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  1. Gary Post author

    Looks like we may get a sustained breakout on the semi’s today. Once the breakout is confirmed and depending on how powerful the rally is (it should be aggressive based on the 18 year basing pattern) this will be the driver for the Nasdaq to tack on the next 2500 points to 10,000.

  2. victor

    Nice waterfall in gold beginning March, my favorite miner SVM, AR does not respond much though, no fear yet…

    1. Jim Dandy

      I like SVM too, but I´m curious as to why it´s your favorite, if you don´t mind sharing?

  3. JJHarmen

    Looks like a big opening upside gap but I predict it will be faded as the day wears it down. Too much bullishness in the media.

  4. Gary Post author

    Today is a perfect spot for the banks to whipsaw metal shorts.

    We can expect this to continue for awhile longer. The middle part of a failed daily cycle is the bread and butter period for the banksters to take money from both sides in the metal sector.

  5. Don

    The retail investor has every reason to believe the economy is in good shape. Jobs are plentiful and wages are rising. This could be a big day up for the SM.

  6. roadrunner

    looks like the q’s have surpassed Jan high. if 10k on NASDAQ happens by July as Gary predicted, it will have to go down as one of the best calls ever…especially as it was made 8 months earlier.

  7. carlvan

    I re-entered NQ futures @ 7049 June contracts. Break even stop. 17 points above already; needless to say, my only hope is that the prices do not look back and continue North…

    1. Gary Post author

      You are going to get caught when the banksters whipsaw gold back down. I warned everyone they would do this.

  8. victor

    no, nothing special, I just trading it for abt 5yrs, some dividends, good volume and it should double as Gary projects gold to 1500…

  9. victor

    sorry, it’s reply to Jim Dandy, “Edit” button does not appear for some reasons…

  10. Don

    Netflix hits a new record high….. up a whopping 70% YTD. To say investors are optimistic would be a gross understatement.

    1. Bluebellkid

      GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives on Thursday raised his price target on Netflix stock to 375 from 310 and reiterated his “highly attractive” rating.
      “(The) Netflix growth machine (is) showing no signs of slowing down,” Ives said in a note to clients. “Netflix remains in a unique position of strength to grow its content and distribution tentacles over the next 12 to 18 months and thus further build out its massive content and streaming footprint.”

  11. jacob2

    Own a bunch of miners old turkey so I’m biased. Just when everyone gets ultra bearish on the miners, they rally. Seeing some insider buying for the first time in the miners. Long term it’s gonna be OK.

    1. Jim Dandy

      I noticed some buying again in FFMGF recently. Then again, Keith Neumeyer was buying in the open market back up near .60/share around the middle of last year before it got cut in half, so not sure it means much.

      I did buy a starter position yesterday, if it works I´ll add, but still think we have a trip lower in miners first it´s hard to believe how hard some of these names have been washed out, but with miners I´ve learned the mo es don´t have to make any sense and they can go lower for what seems forever.

    2. Bluebellkid

      Why tie up money in a sector that is clearly out of favor. The fundamentals are not that bad for a number of the miners but technically they look bad. The two best looking miners are KL and NEXA and NEXA is a lithium play. HMY made a nice move a month ago and this week was looking pretty good but ended up closing in the lower half of the weekly trading range which is bearish. There are 10 computer related groups in the top 40 best performing groups that would serve you better if one wants to embrace technology. When the miners finally begin a move you will have time to get on board.

  12. victor

    cannabis sector almost frozen doesn’t act as expected, sellers doesn’t sell, buyers in undesissiion waiting for some triggers …

    1. roadrunner

      i own KSHB. i still think it is a good buy here, but DYODD. i like that they are in the packaging end so they are not restricted to where they sell their product.

    2. Jim Dandy

      I still have interest in the maryJane stocks, would like to see them hold up into a stock market pullback to do some buying.

