlation of JNUG to Gold price in February –
    I went all Bitcoin. March 3rd 2017.
    Adding since. 90% of IRA is in too. Will use IRA for trading due to tax reasons.
    If I wasn’t paying attention to this blog I would have never gone Bitcoin. Enough was Enough so I went on The Mayflower.
    25K June. 50K EOY. We shall see.
    The remnants of my IRA are in ” The Dream Machine ” TQQQ. 2018 is gonna be a blast on Gary’s ” Good Ship SMT ” !

    1. Vortex


      I think your going to turn out to be the smartest investor in the room.

      TQQQ and other SM components and Bitcoin over the next few years are going to be a Juggernaut of a combination. The only thing I would add would be a sprinkling of physical gold bullion for the ultimate counterbalance to a SHTF event.

      1. Americano

        Thx Vortex.
        I have physical silver from ages ago that’ll I’ll keep just because I’m lazy. Have some gold eagles too, same deal.
        Without this blog I’d never have noticed Bitcoin. Scarcity – be it real estate on Manhattan or a Picasso IS value if there is even a semblance of demand.
        Notice how the above examples can be verified through accounting.
        Can’t say that with gold reserves ( elastic supply ) nor USD instuments ( politics, more QE ) .
        Bitcoin is a wet dream of an Actuary that “actually” came true lol.
        I see it being used for bond settlement.
        Gary is right so TQQQ is gonna rock. Most people are too lazy to buy Bitcoin – it is so-much-easier to just buy something with your brokerage account. I totally lived that lol. If JNUG didn’t make me crazy I’d have procrastinated months more !

  6. Vortex


    That was a superb breakdown of the various sectors going forward. I really enjoy you’re rational and level headed approach to the markets.

    Once again you illustrate perfectly why the SM is the place to be and why the PM/Commodities should be generally avoided even though there will be pockets of individual opportunities to profit from along the way. I don’t think the PM’s will be ready for prime time until around 2020 give or take.

    I think you’re $1,500 dollar US target for this year is bit too optimistic, but anything is possible in the global “Orwellian Matrix” of fake money, fake markets, fake govt, fake social construct, fake news and fake food.

    The monstrous sovereign freight train coming down the tracks of USA inc. is beyond staggering to contemplate. Everything in life has been distorted and warped beyond recognition.

    The three headed hydra of years of QE debasement (Counterfeiting), Trillions in unpayable debt and the ultimate failure of the dollar and its reserve currency status is what faces us all at the end of this economic super cycle.

    Final point: make some fake money in the SM while you can and then transition those profits in to the physical commodities complex before we reach global reset with a global re-rating of anything of value that’s left standing.

    1. onerobot

      Vortex you might be missing a point all things are Bullish right now. If gold breaks higher or high enough then the resistance level in say gold GDX GDXJ etc you know. Will morph into the support level and with the move a higher resistance will form. Right ? Resistance becomes support in a Bull market.

      1. Vortex

        No onerobot, everything is not bullish right now. Does years of a gut wrenching down trend in the commodity/PM complex and with losses anywhere from 50% to 90% across the board on most metal equities some how manifest itself as a bullish dynamic. Where in world do metal enthusiast get this unfounded nonsense from and why do you hold on to that view so tightly.

        ****”If gold breaks higher or high enough then the resistance level in say gold GDX GDXJ etc you know. Will morph into the support level and with the move a higher resistance will form. Right ?”****

        And if my grandma had a pair of ****’* she’d be my grandpa.

        You’re mindset is hopium, what could be, what might be, what I want it be, etc. Most people that think like this don’t want to make money, they only want to be right. The market you want to trade is not whats in front of you. It will be someday, but that cycle has not turned yet for the proper risk/reward dynamic that you want in your favor, not today. If your desire is to just sit in a metals centrist mining portfolio and live through the down trend and wait it out then by all means, have at it.

        But if you want to make some coin, the easier profit’s will likely come in the SM and using some of the vehicles that Gary talks about daily, you can ride them for a few months or however long the bull lasts. And then take those nice profits and layer them into you’re preferred metals portfolio just as that new cycle will be setting the stage for the next commodities/PM ramp to turn in your favor. That’s what I’m doing personally.

        And holy smokes forget about how much money you can make on the upside of the topping phase, can you imagine the profits to be had when it turns and moves down in earnest. The money made from the short side will be legendary.

        Why do people keep trying to stick a square peg into a round hole?

