September challenge results

It doesn’t appear much is going to change today so I’ll post the results now.

September wasn’t a kind month for anyone really. Most lost money in September and no one made any significant gains. The results are just about the same as last month.

  1. Mustang Sally +37%
  2. The SMT stock portfolio +21%
  3. Bob B +16% (probably the smartest trader this month as he just sat on the sidelines and watched)
  4. Parvinder J +9%
  5. The SMT metal portfolio +2%

Here’s the problem. The markets went no where this month. They are currently at the same level where the month started and just produced a lot of volatility on their way to going no where. You can see why everyone struggled this month. Unless you were a very good, or very lucky short term trader (and no one was) there were no sustainable trends. There was lots of volatility though to trigger losses and that’s what happened to just about everyone this month. The volatility and lack of trend chewed them up and spit them out and I was certainly no exception. I just spun my wheels this month. We would take one step forward and then one step back producing no sustainable gains. I fluctuated between +27% and +21% in the stock portfolio all month, and between +10% and +2% in the metal portfolio.

Maybe next month will be better.