  13. Gary Post author

    The semi’s are confirming the breakout. We should see a very strong rally. Perma bears will try to pick tops again. They will keep repeating this failed strategy over and over until they are broke. Then when they finally give up and join the bull side that’s when the 4 year cycle will top.

    Remember during the advancing phase of an intermediate cycle price can stay overbought for a long time. So don’t waste your time looking at oscillators.

    1. Christian

      Very true — but regardless I don’t think I’m gonna stick around for the move down into a DCL.

      1. Gary Post author

        Just keep in mind that during a final runaway phase cycles will usually quit working.

        You can inadvertently miss the best part of the rally because you tried to dodge a meaningless pullback.

        As we can now see, the ICL while scary will in the end be meaningless in the big picture.

        1. Gary Post author

          All the people that thought they could outsmart the QUEST position have only accomplished a massive under performance.

        2. Christian

          I’m not sure that this is a runaway phase yet.. if it was then the DOW wouldn’t be lagging so much. The DOW is the kink in the whole “Cake
          Eating Parabolic Move” extravangaza :/

          And I don’t know about meaningless either.. We saw what happened when those indices were stretched way above their 10DMA. There’s no point in making all this profit using a triple leverage just to watch it all wash away when the floor finally caves in on a pull-back.. And it will when we hit the timing band for that DCL.

          I’ll probably SELL HALF near FOMC and buy back on a re-test of the breakout. That’s how I manage RISK.

          1. Christian

            Fair enough 🙂

            Let’s talk about the DOW in the Weekend report though.. I’ve noticed that you’ve been ignoring it for some reason.

    2. minerguy

      Hard to believe how wrong an analyst can really be. Some weird looking devination he’s putting on those charts. “Double, double toil and trouble.” Thanks Gary for your help. Got on the silver ride too late last time. On this train early and plan to hang on for dear life. If I can hold through that last YCL I believe I’ll make it. 😎

  14. mustang sally

    This is just sheer desparation to keep the USd down, very soon they are going to lose grip of this. The usd will go up like a korean missle.

    Watchin the line


  15. Don

    I have noticed that the several of the world’s stock markets (Nikkei, UK30, DAX,EurSTOXX) have not been performing well since the correction last month and are not any where near their respective highs as are the American markets. Any comment on that Gary?

  16. Jim Dandy

    Bitcon getting kicked in the teeth again. At least the bitclowns can count on fundamentals like earnings, book value, and dividend yields of the long term to bail them out. haha

    My bet is Bitcon is below $2k by August, there is absolutely no reason to buy it up here now that the charts are busted, which is the only thing it had going for it.

  17. Don

    The Semis, Biotechs and Tech stocks are out performing again as they have been for years. They just won’t quit with their bubblicious behavior.

  18. JJHarmen

    How much of this stock market rally can be attributed to the policies of our business minded President? The media is even starting to give him credit for getting America back on it’s feet.

    1. Don

      The liberals must be absolutely sick watching the economy improve and a soaring stock market while Trump is president.

  19. Americano

    Has anyone considered that USA success is directly attributed to the banking of trial/tribulation that occurred during the original Mayflower voyage?
    I have & I do.
    So too with this latest voyage on….
    The Mayflower.
    $25K June/ $50K EOY 2018.

      1. Americano

        Its Bitcoin .
        March 3 of last year I went all in on BTC due to JNUG non-correlation in Feb. I just had it.
        Guys like Jim Dandy are still in England – ok with King George.
        It’s basically New World or a murky grave.
        June $25K. EOY $50K.
        Gary is TOTALLY against this but if it wasn’t for his showing about how banks USE gold scam – I
        d have never looked for Bitcoin.

      2. Jim Dandy

        Since he dosen´t have any fundamentals to support his price targets, at least ones that would not get shot down instantly like purporting bitcon and cryptos have limited supply, he daily repeats his 400% higher price target by the end of the year along with talk of the Mayflower. No links, no fundamentals, no debates, just the Mayflower and over 400% in nine months, even as the target gets further away by the month.