  7. desertsun999

    Gary, this is one of the most peculiar and original calls that I think you have ever made. I thought about it for awhile and still cannot get my head around it. I pondered on arguing the point with you but I am starting to believe that anything is possible in this environment. I have no idea of how the U.S. can possibly come out of this tailspin but it is fairly obvious that the banking cartel has an agenda and it does not include benefiting holders of the PM’s. For the most part playing this sector for the last 7yrs has been regrettable. The one thing that truly bothers me is having the government pick the winners & losers of investment capital. Oh well, I guess I could be living in Venezuela.

    1. Gary Post author

      Doesn’t exactly work with the Coppock curve position now does it?

      And as I’ve shown multiple times sentiment is no where near the kind of complacency that exists at bull market tops.

      We are actually in the awareness stage just coming out of the bear trap and just beginning the mania stage. The bear trap was the 2016 4 year cycle low.

      1. desertsun999

        Gary, you must have missed the memo, the government has already stepped in & bought assets. How can you gauge sentiment when the Fed is the one picking up the slack? This market has nothing to do with the retail investor. There is nothing but air under this market without government support. The problem is that they have already backtracked on the first installment of QT. Just how much does an oscillator mean in an artificial market. When you find the answer to that then you have probably solved the long term direction of the markets. Maybe it is possible for the Fed to paint the charts against all odds and have it hold. Like I said, I would almost believe anything at this point. If we are willing to kill hundreds of thousands of people and starve hundreds of thousands more in the name of King dollar I would say manipulating the pm markets is nothing more than a bitch slap. Wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Gary Post author

          I believe manipulating the metals market is a way to keep commodity inflation under control. Understandably governments want inflation manifesting in global stock markets, not commodity markets. As long as they keep stock markets propped up we can’t have a recession.

          And since governments have access to a printing press there is no limit to how long they can keep things propped up. Well actually the limit is determined by the currency markets. They can continue to the point where they break the currency market (and maybe to the point where stock markets become parabolic and then collapse).

          Clearly we aren’t ready to start a currency collapse just yet and stocks are not parabolic.

          So the game continues.

          1. desertsun999

            Gary, the thought has crossed my mind recently of you being tied to the NSA…….LOL!

          2. Vortex

            Gary hit on the key point and it has wide ranging implications. All bad!

            Big Brother and his banking cartel will be able to keep the commodity inflation under control up until they break the currency.

            The time frame for breaking and destroying the currency is unknown, but the outcome is not in question.

    2. MrBurns

      GMoney, if that is the situation you see, I can’t remember the ‘enthusiasm’, ‘greed’ and ‘delusion’ stages.

        1. Gary Post author

          You clearly have no idea how far a secular bull market can go. Do you see enthusiasm, greed and delusion in this chart?

  8. trendyfollower

    Regardless if bubble or long-term bull market one thing is sure and very important: volatility will rise in coming years. Thus, it’s more important than ever to follow a plan and cycles. ICs will have more violent lows and bloodbath phases etc. This will shake out more and more people until the very end.

  9. Goild

    Ratio GDXJ/GDX.
    The 50 and 200 MA are about to cross.
    The juniors are becoming more exciting?

    1. Vortex


      Bless you’re heart, you are truly a glutton for punishment and holding on through thick and thin embracing difficulty even in the face of easier options to make money.

      I’ve been the same way for about the last ten years. Thank god something snapped me out of continuing to go full-on goldbug retard and ignoring all the public empirical evidence of the well documented and entrenched down slopping commodity trend.

      Oh well, everyone learns in their own way and a time frame of their choosing.

      Good luck

        1. Vortex

          Goild, you’re smart and you already have all the tools. But I understand, old habits are hard to break.

          Its not that your thesis is wrong, its not. PM will likely blast off in the months and years to come. It’s just a timing issue and Gary is a highly valuable source of information to have access to and exploit to you’re benefit.

  10. Goild

    For those of you that like gold and single stocks.
    Randgold resources (GOLD) might give a good opportunity to make easily a few %…

  11. jacob2

    Through a glass darkly: The Jobs report this Friday is very important. If employment backs off stocks go UP and if it’s HOT (inflationary), DOWN we go to test the lows. If we get a real deal trade war the bull is in the rear view mirror. As we saw on Thursday’s reversal a trade war is probably good for only one asset class, GOLD. No one knows, so best to have some cash.

  12. Gary Post author

    Something to consider instead of trying to rationalize fundamental reasons for why price should to this or that.

    During the advancing phase of an intermediate cycle the market ignores bad news and continues up.

    During the declining phase of an intermediate cycle the market ignores good news and continues down.

    News is irrelevant except in the very short term. It won’t change the intermediate trend.

