Second phase of the bull starting, and discount offer

Are you one of those people that have listened to the bears continuously trying to pick a top for 9 weeks? And in so doing missed one of the best rallies out of a bottom in history?

Did you listen to the gold bugs pumping the metals 7 months into an intermediate rally and in so doing got caught at the top and gave back 10% on your miner positions in 7 days?

I warned people since early January that this rally was going to be strong. The sentiment extremes generated in December were off the charts. In some cases even more extreme than the bottom in 2009. When the rubber band gets stretched that far it almost always generates a reversal every bit as powerful, if not more so than the move down. So many people have missed this rally because they simply couldn’t control their emotions and jettison their bearish bias once the turn came. They couldn’t flip the switch and convert to bullish strategies when the time came to push in the other direction.

I think we are starting the second phase of this long term bull market. The first phase from 2009 to the top in September was led by the FAANG stocks. The second phase should have different leaders (biotech, robotics, artificial intelligence, clean energy, etc.). I also think that during the second phase, at least for the first few years, everything will go up together, gold, oil, commodities & stocks. Very similar to the 2003 to 2007 period. Many of you have already missed the first 10 years of this long term secular bull listening to the perma bears calling for the sky to fall. Do you really want to do the same thing over the next 10-15 years?

We just witnessed a monster breadth thrust of historic proportions as smart money recognizing the start of the second phase of this bull market panics to get into long positions for the next 10 years.

If you want to profit from this phase instead of missing it like so many have already done during the first 10 years I’ll make the same offer as two weeks ago. Any new or returning subscribers can receive a 50% discount on their first months subscription price, good until the start of trading on Monday.

Just create a new monthly subscription and then notify me at [email protected] so I can process your first month rebate.