        Periodically he babbles about gold or silver (can´t remember which) having unlimited supply and inventory, but again he offers no proof or links, other than he got smoked in the precious metals bear market that started in 2011, so they must have unlimited supply.

  20. victor

    haaa, you didn’t sell it yet?! don’t you see everything is against criptos? your staborness going to cost you …

    1. Americano

      Thanks victor.
      My Ira is the only thing i can trade with due to taxes. My goal for that is to always accumulate more Bitcoin.
      This is wildly over sold. If I pop out now I am betting on it getting much more oversold which could be massively pushing my luck.

      The other stash is in cold storage. Due to the Bitcoin forks ( Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin gold ) my cost basis is less than zero.

      1. vin

        Is it a good buy right now? Or, should we wait for a better price such as 5000 or even 4000.

        4k to 50k? sounds good to me.

        1. Americano

          Hi vin. I would hold off right now.
          Wait till it breaches $20K to ride up to June target.
          Stay Safe !

          1. Vortex


            Telling someone to wait until $20,000 to take a position……..are you serious? Actually kind of dangerous advice and that put’s that newbie at a huge disadvantage having lost out on 100% + gains from the get go.

            Take a position under $10,000. Under $9,000 or $8,000 even better. Put it into cold storage and leave it alone. Use the volatility to you’re advantage.

            At-least Vin appears to want to learn about future money. The rest you can’t save.

  21. Lemonjelly Junior

    Today basically shoots the correction which started in February in the head.

    Now where is oil heading?

  22. bigglaze

    That joker Clive Maund charges 75$ a month? LOL!! Wow… reminds me of James Dale Davidson. He had “firmly believed” that the market would collapse in the summer of two years ago. Once it didnt happen, he did a 180.. “The Dow will go to 20000!”

    1. Lemonjelly Junior

      How about Lord Rees-Mogg, Bill Bonner, Jack Wheeler, Marc Faber, and the rest of those fossils?

      1. Vortex


        Now that is a group of old washed-up fake guru’s that fooled people for years and likely never made an investor a dime.

        But leave it upto the gold/silver community to keep parading out a ship of idiotic doom’s day fools over the years to keep the blind devotion trace alive another day.

    1. RonL

      No Goild I am 100% cash at the moment. Sitting on the sideline for now just waiting to trade the next ICL.

  23. Lemonjelly Junior

    Stock major indices FROZEN SOLID as FLAT as can be for the past 2 hours! Ive never seen anything like this!
    Juts went up and holding gains in almost straight line in daily chart for the past 2 hours!

    TQQQ $200 next week.

  24. Lemonjelly Junior

    This kitty’s name is GOLD …… She became PARALYZED and in AWE as stocks whiz her by to all time highs today…………

  25. vin

    I still doubt if we will see 10k by the end of June.

    Holy cow! This is unbelievable. I have now started to get a taste of “vertically up” SM.

  26. golddigger


    There is no emoticon worthy of my emotion today closing out my TQQQ calls. Thank you for the confidence to stick it out and the knowledge gained to NEVER do that again.

  27. Gary Post author

    You are in worse denial that the crypto crackpots if you think the dollar is ready to soar.

    Even with the economy surging, the Fed rasing rates, and employment going gangbusters the dollar can barely get any traction even during the advancing phase of a new intermediate cycle. QE has just done too much damage to recover from. There is going to be a hefty price to pay for that insanity.

    You and Armstrong are both completely clueless.

      1. Gary Post author

        It started back in August. We just had a completely normal intermediate correction. I tried to tell people this, but no one ever listens to me. They all get caught up in the short term gyrations and they miss the big picture.

        1. vin

          Good thing I didn’t bail out. It was a scary correction.

          This gives me the taste of what might lie ahead. Thanks Man!

          Though I still don’t believe in 10k by June. But, then today was something else. WOW!

          A few more days like this will make me a believer.

  28. Goild


    We shall see with JNUG at $10 or $8.