    1. jacob2

      Gary, you’re always working. As a resident of sin city one would think you’d have something better to do then respond to another idiot blogger on a Saturday night. I’ve got an excuse, live In Minnesota and have to go out and shovel the drive way so my wife can get to church tomorrow. She prays for both of us.

      Less enamored with TA then I used to be. Don’t always agree but certainly appreciate your dedication and insight. A friend of mine was a stock broker then a very successful fund manger, retired, calls me everyday to talk about the market…. it never goes away… addiction.

  13. Goild

    WEAT hit $6 as I thought, (do not join the losers) and lower to $5.80 on 12/12.
    Now is hot at $6.8.

    Dboz must have quit the trading business?
    He is missing around here.

  14. Bv

    Slightly off topic question/help from English/American friends. I think I’m right in saying QQQ cannot be bought & held in an ISA as it is (obviously) quoted in dollars. Are there any similar funds that track the Nasdaq but pound denominated? At the moment I hold iShares North American Equity Index Fund (UK) that tracks the FTSE World North America Index, but is bought and sold in Stirling. Thoughts anyone? TIA.

  15. x33e

    Even if your analysis is valid (and it probably is), never forget that in 1990 SPX fell twenty percent in four months largely due to Iraq invading Kuwait. That is an example of the market topping absent euphoria. If you were Warren Buffet and had an infinite time frame then retrospectively it was just a blip. But for traders using highly leveraged vehicles, that was some bad cake. Eternal vigilance is the only thing separating speculators from Chapter 13.

    1. Gary Post author

      This is where the multi-year cycles come into play.

      Clearly we don’t have a looming recession about to impact the market so we don’t have to worry about that. And the last multi year cycle wasn’t stretched implying this should be a short cycle. So given those factors the next really serious decline in the stock market isn’t going to be due until 2020.

      We should still have at least 1 to 1 1/2 years to continue buying the dip (unless the market begins a true parabolic advance).

      1. trendyfollower

        This is a good analysis. Let’s also keep in mind there’s more volatility so annual lows going forward can be 15%+. The noise level will increase. Investors have to ignore rising noise levels and can stay invested for a long time probable. Traders better respect the intermediate cycle.

  16. Goild

    Here is a nice chart and table of GDX top holdings from MorningStar.
    NEM is the main one.

  17. Goild

    Why not pick up the 5 best holdings of GDX and bet on them?
    These would be the DOGS of the GDX.

    1. Gary Post author

      Commodities are still stuck in a sideways consolidation so if you want to bet on 5 gold stocks I would still wait until the next ICL to improve your chances of catching a significant rally and minimize the chances of having to weather a significant drawdown before your trade turns around.

  18. CooLoser

    Speaking of long, consolidation basing patterns. Could this be the mother of all cup & handle patterns developing in Silver?

  19. Christian

    “And just exactly how are you trying to ‘cure’ me?” — Bluebellkid

    By teaching this OLD DOG NEW TRICKS my friend! 🙂

    Seriously man! How many months have you now frequented this blog? And how many times were you recommended to try something different? Better yet.. how many charts has Gary posted over the years showing — PROVING in fact — that there is a better way to identify Market nuance, that there are better tools you (and all the other stubborn retail traders) can rely on other than IBD’s antiquated look at the markets. IBD is one of many btw.

    Let me clarify one thing before the BLOG POLICE gets their panties all up in a twist:
    I’m not intentionally trying to pick on you here even though it probably feels like it, but I really wanna see you kicking ass and unfortunately your stubbornness is not only holding you back but frustrating at times.. and certainly not bringing you the kind of returns we all know you really want!

    So, my question to you is this: Instead of regurgitating the same old script (I’ll bet my left arm you’ve been saying it out loud for years), why isn’t this old dog trying something different?!

    1. Bluebellkid

      This old dog is trying something different. I’m here aren’t I? IBD uses CANSLIM and it is a proven method, as I have state numerous times it is based upon 50 years of computer generated research and not someone’s opinion. It is not dependent on any individuals interpretation of cycles. I have even seen you questioning Gary on what you thought you were seeing and asking him,’ what am I missing”. To me cycles are subjective but that is just me. I haven’t actually tried to master them and partly because while they may get you in at a bottom you never know if it’s “the” bottom and you can end up buying too early and secondly because this old dog just doesn’t have a lot of room left in the ole brain – I will have to unlearn some things in order to make room for new stuff . The whole premise of IBD is buying at the right time and yes I will miss out on some of the rally but the odds are better that the trade will work buying at the “right time”. I can pick winners based upon what I have been taught and most importantly knowing sell signals which from what I see is non existent in cycles. What I am trying that is different is to buy earlier than the “pivot” point so that I don’t miss out on some of the rally if indeed the rally is going anywhere. And another thing is that am mostly investing in growth stocks and individual stocks which is different than most of what is discussed here. In the future I will refrain from posting as much as I do. And yes didier I am making money. If my post give you a headache then when you see Bluebellkid then scroll down it is that easy. I just discovered this weekend that IBD has a “blog” but the link wasn’t working (computer needs rebooting) so will check it out and get over where like minded folks are. One more thing – listened to a webinar on IBD yesterday and with January being an up month the odds that this year will be good is greatly enhanced. Also, March tends to be a strong month.

