November challenge results

November hasn’t changed the standings from October. It’s been mostly a nothing month for everyone.

The SMT stock portfolio is still suffering a drawdown as we wait for the stock market to recover from the correction.

The SMT metal portfolio is up 6% so far. I haven’t been able to accomplish much of anything in the metals so far this year. But the SMT metal portfolio is the only portfolio from last years winners that has been able to add to those gains this year. Over the last year and a half no one has beaten my combined return.

I warned that this is how it goes in investing. What works one year rarely works the next. It’s tough to produce winning years consistently. The traders that can recognize and adapt to changing conditions quickly make consistent long term gains. Those that can’t, have a good year from time to time, followed by bad years. In the end they often just end up spinning their wheels over the long haul.