    There is tremendous support for the miners at the five years channel bottom trend line.
    Why the miners shall break the support?
    Every thing is booming!

    Have a nice weekend!

  29. Lemonjelly Junior

    The Dow, S&P 500, NAZ all went up in almost equal %….

    +1.77%, +1.74%, +1.79%, respectively, PERFECT!

    This is in contrast to when NAZ was always leading the other 2 up.

    BROAD advance is a great sign.

  30. Gary Post author

    It’s a good thing Armstrong doesn’t trade in real time, because the gobbledygook he tries to pass off as Socrates analysis is pure crap.

  31. Vortex


    You’ve mentioned numerous time of a $500 dollar price target on JNUG or NUGT, if I’m not mistaken, in the years ahead as the PM bull reaches a blow off phase.

    I’m curious what might be some topping target guesstimates for you’re favorite SM ETF’s like UDOW, TQQQ or SOXL or would percentages work better for this targeting during the blow-off phase.

  32. Vortex

    Well look on the bright side folks, After all of the cronies, parasites, bankers and communists that form the elite gaggle of political goofs in Washington DC get done printing another $5 Trillion to bailout all of the bankrupt pensions in the formerly Constitutional Republic, you all will get to join the crypto party because you’ll have you’re newly christened proud US dollar crypto currency that will be just as worthless, invisible and useless as all the others you hate so much.

    Weeeee, this is going to be fun to watch this unfold.

  33. mustang sally

    Gary: This stage has got nothing to do with what goes on in the states. Its all about the debt laden countries which owe money in US dollars. If you can;t bomb them , bomb them with a currency time bomb the USD If you owe your banker in USDs and it goes up your dead, Look at all the people who took loans in swiss franc.

    Mable markers short term have not returned to well as the market moves up and down around them. as I have stated the dust is being capped at 29,50 . once broken the usd and dust will be in a 2 year bull. Time is coming near.


    1. Vortex


      There is virtually nothing in the US Dollar construct that remotely signifies the dollar strengthening. As a matter of fact every quantifiable metric known to man points to a dangerous dollar demise in the months and years to come.

      World US Dollar reserve currency status is almost dead and has one foot in the grave already.

      Untold tens of Trillions of dollars in debt owed that can never be paid back and only growing at an unprecedented rate is the next attack vector. Including the printing of Trillions and Trillions of computer crypto US dollars in the future jsut to keep the system alive another day.

      Almost anyone could write for hours laying out why you’re view is flawed.

      If you’re paying anyone for this type of information, my I suggest you unsubscribe.

    2. Gary Post author

      I’ve got news for you. Your Mabel markers are completely worthless as far as I can tell, and the dollar is in a new bear market. Other than temporary counter trend bounces from time to time we aren’t going to see a new bull market in the dollar for another 6 to 7 years.

      Stick with cycles and sentiment if you want to use tools that actually have some benefit.

      1. mustang sally

        That.s what makes the market , right now its up in the air. you place your chips and one of us will win. Right now there is no trend in the USD. Yes you have made some money on the short term trends but the big money is made on the long term trend. So we wait.


    1. Vortex


      I was asking Gary that question, but I guess he’s not in the mood to answer. I simply wanted him to apply some numbers to his favorite SM ETF’s since he went out on a limb with the metal EFT.

      1. Gary Post author

        10,000 is going to be a piece of cake. 20,000 isn’t out of the question.

        How many times must I say it?

    2. Gary Post author

      I’ve tried and tried to get people to focus on stocks right now. The next bubble will be in the stock market. After that gold will have its turn.

      I just can’t understand why so many of you don’t understand this and tailor your trading to what will make you money now. Instead so many people blindly focus on the metals when they are clearly in a basing pattern and that is not conducive to making serious money. In fact it’s a pattern that is very difficult to make any money in. Yet so many people here insist on fighting with difficult trading ranges in commodities instead of the easy money in the trending stock market.