      1. Gary Post author

        The difference in my opinion is that in our modern markets breakouts don’t typically lead to sustained moves anymore. So in order to make money you have to buy at bottoms and sell on a breakout.

        1. DaZeD

          I second this. I can say that buying breakouts is the one of the top mistakes that I’ve made during my increasingly frequent trading is to buy a breakout that I thought, “really? this seems too fast too quick but it’s a breakout”. Those moves have always gotten faded, and instead it would have been much more wise for me to fade the moves rather than take the trade. I would have made money if I held through it since eventually a breakout did happen, but not before some pretty volatile consolidation.

        2. Bluebellkid

          That is absolutely correct and what I have been trying to do. I miss the days of buying breakouts and seeing stocks run. IBD emphasizes taking profits if you get a 20% move from a break out as that seems to be about it before profit taking or a consolidation kicks in.

  20. Goild


    You make very good contributions here and bring another point of view about trading.
    Please stay and post much as you indeed have experience which is very much appreciated.

    1. Christian

      Again Goild you’re missing the point :/

      This isn’t about what one contributes to this blog. This is about UPGRADING your skills. This is advice that you should also consider as you are clearly still stuck in your ways.. always asking for advice but never following through.

      Folks, I don’t just ramble for the Hell of it.. I also read and listen carefully.. and I can tell that some of you are unfortunately too stubborn to change.

  21. DaZeD

    Gary, would you entertain the idea of a bubble phase lasting 1-2 more years? I ask this because there is nothing even signaling a top in the markets right now. Credit spreads are tight, but not as insane as previous bubble situations, there is no yield curve inversion, high yield is doing well and has not made a lower low, no index has made a lower low ahead of the leading indices, market breadth is doing confirming the higher highs, the CRB is near all-time lows and nowhere near the “commodity inflation” required to crash an economy.

  22. Goild


    No doubt, you are an expert in this business and well intentioned and kind to help people.
    If you suggest to me a trade and explain the rational I will take it. Really.
    I really want to take a look at your perspective.

    1. Christian

      I promise you this Goild.. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I am malleable, fluid, progressive and willing to adapt my discipline, meaning that I’ve been able to implement really good ideas into my methodology over the years and it has made the biggest difference in the world.

  23. Christian

    BLUE — I’m not saying that you should give up on IBD entirely.. I just think you’re relying on them a little too much when your strategy should be more PROGRESSIVE — Today’s market landscape demands it and relying on like-minded folks will only hold you back.

    And yes! You’re absolutely right in that occasionally I will question Gary’s methodology, but needless to say.. I have INCORPORATED some of his ideas into my own trading discipline over the past 5 years and it’s been a big help!

    Why do you think the TROLLS are always accusing me of being a LAP-DOG, or a PARROT, or a PUPPET?? Well, because some of these ideas are worth REPEATING over and over and over again before you and every other stubborn retail trader finally clues in!! LOL!

    Long story short: I just think that you should (at the very leas) start ‘INCORPORATING’ some of these ideas into your own and when you do.. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll start to see a notable difference. You need A SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE 🙂

    1. Bluebellkid

      I’m trying that is why I am here and it looks like the IBD “blog” is not really a blog but just a link where they post info from time to time.

  24. RTTPD

    ” BBK : In the future I will refrain from posting as much as I do. And yes didier I am making money.”

    I’ve seen some of your picks and most were very good. I hope you don’t stop posting them here. I can’t stand ETF’s and I know a few others here feel the same way – so keep posting your individual picks and the reasoning/methodology behind them.

    1. Bluebellkid

      If I stick with the rules I can pick good buy candidates. My biggest problem is staying with them as I often get “shaken out”. And occasionally I pick one that back fires. Case in point MDXG. It was building a nice cup and cleared the buy point but reversed and sold off on above average volume – red flag. The whole right side was built with mostly on below average volume. It then took out the 5 day and I ended up bailing for a loss. Some “company specific” news came out that Gary mentions from time to time and why he trades only ETF’s and stock nose dived. Alrighty, Today is Monday so have to go cook. Looks like a weak open today.

