Easy money during the second half of this year

It’s been my opinion that the second half of 2019 everything would go up together. I also think trading conditions will become much easier during the second half of the year. Stronger trends, less volatility. The perfect setup to make money if one is able to recognize and adapt to a different environment than you have become used to. Clearly that is already underway in stocks and metals.

It’s probably a little late to be jumping on the metals bandwagon right now though (well at least not leveraged). You already missed a big chunk of that move. That being said I think we’re going to see $1500 before this intermediate cycle tops, but we may have to weather a corrective move first before that move starts. So probably a little late to be backing up the truck in metals. If we get a recognizable pullback that would be your opportunity to load up.

Stocks and energy however are still early in their intermediate cycles. Stocks in particular are potentially setting up to break out of the year and a half consolidation. That is the recipe for a strong sustained move higher (semis’ may finally be ready to breakout of the 20 year base and produce a sustained move that could go insanely far over the next 10 years). And energy is just now beginning a new intermediate degree advance. You haven’t missed much at all in the energy sector yet. So both of these sectors are prime candidates for fresh money.

If you’re tired of losing money listening to the perma bears continuously tell you the world is coming to an end, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Maybe it’s time to start making money from the dominant trend instead of constantly trying to fight it. It’s how I won the challenge this year.

The half price offer is now closed.