      Seriously people: do you ever pull up any of the long term charts so you can see the big picture.

      1. Vortex

        Gary, for the record I believe you. I’m certain you will be correct on the SM. But my question was on ETF projections which of course are only a wild guess.

        1. Gary Post author

          You can run the percentages and get a guess. How much is the percentage gain from today to 10,000? How much to 20,000? Multiply that times 3 or a little more to get a ball park figure for TQQQ. Maybe a little more for SOXL as the semi’s are more volatile and are just now breaking out of the 18 year consolidation.

          1. Gary Post author

            That’s kind of an idiotic question don’t you think? No one has a crystal ball that can see that far into the future and time an exact date.

    3. espresso

      Might as well go with February of 2024. Could go even higher, as my projection is for gold to hit 14616.32.

      Just something I projected over a year ago.

      Main lesson I’ve learned in the past 15 years, however: wait on PMs, maybe retain a core position but nothing else. Most profits will last 18 months of ITS bull, and probably 80% of all profits in the final three years. No rush.

      Semis and Tech for now. I have a DOW position just to get more of a sense of the cycles, but note that the DOW had not returned to highs but the techs have and the Semis, yowzer, nice breakout last week.

      Thanks for all the videos you put up Gary. I have to admit as a former subscriber that I thought about re-signing up this week but didn’t realize the price had gone up 150%. Oh well… I have a good handle I think on what I’m doing now, hopefully not get greedy and get burned like that last PM bull, oy.

      Congrats on the pencil plans for retiring. I wouldn’t mind a similar outcome. I’m also very active in the outdoors, biking and hiking for me. Would be nice to be not-so-old and retired to enjoy that stuff — climbing and lifting for you I presume.

  34. MrBurns

    Looks like ‘Smart Money’ is starting to take profits on stocks, if we go buy the Confidence Level indicator.

    1. RTTPD

      If the dollar went back up to 105, JNUG would correlate to about 6 bucks. Not happening.

      But I think it’s going to retrace into the 92/93 area with what’s going in Italy and the EU.

      Doesn’t feel like Gold will ICL bottom shortly before or after the FOMC meeting. That date looks a little farther out.

      1. Gary Post author

        Gold is 20 days into its daily cycle. It’s possible it could bottom on day 28 on the FOMC meeting.

        1. RTTPD

          So just one daily cycle for the dollar in the intermediate cycle?

          The Gold correlated petro-yuan supposedly breaks ground on the 26th, maybe together with FOMC meeting things get flipped?

        2. tulip

          I thought you stated gdxj at 5000….
          so Im not being idiotic… Im merely asking you for a time…
          thank you

  35. Gary Post author

    Here is an example of dumb money analysis.

    During the correction the extreme overbought conditions of the monthly charts was given as the reason for why the market had topped. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Extreme overbought conditions are a sign of maximum momentum. That kind of momentum doesn’t die easily as we are now seeing.

    The next 4 year cycle low isn’t going to be due until late 2019 -2020. Granted the market will top before then as there will need to be a period of time for price to move down into the major multi-year cycle low. But it’s way too early to do that now. If we begin a parabolic advance over the next 3-4 months then it could top this year when the bubble pops. If not then I wouldn’t look for a top until sometime next year or even the beginning of 2020.

    We have very similar conditions now as we did during the beginning of the last secular bull market in 82. A president willing to cut taxes and put in place pro business policies. Plus we have the added benefit of the dollar starting another leg down in it’s very long term secular bear market.

    This could very well turn into a multi decade bull market just like the one that began in 82.

    1. ocram

      judging by the extreme overbought of both the 1999-2000 period compared to the extreme overbought period of nowadays it seems we should be not so far for the end of this bubble (or at least for a severe multi month correction).
      If we are in a parabolic advance maybe it will end in 3 months as you have pointed out,otherwise the extreme overbought will become a “forever” overbought.

