The trolls are still at it

These cretins just won’t admit defeat. I’m still getting emails from these clowns. Unbelievable!

As of today the SMT metal portfolio just went over $500,000. $510,000 to be exact. We started with $100,000 at the bear market bottom in January 2016. And this even after we gave back way too much of the baby bull gains.

The Quest portfolio is up 1800% as of today.

I use to feel bad for these people. I could see they were stuck trading their emotions. A guaranteed path to losing money. I’ve tried everything I can think of over the years to steer them onto a better path. One where they can actually make some money. You would think after watching me catch dozens and dozens of these turns over the years they would take notice, but they never do. Their emotions are more powerful than the evidence. So no matter how many times I get it right they just aren’t capable of learning.

But after 11 years of abuse, I now just take pleasure in saying I told you so, and I’ve given up on trying to help any of these emotional wrecks. They get what they deserve. Karma is a bitch…