  25. MrBurns

    Gmoney: This is in reference to earlier post regarding the ‘enthusiasm’, ‘greed’ and ‘delusion’ stages.

    I meant this in reference to real-life, back in 1999-2000 everyone was talking about Techs and I mean EVERYONE, I remember this vividly. In 2006 US housing boom era, again, everything and everyone was buying homes, sight unseen, bidding above asking prices, also on TV, every week saw another “flip-it” style program, reno and flip, get rich stuff.

    Even when silver made its run to $40-$50, there was a clear bubble-type mentality and display then; on public chatrooms (multiple ones) people were commenting about how rich they were going to get (expecting $200 prices), many, MANY were borrowing from credit cards and HELOCs, in fact I’m certain almost all those incurred heavy debts and financial burden. In stock market side, implied volatility on related equity options were sharply higher than historical norms. Media was covering metals and physical silver was being bought like Cabbage Patch Kids on eBay, with prices outpacing spot value.

    Just in the past few months, the same thing happened with Bitcoin; everyone and their armadillo was running to open an account, they were all going to get rich off cyber-currencies, buying any and every ICO that popped up (reminiscent of Nasdaq IPOs in 1999). No one cared to research anything, just buy buy buy.

    Along with mom & pop going nuts and mortgaging their gravesites and coffins, the media coverage was unending – all the way yto the top and then once it went bust, pretty much everyone shut their mouths.

    This is what I meant when I replied to you saying that I ccouldn’t recall this having transpired for the current ‘bubble’ that you pointed out, some talk about stock markets but nowhere near what anyone would consider a euphoric phase, even media coverage once the Dow Jones hit 20,000 has been light, mainly on Bitcoin taking the spotlight.

    Basically, if this is where you think we are in the ‘bubble’ chart, then it has been the quietest one ever, skipping a lot of stages and totally out of character.

    1. Gary Post author

      Exactly. It takes really quick and big moves to convince the ignorant public that an investment is a “sure thing”. This is why I say that bubbles are usually characterized by 100% gains in a year or less.

      It’s taken the Nasdaq over a year to gain 50% since the election. Those are not the kind a huge, quick gains that it takes to drive the final phase of a bubble. It could maybe be a pre bubble but it’s not the top of a bubble.

  26. JesseL

    Looks to me like we are stretched way above the 100 Month Moving Average

    Not a bubble yet?

    1. Christian

      If you use the 200 Monthly Moving Average, it’s even worse! Everyone and anyone can cheery pick their charts to illustrate a point Jesse :/

      What other irrefutable evidence do you have to back up your point of view? You need at least three if your opinion is to be taken seriously.

        1. Christian

          That’s fair as long as you don’t get caught up in what you wanna see.. or don’t see! And keep in mind.. the News is ALWAYS a game changer until you realize that it’s just more noise.

          Scroll up and check out Gary’s chart at 4:52 and then 4:54 🙂

          1. JesseL

            Just saying that it is time to be a bit cautious. It may take a while before a definite trend begins to evolve and it may not be prudent to jump in and buy the dip right now.

    2. MrBurns

      At the Nasdaq peak in March of 2000, the index was 294% above the 100-month average.

      Your Dow Jones chart is 54% above the 100-month average.

      If you extrapolate the 200-month average of the Nasdaq back in March 2000 (it was stretched 503%), apply it to the price today, you get a result of 18,500. Not saying this will happen, just pointing that a 54% Dow Jones over 100-month average is not necessarily a stretch.

      All relative, or not?

  27. Lemonjelly Junior

    I am new Dont know about all this cycle talk, greed stage media whatever..

    all I wanna know is we go UP tomorrow or down
    so I can put my chip on right color

  28. Goild

    Hey Christian,

    Would you post the 5 most significant changes in trading methodology that have lead you to improvement?

    What would you say is your #1 trading skill? Is it Innate or developed?

  29. Americano

    March 2018 will confirm Bitcoin escaping hangman’s noose.
    $25K June $50K EOY …….
    Is on the loose !

  30. Lemonjelly Junior

    I read most of recent posts in this blog, so seems like right now all is down overnight, where is the 10K?
    it’s going the wrong direction to get to Dodge?
    Oh well, guess I know what color to bet on tomorrow.

    1. MrBurns

      You’re behind the curve with that type of outlook. If tomorrow ends up red, it should be green Tuesday or Wednesday on.

  31. Gary Post author

    Gold is probably starting the counter trend bounce I’ve warned about. This is the fakeout rally that draws bulls in prematurely and then knocks everyone out for losses when the next leg down completes the ICL.

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