      1. Gary Post author

        You need to take a closer look at the Nasdaq from Oct. 99 to March 2000 if you think we’re overbought now.

  36. Mac

    Why do you guys use fundamental narratives to justify your positions when you are technical traders? You point to universal macro themes like debt laden competitors or QE as justification when USD positions are moving in your direction but you ignore these themes when it moves the other way. If you are going to trade using fundamentals, the relevant questions that you should be asking are what are the forces that have caused the USD to selloff since the beginning of 2017 and what catalysts will reverse this trend? Much has now been written about this after the fact (hint: it’s not debt laden competitors or QE), but if you are unable to determine this on your own as it occurs, then you should look to the clues that the different asset classes give you in real time. Or you could just trade using your cycles or technicals and avoid trying to fundamentally rationalize it altogether.

  37. ocram

    We are ten days away from the FOMC meeting,Gary had often pointed out that this could have been a low for PM,I wonder if he is still of this opinion.

  38. 1970confused

    So just read about what Mustang Sally and Gary had to say about that worthless USD and I guess Gary made his point and shut he/her up lol!!!!!!

    1. mustang sally

      Mr Carl: Could not agree with the chart you posted, if usd makes it above 91.69, the missle will take off, I placed my bet back in July in gary’s bingo , lots of back of forth, to me that just says something is boiling. No need to argue here I have made my point. will just wait for the big trend.

      Sittin on the fence


  39. Don

    Mustang Sally rarely says anything that can be used for profit, but to be fair, that apples to most here, myself included.
    I have become a believer of cycle analysis.

    1. mustang sally

      Don. I have not made any money in the bingo contest, but as Gary.s says its a 1 year contest, lots can change if you hit it right. My analysis is by know way a short term profit maker. I believe the bull market is in the usd and dusty. As they say on the ranch they are just circling 29.50 dust for the kill


  40. carlvan

    Guys, I looked again at the chart from Chris Kimble : this guy is very good at identifying trend lines and fibo ratios and those point to a higher dollar. But I also noticed afterwards that the dollar is generating a weekly RMI indicator divergence. If you do a quick search you will find that those divergences usually lead to a strong reversal. My take for the following months is dollar up, SM up and metals down.

  41. Lemonjelly Junior

    I am very sorry but Kimble has been quite silly and wrong for a long time. He is a joker.
    He is a childish cartoonist and hobby-ist at best, not to be taken seriously for trading.

  42. Lemonjelly Tariff Junior

    Gold to start rallying after FOMC meeting to 1400-1500 high?? into May/June?

    1. ocram

      This is what Gary used to think….but we are just 10 days away from this event and I don’t see as this could happen.

  43. minerguy

    I’ve got some SPY Sept call options that are (again) almost in the money and I’m thinking about rolling them up and out into QQQ January options as the market goes up. Anybody got a good call roll-up strategy? Like how deep you’d let the SPY options get in the money, and what Delta you’d look for in the new options? I’d like to keep the leverage up, especially during this early phase of the intermediate cycle/parabola. Thanks!

    1. MrBurns

      Buying options with a Delta of less than 0.40 is a sure way to lose just about all the time (outside of a lotto hail-mary play). I never buy outside of 0.40 to 0.60, and I roll or take profit above 0.75.

      Buying at too-high Delta exposes you to higher-amount drops on pullbacks, I would say 90% of my buys are around the 0.50/0.55 mark.

        1. MrBurns

          Also I will cut options below 0.30 Delta, unless I have plenty of time and the drop is not fundamental, meaning some dumb downgrade or peer/competitor had an issue.

  44. portmoresby

    Gary since you started new rules, i have no idea to write view nd to ask. New entry with forum its just plain chatting and battle premium subscriber between bull and bear. So as a free user/visitor, no more input we can take from here. Thank you.

      1. portmoresby

        So i dont see any reason to visit your blog again. I just dont understand your action, if content just for subscribers, then why chatting dont set to private for subscribers too? Anyway thanks for your reply and action.

