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It’s simply amazing to me how difficult it is for traders to break free of their bias. So many peoples brains became cemented in bearish mode during the 4 year cycle low last year that they just can’t flip the switch and convert to bullish strategies now that we are in the advancing phase of the new intermediate cycle. I’ve watched as analyst after analyst has tried to pick a top all the way up.

I warned people that a buying opportunity was brewing. During the advancing phase of an intermediate cycle price doesn’t stay oversold very long before rallying again. The employment report was the obvious trigger event to complete the cycle pullback. The market had been anticipating the poor number for a week. So instead of selling the rumor and buying the news like a smart money trader would…or anyone who understands how cycles work… most started loading up on shorts anticipating a retest of the December low (the bearish analysts thought they had finally caught the top) . And of course they are now caught in a short squeeze as the cycle bottomed on Friday. Instead of picking tops they should have been buying dips.

Folks in order to make money in the markets you need to recognize when we are in the advancing phase of an intermediate cycle. When we are then trade from the long side only.

When an asset is in the declining phase of an intermediate cycle you either look for something else to trade while the correction runs it’s course, or you can try to trade from the short side.

Stocks and oil are in the advancing phase of an intermediate cycle.

Gold is in the declining phase of an intermediate cycle.

Trade accordingly.

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We are just beginning a new daily cycle and now is the time to start getting positions. Don’t wait until we test the all -time highs before you finally become bullish.