        1. Americano


          Its a dichotomy.
          Like having internet in New Guinea.
          Surely you understand

    1. Gary Post author

      Edelson did not forecast the 87 crash. He also didn’t forecast the top in gold correctly in 2011. He didn’t call the bottom in 2015 correctly.

      This is just the usual exaggeration crap that most newsletter writers use to sucker in subscribers.

  45. Gary Post author

    The McClellan oscillator was even more oversold during this correction than the 4 YCL in 2016. Despite this the perma bear idiots started calling for a bear market. ( the VIX was over 50)

    As we can see these people have no clue how to analyze markets and just like I said this was a buying opportunity in an ongoing bull market. It’s too early in this 4 year cycle for a more lasting top.

    You would think these nitwits would get tired of me saying “I told you so”.

    When it’s time for the 4 year cycle to top I will say so. That’s the point where most will have converted to a bullish bias and then they will try to argue with me about a top (just like the bitclowns ignored me at the 20,000 top). Seriously if you can’t take profits during the largest parabolic move the world has ever seen then you have no hope of making money in the investing business. Try something else.

    1. Americano

      Totally Guilty.
      I didn’t take profits at $20K due to tax reasons & longer outlook.
      I have on IRA though.
      It would be really great if you commented on Bitcoin price as we approach June $25K. This is the same lull that happened with Bitcoin last year.

      1. Gary Post author

        At some point you will realize the bubble has popped, then again maybe not.

        Every bounce is an opportunity to get out with at least some profit left or maybe a smaller loss. Except most people caught in a bubble collapse can’t make themselves sell at a lower price. They will only accept a higher price than the highest high. This causes them to hold all the way down to the bottom, which in the case of bitcoin the fundamental value is $0.

        I tried to get you out at the top. I begged you to control greed so you could make some money. You ignored me.

        Now I’m begging you to get out while you still can and salvage what’s left. Move your money to the next bubble which will be in the stock market. I suspect you will ignore me again.

        1. MrBurns

          Gary, NYMO is a shorter-term indicator as you know, and you can see that during 2014 and 2016 when it popped to +90/+100 (rare events) it took short pauses in the +50 range.

          NYSI, cumulative NYMO, is pointing the way for continued bullish trend, I expect the recent NYMO gains to take it to +400 and on continued strength, we could see +600. This, I have mentioned before to others, will take SPX to re-test the all-time highs and possibly hit 2900 or 3000.

  46. victor

    I stopped listening this type of selling newsletters long time ago. There’s a grain of salt but to also usual exaggeration of Edelson achievement. I try to pattern his software prediction to the real gold and dollar action and NO it didn’t work.

  47. victor

    hmm, No “Edit” button again and my reply didn’t placed at the Gary’s respond, don’t know why?…

  48. jacob2

    Gold, Watched many of the videos on KITCO from the PDAC confrence, the overwhelming consensus seems to be that this will NOT be golds break out year. Golds return to glory as always, just down the road around the next corner. Many more well disposed towards the industrial and battery materials copperand nickel.

    Still own some miners old turkey because there cheap, I’m stubborn and nobody really knows. Ocassionaly, investments that you leave alone and have the lowest expectations for preform the best.

  49. Gary Post author

    Clearly we aren’t going to move into the sideways grind you envision. The Nasdaq gapped into new highs on Friday… just like it did in 99 as the parabolic phase began.

    1. jacob2

      You”re the man but let’s wait and see. Not convinced that the Dow and S&P will follow suit. Did load up on oil, tech and emerging market stuff the end of Febuary so hope you are right and it continues. FWIW, Seasonal charts particularly good for oil, semi’s and copper.

      Thanks for all your input and not completly abandoning this site, APPRECIATED… must be a pain in the ass. The SM really can become an addiction just like everything else.

      1. MrBurns

        Watch Transports, there is the JPMorgan industrials conference this week and the firm sent out very bullish notes for the aviation sector on Friday.

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